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  • stalling

    now first let me say i also get frustrated by players who constantly stall almost from the very first hand but i would be interested to know if anyone else has recieved a warning from ps support threatening sanctions if they choose to stall ? yeh like i said i also get frustrated by this but it was near the points bubble everyone else is doing it what option do u have but to , if u cant beat them join them .
    I should also add that i have emailed them back for clarity because while thier email talks of " against the spirit of the game " " spoils everyone elses fun " and " poor ettiquitte " it dosent actaully say it is a breach of poker rules and if it isnt against the rules then how can u be sanctioned , oh well

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    Ignore my post.............


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      Players are allowed to use the time allotted to them. The sanction is you get timed out.

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      I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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        if only i was more computer savvy but unfortunately iam not or i would have put the email up , but let me assure u grade b , while iam not so sure myself the email makes it clear " sanctions " will be taken by ps is it happens again , but like i say i have replied asking for clarification so i guess i will find out shortly , as yet they havent replied


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          I time bank every hand, i consider it to be no more against the spirit of the game than the freeroll muppets who all in every hand.


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            i agree bouncer butlike i was saying to grade they have threatened sanctions upto and including withdrawl of playing privelages , but as i also said iam still awaiting a response from my email asking for clarity , if the original threat stands they have no idea how much work they are making for themselves , imagine how many reports of stalling they will be asked to investigate from the open league lol


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              I think constant preflop stalling is plain moronic. Thinking about decisions is another thing. AND i like to take my time with hands, when i have decisions, say to Cbet or not, whether to raise turn or no, how big to raise, etc.

              Either to play hand at all is more easy, just dump junk.

              Sometimes i take full time i have on each street, but we are playing for money.

              I also know about them sending emails, i have never encountered anything like it, and actually stalling when its bubble time is lol to me, you want to get as many hands as possible as short-stack, so you can maybe pick up some good cards no?


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                I get annoyed by people by people stalling, it interrupts the flow of the game to the detriment of the tournament as a whole. I had one hand in the Sunday Million take 14 minutes - that equates to one blind level per hand. In a turbo tournament, I've even seen the blinds even jump up two levels in the space of one hand

                I can understand when people do it close to a bubble but people do it miles away from any bubble which is when it particularly gets my goat.

                I'm happy that Pokerstars is taking action against the more persistent offenders. Hopefully a warning will serve to be enough of a deterrent to stop people from stalling as often and as early as they currently do.


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                  How can useing the allowed amount of time I.E. What ever time Pokerstars has decided is allowed per player create a santion from Pokerstars.

                  I shall await the outcome with intreast

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                  I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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                    I seem to get about 15 seconds to act in most hands at the tourney tables if I don't use the timebank. I am sure there is a variation in what is allowed before the time bank kicks in - but in a tournament the timebank can only be used once and is topped up every several levels. If PStars had a problem with me using the time allowed - ie the time that they allot for each hand and the timebank + top-ups for the tournament overall I would be more than miffed.

                    I was brought up before the computer age and unlike nanonoko and his ilk (much respect) am not adept at clicking buttons fast - or doing anything else fast for that matter - especially if it involves thinking or motor skills.

                    I am happy to use the time they give me to its full - and if they think it is excessive they need to adjust the time allowed and not bug me for being old and slow - then I can decide if I want to play their fast-paced game or not - but probably not as I like a leisurely pace.

                    Maybe they should have special fogies tourneys where everything is much more leisurely - they could deal the cards really slow and not allow anybody to act within a predetermined time - just to make sure you had read your cards correctly and decided what action to take - then if you do bet a pop-up could ask 'are you sure' and if you choose Y it could say 'really?' and you would have to hit Y again.

                    And the 5 min break each hour would be every 30mins instead and a 20 minute break every two hours.

                    That would suit me fine...

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                      oh not usual that a man from the east coast can get a laugh out of me at this time but hilarious edinfreeman ( hope i got that name right ) ok i have just recieved teh reply and in essence it says this while stalling is in itself not a breach of poker rules here at pokerstars there is a rule (13) that allows support to look at a players play and form an opinion as to wether a player is stalling for the sole purpose of gaining an unfair advantge , that is to say by stalling players at other tables go out while the staller stays in because he is paying less antes and blinds and therfor makes the points , all very sunjective i know but thats what they say . TBH right now all i can think of is that everytime i have had to deal with support they have always been polite curteous and helpful and i feel for them because if ppl know of this ( i sure had no idea b4 today ) they are just about to be inundated with complaints from the pokerschool leagues were as i pointed out to them stalling is not so much a problem as pratically mandatory lol


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                        You're not the only one, nor the last one.
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                          Yeah I got one of those warnings yesterday with a tournament number to boot. I requested the playing hand history in that tourney and noticed that I did time out a few times .....probably enough to annoy someone. So no more timing out ! But the Open League is itself to blame. Its a donkfest for most, especially when it only pays 90 places versus genuine League players who are not concerned about the tourney prizemoney but play just to accrue points.

                          Is shoving all in 3 times in a row more in the spirit of the game ?

                          Just my thoughts

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                            oh that name keskas rings a bell and i suspect possibly the one responsible for this but no worries . Thing is i still disagree with support and intend to continue following it up , they say it is not against the rules in itself but say that there rule (13) allows them to take action if in their opinion they deem that someone is trying to gain an unfair advantage , however how can doing something that is an option to everyone an unfair advantage , in fact u could argue that not stalling puts u at a distinct disadvantage in certain positions


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                              I have not played many OL games in resent months however, I am guilty of timing out several times in one tourniment but as yet have yet to recieve a warning for it. The reason for the time out was external, I was on the phone to UK talking over legal stuff with my family then trying to go through several legal documents. Yes I could have sat out and just blinded down and forfitted my Buy in so everone else can preserve the flow of the game!!!! But I choose not to.

                              On the flip side I know a number of players who get mad with players sitting out so from my point of view this development is lose/lose.

                              Grade b
                              Last edited by Grade b; Wed May 21, 2014, 01:32 AM. Reason: spelling made to mad
                              I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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