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skill league ? u have to be kidding

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  • skill league ? u have to be kidding

    perhaps iam dyslexic , but if not and this is really called a skill league someone is gonna have to explain to me how on earth that is because for me there are 2 reasons why that title could not be further removed from reality if it tried . First il breifly explain the latest and i do stress latest in a long line of hands played out with alarming regularity , iam in bb with QQ and someone from middle position 4 bets and is called in a couple of places ,now i probably should raise here but i have played in this league for a cpl of weeks now and have come to learn that having the strongest hand preflop spells D A N G E R so check just to see what happens on flop , it comes 226 , unsurpisingly i feel pretty good about that ( forgetting for a second where iam ) and well to cut a long story short i end up allin with the initial raiser , yeh thats right for all of u who have had the misfortune to attempt to play in this league the 4 bet preflop raiser has hit a fh on a 226 flop , now pls before someone says thats poker , NO IT IS NOT not when as ppl who play here reguarly will know thats a pretty standard hand and by no means unusual .
    Secondly , surely for a skill league to be fair then the first requirement is that it is played on a level playing field and for this reason its not , how can a normal person compete on a level basis when there are agreat number ,most usually those at the top of the league who seem to be playing 24/7 , now i understand the reason in having 6 tournaments spread throughout the day in order that players from all over the world can take part in all those different time zones , that does not mean however that it would be at all difficult for example to say limit each player to a certain amount of games in any 24 hour period , otherwise those of us who are single player accounts and who just occassionally require to sleep and eat sometimes are at a distinct disadvantage from the accounts who seem to be able to play a minimum of 5 , if not all 6 of these games every day , if for no other reason someone should really try and put a stop to this on health grounds because if these players truly are single player accounts i truly worry for their well being going a month at a time with no sleep , RANT OVER

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    I'm going to give you kudos on that post simply because you are a Celtic fan.

    It's an impressive wall of text.


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      ** moved to Skill League **
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        Originally posted by lisbonbhoys View Post
        if this is really called a skill league someone is gonna have to explain to me how on earth that is because for me there are 2 reasons why that title could not be further removed from reality if it tried .
        Hey lisbonbhoys, I can understand you're frustration here. The Open Leagues are freerolls and let's face it, the nature of freerolls are that the majority of players that play in them won't take them too seriously as there's no risk involved. Regular league players will tell you that there's is a big difference in the Premier League as the game is taken more seriously and if it's a more skilful game that you are looking for them try to aim for that each month. Also, check out the new Shooting Stats leagues as they might be of interest to you. But most importanly, don't get dis-heartened. Play the game to the best of your ability, learn from your mistakes at the tables and profit from your opponents mistakes. We're all here to learn! Raiser umbup:


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          The challenge is to get 1 person just 1 that works for pokerstars to play all the league games for 30 days and stay up 24/7 to confirm that a live person is able to function, and to be at the top of their game. It has been said a million times that the skill league should be quality over quantity, its just not going to happen. Take the learning you can , watch the videos and attend live trainings, and just forget the skill part of leagues.
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            There premier league is a million miles and even further better than open league, the play is more like a $10 MTT than a freeroll.

            As for the open league i wouldn't even waste my time now, I'v tried both routes into the premier league the open and the $1 premier qualifier and i can honestly say i will never play the open again if and when i need to get back in the premier league.

            The qualifier league usually has around 100 players and the field is quiet soft and not only that there is usually around $20-30 up top for the winner which makes them a really good bankroll builder, I played it for the first time last month and had enough points after only 4 games to qualify so only did the 5th game because its 5 games minimum to get entry to the prem.


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              yeh it does get frustrating and perhaps i would be best lookin elswhere and perhaps at those games u suggest . I would be interested to know from you tho if those leagues suffer from the second point i had raised , now i have no idea of the structure of the leagues u have suggested but if they are similar in that there are 6 of them spread equally throughout the day , i would be keen to know if they suffer the same problem as the open where ppl seem able to play poker 24/7 all month and for those of us who occassionally need some sleep start therfor at a disadvantage .

              thanks in advance


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                There are 4 premier league games a day i usually play 1 or 2 a day when i remember to register, usually around 1600 points is enough to secure the $20 prize and that can be achieved after only a couple of games if you run good or 1 if you final table.

