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7 straight hands

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  • 7 straight hands

    open league brazilian player won 7 straight hands and 9 of ten tell me how this works ,three years i have been on pokerstars ,and if i win three straight hands im doing well ,usualy i have bluffed ,7 straight winning hands

    whats the record is it owned by a brazilian or russians

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    I once played against someone who went all in every hand from the start of a tourney, he won 14 straight pots and was chip leader. Of course he kept getting more and more callers, but he just kept on pushing until he lost all his chips. Someone on the table said later that he always played like that, just loved the thrill of it. There's all kinds of players in poker, from the ridiculous to the sublime and everything in between. mileypoker:
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      It's unbelieveable what people do and how lucky they can get from particularly bad hands... It makes it worse when you flop a monster n they turn n flop something that was only 2% chance of happening


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        I doubt anyone is keeping track of such a stat, but I've seen a player win 10 in a row on a full ring table.

        The thing to note here, though, is that you don't necessarily make money in poker from winning lots of pots. You make money by winning big pots and losing small ones. I'm quite happy for a maniac to take a down the blinds by shoving a few times in a row, because when I wake up with a big pair, I'll call and (usually) win his whole stack.
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          Not always

          This should be the case but it never is. I was on a table yesterday and my AA was beat twice, on the same table 2 other players were beat with AA but it did win once for a 4-1 losing stat within an hour.

          Same day I flopped a set of 2s against the loose pain in the neck and shoved over his pot bet immediately. He had 5s in the hole with 10 2 6 flop and as per usual, he hit a 5 on the river to knock me out.

          I have always defended pokerstars against those mockers and bad losers calling it jokerstars etc. Telling them how its randomly generated cards and bad beats happen. I read poker books and the pros assure me that by playing the correct way, you win in the long run with positive expectation. Over the last 2 months of playing, I am beginning to doubt myself and the pros and put the game more and more down to PURE LUCK as I guarantee that 70% of pots I go for, I definitely have the best of it and lose to 2 outer rivers etc.

          I will persevere and try to avoid being tilted in my anger with such consistent bad beats but I really am losing patients with the game after 12 years.


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            Limited skill in this game

            higher stakes =generally bette rplayers but also regardless of level, certain players have dna which makes them either a player who regardless of his stack size cannot fold:

            any pocket pair
            any suited connector
            ace rag of any type

            The worst of it is - it has nothing to do with the RGM - the real variables are the starting cards that people are prepared to play and enter a pot with....


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              For me, my hottest strict was 6 but only played the last 2 or 3 if i remember it right.





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