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  • Something is annoying

    Look guys, I always try to play as a pro, calc the odds and outs, and play playable hands, one of the problem that I find was very annoying on poker star open league is the game is not trying to encourage people to play in a correct way, whereas, I found too many cases, people all in their chips with 2,7 off..and they can still hit two pairs, look if this is luck, but only for me I have came across this many times, I had AQ, done by 2,7 off, KK done by 3,8 off...

    I will be keeping playing my way, at least, the way I play generates acceptable profit in cash games in casino.

    but for this open league tour, I think there are too many gambler here.

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    *Moved to more appropriate forum* Fadyen Hello lucky18441, Welcome to PokerSchoolOnline. Here's a short video about PSO and what it has to offer you. Also check out >>This Page<< for more info. We're here to help you so please feel free to ask any questions you may have and thank you for being a member of PokerSchoolOnline. As with any game of poker the Open Skill League requires it's own strategy. What works in cash games may not always work in tournaments and vice versa and it's just a case of figuring out what works in this particular game. You are correct that there are a large number of "gambley" players that just want to go big or go home, there are also many players that just sit out. Remember this is a league that rewards consistently going deep. So what you should be asking yourself is how do we outlast a field that is made up of this kind of villain? We simply do like in any other game and take advantage of their weaknesses. I generally treat these games as just trying to survive and play very tight. In cash games my VPIP is around 22-30% but in the OSL it averages just 9%. When I have a monster I get the chips in and don't want to let my opponents draw and I fold everything else. After about an hour and a half or so you should then be down to near what's considered in the money, 1440 for a full field. When you get to this point I then open up my game to a more standard TAG style. Perhaps some of the regular Skill League players will share their strategies to help you get a better grip on these games. Good luck! umbup: Chris (Fadyen)

    Tournament of Champions Winner 2013

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      This is one game where I feel notes are very important because you will come across the same players over and over again. By making notes you will quickly build up a database of players and their tendencies. If you spot someone calling with 72o then take a note on it, you can then range his hands when he plays again. Look for hands he raises with and hands he calls with, many times they are 2 totally different things.

      When you come up against these players as Fayden says, play a tight aggressive game. Our hands range will be much stronger that theirs.

      Look at board textures and ask yourself does it suit your hand or his? If you flop strong then bet bet bet, don't be fancy. The players that play 72o will chase any gutshot, just charge them for it. Sometimes they hit but that's poker.
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        Oval is right just mark em and go play another game, it's these same players that will make it into the money then give it all away because they try to chase everything.



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