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Should I stick around in Open League or push to Premier.

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  • Should I stick around in Open League or push to Premier.

    As thread name said, can anyone give me any suggestion?

    The situation is, what little bankroll I had this month is gone, and I don't feel like topping up soon, at least until I can see clear improvement in my game and emotion control. I'm lucky enough to hit chromestar level right at the last hand I went broke, so right now I'm trying to rebuild my bankroll by playing the 100k privilege freeroll which I can play til the end of next month, long shot, but at least it's better than nothing and gave me a chance to improve my game. Other than that, astronomer freeroll and of course, the open league.

    Now back to original question, basically, since I can't really gain anymore VPP this month due to being broke, I'm pretty sure I will be stuck at less than 150 VPP level. which means even if I make it to the premier league, I will only be playing for the lower tier prize, whereas if I stick to the open league, I will be playing for the top tier prize, in a less competitive field.

    In short it would either be, playing the top, more competitive league for $500 top prize, or playing the less competitive one for $1500 top prize next month.

    As for my playing level, in comparison to the open league, I guess I'm pretty good compared to the field, I'm confident that if I play the whole month I can comfortably finish in the top 500, possibly even top 100.

    I have only been playing for less than 2 weeks, clocking 23 tournaments and managed to reach 1100~ place. That is including several tournament which I didn't realize that there's point reduction if we finish early.

    So, what do you think, I think there's enough time for me to push for the top 500 place and promoted to the premier, or should I just slow it down and compete in the Open League next month?

    Sorry, for long post, responses will be appreciated, thanks!

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    You should be able to get into the Premier League easily. Because many Open League players do not get the 20 VPPs necessary for promotion, you can be promoted from finishes in the 700s.

    $5 would get you a decent chance of building a bankroll starting with 25 cent SNGs. It would be much easier to finish in the top 500 in the Open League next month than the top 79 in the Premier League. You can also try and boost your bankroll a bit more with the astronomers free rolls as well.

    Good luck
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      I agree with Doug.

      Play as many OSL games as you can, and also do the Privilege Freerolls, but depositing five or 10 dollars to play 25c Sngs (45- and 90-players) could really help you to build a bankroll.
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        The hard part is getting there. Once you're there I'd make every effort to stay there. There is a lot of added value in the league. I was up once but dropped again after 2 months, I really must make the effort to get back again.
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          Ok, I just gotta share this:

          I played the $1.10 satellite for SCOPP $109 main event using the last ticket I got from PSO, and actually became one of the chip leader without rebuying, just add on 1 time.... I was planning to unregister and take the T$ and start rebuilding my bankroll from there.... only to realize.... that the main event already started..... -_____-
          Asked the support for help, but they said it's the system and they can't change it... So what happened was I actually had to plan carefully, to keep my chipstacks at the safe level, but not high enough, and crash myself out of the satellite as the bubble boy... it was 40th place, I would have got $94. When it came, someone who cover my stacks shove, I called with 29o, yet somehow I won, and there was no next hand, I won the satellite.... at 3am in the morning where I live, into a 2 days event, when I had to go to work, full of participants who are obviously supposed to be good, if they can afford $100+ buy in. And long story short, I crashed out at 6000+ place.

          I guess that just sums up my terrible luck, misery even amidst victory.

          I guess the silver lining is I got myself 50 vpp from the $9 rake, given me just enough to get to 150+ vpp this month... which means I can compete for the top prize for the premier league next month....

          Add that I also just won $3.50 from the big little tournament at FTP using the sign up package ticket. I hope I can make it grow a bit and transfer some to stars and keep my vpp from dropping too low next month.

          As for the reason why I was thinking of avoiding moving up the ladder, it was because my vpp last month was 0, so if I even made it to the top 500, I won't be getting $5, but $0.50, which I'm sure will not be enough to either keep my vpp 20+ or building a decent bankroll...

          But as thing stands, I think I'm gonna push for the premier.... thanks for the responses guys, if you have any additional advice, please do tell....



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