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Am I Just Running Bad At The Moment?

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  • Am I Just Running Bad At The Moment?

    I have been doing awesome at Open League this month, up until mid last week and going cpmletly bonkers mentally as I can't work out why I keep on running bad.

    The only thing I can work out is I keep on running into people who shoves all in or call my all in with any two card the same suit and they keep on knocking me out.

    Is this a new trend to call all in with any cards the same suit or just me running bad? Seriously, I have lost over 200 points in the last week and am in despair as I have never run so bad ever.

    How do you combat players who likes to shove all in with any two same suited cards?

    Or else someone 3 beats preflop I pot for my QQ and they go all in I snap call and they luck out on me or I have AK or AA and they luck out on me

    Me having bad run at the moment or should I just fold my pairs in early stages as every time I call with my high pairs I get knocked out with a smaller pair or as I sais a stupid any two same suit cards.
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    The first thing I'd look at are bet sizes. If the bets are not sized properly, the opps can get the correct odds to be in the hand and draw out more often since they are in more hands.

    Without knowing the exact situations (stack sizes, previous bets, reads on the opp, etc). It may be that you are running bad or it may be that the hands are not being played correctly... there's no way to tell, without that information.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      I understand.

      When I got knocked out with QQ, I was under the gun 3 beat, opponent was late position, shoved all in I called, cos I pegged him as a donky fish, he had 9-2 hearts and made a flush on the river.

      50/100 blinds I had about 2,200 opponent had 18,000 and was being a chip bully.

      Yesterday I had AK diamonds 3 beat in middle someone who had similar stack to me called all in, I thought about it as it was still early in the tournament, I decided to call, opponent had 10-5 spades and got lucky.

      Is this a new strategy in Open League? To go/call in on any two same suited cards?

      The opponents take keep on knocking me out, in my opinion are playing the rush game and any two cards will do once they are one of the chip leaders at the table.

      I think I am running bad at the moment, as I know no matter what my beat size will be or how correct the beat size is, the opponent will call in most of the time as that is how they usually play all session/tounament.

      My tactic is to play really tight and hopefully crawl my way back into top 500.

      Sorry, I am just mentally exhausted trying to figure out how to combat bingo players.
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        at 50/100.. I'm not calling a shove with QQ. AA, yes, KK, maybe. I have to avoid early exits.

        Can't be all-in with AK until I'm in positive points... no matter what the others do. I'm not 3-betting with it and I'm not going all in with it preflop. Way too much of a risk. AA or KK, I'll go all in.. not with anything less.

        Both of these hands need to be folds. These two are not run-bad, they're misplayed hands. I can't take chances in these games early without a premium MADE hand.

        John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          Originally posted by MouZeAttacK View Post
          Sorry, I am just mentally exhausted trying to figure out how to combat bingo players.
          In the league games, you beat them by folding, until you have positive points. The random gamblers have little chance of scoring good points at the end of the month, because their style relies almost solely on luck. Avoiding all in shoves will boost your score. You only have to check the lobby to see how many people bust out in the first few minutes of the OSL to realize that the random gamblers will generally LOSE more points than they gain.
          Bracelet Winner


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            Thank you both of you for your advise as it is helpful.

            I am going to lay off getting into the top 500 an try the OSL next month again.



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