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Best Finish So Far In PSO OL

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  • Best Finish So Far In PSO OL

    Best Finish So Far In PSO OpenLeague, 12th finish, previous best was 40th, I think that was same month i got Bot checked (8 or 9 +points in row about & same after 2 -points in row (2nd attachment) me a BOT , I dont use software hud etc, & dont think i will). I have had about 4-5 under 400s before but not 3 in row yet, so that be my goal this month, this good start, doubled up 2 1st hands got in too, so was up 6000+chips before first level finished, then just played very thight there on & picking right spots to take a gamble, could made final table if had picked some better spots to gamble in latter stages. I not played much OL lately, but be trying for Big Bang tic this month & beyond All Thee Bestumbup:
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    Congrats on the deep run HT!

    6k chips before the first level ended! Wow! That is a nice stack to help get in to the points! With this 12th place finish it should skyrocket you up the leaderboard! Well done!

    Best of luck to you this month in the Open Skill League!

    Kind regards,

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      Congrats HT!

      Now... keep raising the bar higher and higher until you take one of them down (which you're definitely capable of).

      John (JWK24)

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        Nice one kiwi. I hit an amazing deep run last night too but still not close to the money. Your run is impressive


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          FYI, the "bot check" captcha gets sent to players randomly, whether they are winners or losers. I've had to enter the code quite a few times in the past couple of years, even when I was two-tabling 2NL or playing a freeroll. If Pokerstars Support suspects someone of colluding or using a bot they might use a manual override to bombard a player with Captchas, but I think they are more likely to simply freeze a player's account and ask them to explain their play of specific hands.

          Be glad that the Captchas are out there. They are a minor annoyance, but should give you the comfort of knowing that Stars takes measures to maintain the security and fairness of its games.

          Congrats on the great finish in the PSO league game!

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            12th out of 10,000 is fantastic hightimes!! Congrats!!! umbup: umbup: Hey, so thanks so much for stopping by my PLO blog and leaving the gl wishes!! Sometimes I don't read my own blogs, so I *just* saw your nice message today Are you still checking into the forums on a regular basis? Because The Professor gave people a chance to win a Big Bang ticket a couple of weeks ago, for writing a blog about the Micro Millions series. And only 7 people submitted blogs, so everybody got a ticket. Maybe he'll have another offer like that next month? Think you'd do really well in the Big Bang!!


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              Thank You All, Well i got busted out early last night, with same 2 hands that got me on good run game before(12th finish) AQs diamonds got me doubled up then, QQ doubled up again on 2nd hand i played (12th finish) then, next game those 2 hands busted me out in next attempeted under 400 place. the cards do tell the story (AQs diamonds lost to 777, lucky i didnt go all-in this hand like did game before this, then the QQs got busted by striaght). lol well 1 out 2 not bad All Thee Bestumbup: GL all PS; the 2 hands where identical pocket cards in both games, just dif results
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                well this is turning point for me? Should id play this hand, id pass my best before place if not gone in, well is this be Bad beat? This is Open league but?, any way im plzed to get just about same point in month is good for me, i can say i can run deep, by good decisons, i be making $ if i was playing for thee $, (i just playing for fun this year,& learning) point is wheres ur realistic goals at?!? & can, will do better than thought! All Thee Bestumbup: PS size's of file gone done, if u not got the photobuckets etc lol 13th if u cant read text in thumbnail
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