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Back to back bad beat

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  • Back to back bad beat

    My first time opening a thread here, so if this is inappropriate or should be somewhere else, I apologize.

    Sadly, the first topic I posted will be typical bad beats experience, but I just need to get this out, otherwise It will turn into a cancer for me...

    I just got sucked out twice after flop in back to back Open League. Today 3am ET, and 7am ET.

    First one (3am): Pocket Aces, I raise around 3x from MP, got a caller who covers my chips from button I think, flop came 8 high, I raise, he shove, I call, and he show pocket 9s. no straight or flush draw for him. Sadly, before I even had the chance to fist pump, 9 came on the turn. He hits one of his 2 outer.

    Second (7am): AKs, I raise 4x from MP, big blind who covers my chip called. Flop came AAQ. He raise light, I re-raise 2.5x, he called. Turn came blank, He bet to put me all in, I instacall, and he turned A7o. Again no straight or flush draw for him. And of course, another heartbreaker as river hits a 7, hitting one of his 3 outer, giving him the boat, my chips, and all the loathing I can muster for him inside.

    AAAGGGGGGHHHH!!! There goes my chances to have another deep run in the tourney... I actually expecting a decrease in my points, in the 'skill' league, through no fault of my skill! Btw, for both I'm already inside top 2500 out of 10,000 fields. so it wasn't a case of me making a mistake of playing a hand early in the tourney.

    Well, thank for anyone who actually read this, finally got it out of my system. any comment on these hands? Were there actually a misplay by me somewhere?

    PS: I got a tournament ticket for tonight's "Pokerschool SCOOP freebuy satellite #004". But it is possible I can't make it. Any chance of other tournament using that ticket coming up? I only see one when I check at my tournament ticket window. It just seems like a waste not using it.

    Again, thanks for reading guys, any comment appreciated.

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    Btw, just to be noted, I'm not in any way implying that the software is rigged.... Just happen to have the worst of luck for the last 2 tournaments.... I had own share of sucking out myself... ;p



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