                So really its down to you how many games you want to play and what you want to get out of the premier league if you get 150+vpp's a month you can earn a extra $20 a month by playing a handfull of games or if you run good you could try push for the top prizes.

                As for scoring plus points i think im right with this if you take the number of payed players and double it then your in + points, So if 82 places paid 164 will get plus points obviously the deeper you run the better points you score.


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                  The only "skill" that I can practice in the Open League is take another donk suckout

                  PSO, You have to be kidding me, Shooting Stats !?!?!?!?

                  And only in the Open League, where 2% of the players have ANY idea of how to even remotely understand odds, probability , position or even hand strength ?

                  Sorry if I seem sarcastic, but I have played in the Qualifier League for a month now, battling hard to qualify to the "Premier League". I did it in October and began playing it from November.

                  WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT !!!!!

                  In the Qualifier League, players are serious, well skilled and NICE. In the Premier League everybody seems to "Sitting Out" until we get close to the "money", then everyone just starts pushing, until the bubble has burst and everyone sits out again.

                  What kind of JOKE is this?

                  The concept is GREAT, but man the players are not taking it half as serious as I would appreciate.

                  My suggestion? Base your criterias for admittance on REAL stats like VPIP, PFR, 3Bet etc. and root out the idiots that just push with any two. I doesn't make ANY sense having players like that in a league that were supposed to ENHANCE our understanding for the game.

                  All it does is KILL my love of the game, sorry.

                  (Who is currently #248 in the Premier League after "sitting out" 4 Premier tournaments) come on people .....


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                    As you said , we all need sleep . With this in mind there are people who also need to work and often times can not play poker on their working days so need to play more games on a day that they can play to make the 5 game requirement . Some also play more games in a day , because they are either retired or unemployed . This should not be cause for alarm .. variance is a big part of poker and the more you play the more you run into it , so maybe a player is playing say three games in a day but only makes a few points in 1 game and then on the other 2 games they lose points . Are they ahead because they played more games ? I think not , as the day wears on they get tired make mistakes and ultimately lose position in their rankings . Play your one game a day the best that you know how and you should be ahead of these players . Being a student of the game who wants to become a better player I sometimes play 2 or 3 games in a day , I would like to think that I am learning something . PS: I follow the rule for bankrolls as well and even if by some chance I qualify for a prize because I have made the points in the tournaments , I may not get the prize because I may be short on the vpp requirements . So my friend , I may play more but your chances are still very good . Quality not quantity will decide the end results .


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                      The 'skill' part of the 'skill league' does not refer to the average skill level of the players involved.

                      It refers to the skill required to take on all those other random players and beat as many of then as you can.

                      So watching the Open Skill League with the maniacs versus the nits is a weird poker experience - but the challenge is set and it is up to you to try and beat it.

                      No freeroll is going to give you a quality experience of playing poker versus mainly good or great poker players.

                      These freerolls give you a chance to take a share of a large prizepool playing against a field of 80% newbies and numpties. The skill is in being better than the 20% who have a clue. And the prizes - usually going to some player who does have a modicum of skill - as well as the endurance - are fantastic.

                      I am very happy with the dollars I've earnt from these leagues - without ever taking a top prize. I know of others who have started their online poker careers with a couple of good wins here - I mean thousands of dollars.

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                        A question from a new guy here for you experienced leaguers:

                        So yes, I agree , there are obvious practical difficulties to why a single living human can not physically or practically play 6 games a day for 27 days a month, or whatever it may be.

                        So to my question.....

                        Has it, (and if not why?), been considered limiting the league to your top 50/60 results for example?


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                          Ya, takes a certain amount of skill to navigate a minefield.


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                            Hello members of PSO,

                            At this time we have no plans to make any changes to the Skill Leagues.

                            We always value members comments so Please feel free to send your request and ideas to 

                            Thanks for being part of PSO, and Best of Luck at the Tables


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