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The OSL offers a free cup of coffee. Should I turn it down?

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  • The OSL offers a free cup of coffee. Should I turn it down?

    Brainiac : Hi,Dumb-Dumb, How's it going?
    Dumb-Dumb: dumb,dumb,...
    Brainiac : ...
    Brainiac : Would you like some coffee?
    Dumb-Dumb: Maybe...
    Brainiac : Do you have any money?
    Dumb-Dumb: Empty...
    Brainiac : If there is a free cup of coffee offering to you, will you take it?
    Dumb-Dumb: Definitely...
    Brainiac : $%#!...
    Brainiac : Are you monkey?
    Dumb-Dumb: Probably...

    Everyone can get a free cup of coffee from OSL, all you have to do is to join the tourneys, you don't even have to play or pay any attention to it, just register and sit out every tourney everyday, and you can easily make your points up to 1700 points in the first 4-5 days of the month. After that, you can still sit out to the end of the month eventually you will get your $2.5, but this is the slow way, and probably makes you feel tired about register every game on time everyday. So, if you want your free coffee easier to get, you can choose the time-banking strategy after your score is up to 1700 or 1750 points.
    Some players may say: I have some bigger plans of building up my bankroll, no time for this st.
    I say: I rather take my $2.5 to buy myself a cup of coffee then I can have my free coffee and picture the even bigger plan simultaneously. Here are the details below.

    1.Sitting-out strategy

    1-1 Why sit out?

    That's bucause you may not have that much time for the 6 tourneys per day, or you just don't wanna
    play against those crazy bingo lotto dummy(or whatever you named) players, and you can play your own games after you register the tourney. Using your time well to improve your own skill and build up your bankroll. If you aim the top prize of OSL, leave sneakly.

    1-2 How can the sitting-out strategy work?

    Before we explore the sitting-out strategy, let's observe some phenomena during the OSL tourneys first.
    (1) The first 10 minutes, at least 30% of participants are gone.
    (2) The first 30 minutes, at least 65% of participants are gone.
    (3) Almost all sitters are gone during 45-55 minutes after the tourney begins.(positions are between Top 25% and ITM.)
    (4) Everybody will get in the money circle(earn 3 more points) if they can last 75 minutes top.
    (5) You can earn more than 2 times points between two adjacent spots(says every 10 or 50 players) when you in the Top 25% than Bottom 75%.(not linearly)
    (6) You can earn more 1.45 to 1.5 times points between two adjacent spots, when you in the top 6.25% than top 25%.(linearly)

    You can observe the (1)(2)(3)(4) phenomena yourself, I will show you the (5) and (6). See the picture below.


    By applying the small calculator App.

    we can easily see the difference between bottom 75% and top 25% and the difference between top 25% and top 6.25% using the 50-player step.
    For a 10000-participant OSL tourney, sitters are probably get the position of 1800th-2200th, says 2000th, you can score 10.44 points, after 30 tourneys or 5 days later your score will be 1700-1710 points, after 138 tourneys or 23 days later, your score will be 1900 points, if you check the history of OSL leaderboard, the score of the 2000th player is between 1850-1890 points, so if you scored 1900 points, you are Gtd. to get the $2.5, unless you have not earned 20 VPPs previous month. You can use the calculator App. to prove it. Too boring to do that task? No problem, here is the result

    2.Time-banking strategy

    See 1-2 phenomenon(4), if you play every hand count down to zero, you can easily last longer than 75 minutes and earn yourself another 3 more points, before you get in to the money circle, you can only call an all-in raise pre-flop with Aces or Kings, Queens? sometimes, Jacks or below Jacks? to me, definitely fold, AK or other strong ace? needless to say. Actually, applying time-banking strategy can easily make you get in the top 500 of OSL leaderboard, you need only 2150~2180 points. that's an easy target, by the way, there are 2 tourneys never full which are 21:00(ET) and 01:00(ET), you may wanna register those tourneys 9 minutes after the tourney begins, it makes you feel like 30% off.
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