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skill leage vs sit and go..

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  • skill leage vs sit and go..

    This month i play for the first time in the skill leage, after having qualified via the open leage. My first tournaments i did ok and i was about 150 on the leaderboard. However after the first week, I cannot do anything right.. getting eliminated every time with the best hand.. ak vs a3, a3 wins, aq vs a4, a4 wins.. I play 45 player sit and go's at the same time..winning 1 in 5. Most of the time I get my good starting hands in the sit and go's, and the trash in the premier leage.. unbeleivable how carddead i am in the Leage.. Today I lost hand 2 from a stupid donk who go's all in every hand and beats my ak with 2-4 off.. Thinking about losing on purpose and play the open leaderboard next month.. What am I doing wrong..


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    Hi Marc!

    League games are totally different animals from sng's. In them, I cannot take chances early on in them, like I would in a sng. I have to pass up +EV spots unless I'm sure I'll be ahead after all 5 cards are on the board.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Hey marc, been on your table a few times and you are a solid player.

      My first month in the premier also.

      My only advice would be do what I intend to do, use the first few months to build up players histories, notes and tags. Then launch an attack on the league after that.

      Keep your chin up.


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        When I started out playing poker I was playing the skill league. When I realised how difficult it was not only having to deal with variance, but also the fact that you would get minus pts in the league, I quit - and only focused on SNGs. The problem with the skill league is that the structure is almost like a deep turbo, people have shallow stacks a lot of times, and most of your play is dictated by going all in. Not only will it aquire luck because you are forced to going all in as opposed to play post flop, but it's not normal poker, which again makes it pointless to play.

        However in SNGs, if you play regular speed; there will be far more profitable spots for you. You will play with deeper stacks, and with the introduction of 1dollar 180man(given that your bankroll is small), you can get the feel of a "chip and a chair" strategy if you get low by any chance(bad beat, bad play...)! Not only this, but you will be able to play post flop, and if you are good, or practice a lot and you become better, you will take advantage of weaker players and start accumulating chips with less risk. There's a lot of times where I only lose big pots during a tournament/sng because of going all in, eventhough your shoving/call range is tighter/better than theirs, you might end up losing anyway - as you stated in your post. Hence it's better to play deeper stacked tournaments like a regular speeded sng as opposed to be playing a deep stack turbo like the skill league.

        Despite of all that I've said, I'm returning back to the skill league in Febuary(starting open January), but I never regret leaving this league for a year to practice some real poker.


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          thanks all for your advice and support.. will try to earn some money in the open leage in January since I earned only 40 VPP and its useless to play in the Premier Leage with less than 150 VPP, so maybe I will play the Febuary Premier Leage again..

          Best wishes and good luck for 2014!!!!


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            Donks in premeier league? oh come on i had enough of donks in open league,i used time bank strategy every tourney to reach premeir league for good poker but now u sayin thyre shovin wth everythin thy hv in premier 2..Woow it really mde my morale down



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