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Annoying league

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  • Annoying league

    I am writing because i am mad at bingo players in this league, today i lost with K 10, flop was K K 3, and one german went all in on flop, he had 4 4 in hand, idiotic play, i couldnt fold it with three of a kind and next card was 4 on table. REALLY?? I know thats poker but all in on flop with pair of 4. And no 4 on flop, funny player. Next thing, why are so many russians in league, 95% of russians are bingo players, what are they doing at pokerschool league? Owh sorry bingo league is this. Why you made this league freeroll. Before wasnt freeroll, you needed a ticket for it. Now because of freeroll, first, all idiots are playing it, second, 10000 players fill it in 1 minute, third, bingos on every table, there isnt poker in pokerschool league. Some of players actually playing league but u made it so stupid that it couldnt be worse then this. And dont say premier league is better because it isnt. Its same just less players are playing it. I must say i tried alot of poker sites to see how players are playing in all and i must say, Pokerstars has worst players of them all. Theres no poker in pokerstars theres only bingo and u made it that way. Pokerschool shouldnt be freeroll. But i know stuff here will not do anything about it.
    Owh one more thing, russians has their own league why are they alowed here?

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    you have to get used to it , basically a turbo touney with a 35 BB staring stack only encourages bingo play in my opinion : it's a freeroll and the vast majority of players are really really bad ; more luck than skill is needed , inasmuch as you have to not be unlucky ; the decision making and bet sizing among other things is truly appalling and the premier league really is not much better .Plus a league where not evertone plays the same amount of games is a bit erroneous : I think a better way to run this league would be to limit each player to playing one of these tourneys per day ; I think that that would make a huge difference .

    In general , poker on PokerStars up to most medium level buy ins is full of fish , donks , truly bad players , call them what you like , the vast majority of them being losing players ; that is why bankroll management is the most important aspect of the game to learn if you are going to play online poker .


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      Hi Arty! Nice name you've got there.

      I can relate to your feelings, because I felt somewhat similar when I used to play the league games. There is, however, a way to make a profit in the league games, and that's by playing very tight early on, so you can ladder up to a higher placing and score some leaderboard points. (The real money comes from your place on the monthly leaderboard.)
      Since tight play is generally a good way for beginners to learn the game and build a bankroll, the PSO leagues actually get you into good habits for when you're playing games with a real money buy-in.

      If you'd prefer to test your skills against a better range of players, then I highly recommend you play some of the tourneys in the PSO Spring Fever series. The PSO homegames are a great place to test your skills against other (semi-)serious players, and are also a good way to make friends. They are also great FUN!

      Bracelet Winner


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        Your problems with the league are felt by everyone, just keep playing and the only difference to normal games is don't go all in before the first break no matter what unless you have the nuts. I may not be in the top 300 but every month I've at least min cashed the league for my efforts. I play once a day and maybe three on weekends.
        I do, however, take offence at your comments about Russian players. They're players just like you and different sites have different regional freerolls. There's a New Zealand freeroll three times a day, should New Zealanders be excluded too? You're only seein more Russians because there ARE more Russians. I'm sure when ps had 3 mil players instead of 1 mil, the other two were from the US. Skill isn't connected to the country. I saw a person from Croatia play 92 percent of hands last night, raising every single one. He's willing to play like that at the risk of busting out in 8000 which he eventually did even with over 30k chips. But that's his choice, he'll do the same in any league.

        If they made it ticket only I'm sure you'd be here complaining how hard it is. Certainly home games are very hard and they only have a field of 16 people.


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          Frasier,Arty S & Evoke really have told it all in a nutshell.

          The only reason you should be playing Open League is to get to the pointy end of the LB.So play supertight early on and you will be rewarded at the end of the month.

          Look at previous LBs and you will see the same names in the top 20 ie zolotoy , jellyfish etc.They are there because they exploit the weakness's of the players you mentioned .....

          Adjust your game to suit and you will be in the money !




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            welcome to the club... i dont play any cards in a start only on AA and KK and i am busted on start 7-8 tourneys against such a junk i cant remember anymore... i am in Top 100 right now but without that negative points it will be in top 5 i am i dont have any other choise then wait and try to build my score...i never play premier but i am sure is not like PSO cause you can compare this two PSO 99 percent of players dont know why even play the premier you must earn your ticket and i dont belive someone who loose time and nerves on PSO to earn it play like donk on premier but everything is possible i dont know...i will see next month i am sure...


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              and yes i forgot you must play 3-4 on daily bases if you want to be competitive for first place (your ambition must be high) at least we all fight for the first place.. cheers


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                re post

                in regards to playing 3-4 games a day or more ,i doubt anyone with a job thats is following the site T&C regarding bots or 1 person playing per account can achieve this as often as some players are,

                also i agree fully it should not be a freeroll that is open to everyone, players who take the time to become members and participate in the forums etc and earn the vpps required for what ever level 20-150 should be given preference of a seat in a tournament over someone who is out to make 2 cents for cashing in a freeroll, as for the donks you will encounter well unfortunately thats just tough luck, if they are a member and following the rules i guess they are entitled to play however they want

                but it annoys me that some players miss out on a a seat in a tourney to people who simply cant be bothered to join the poker school community, it takes no time or effort to join and is well advertised within the lobby

                and yes the argument can be made they are losing value by not joining the school to be in the running for bigger leaderboard prizes, but the same argument means players who do take the time to join and earn their vpps for bigger prizes are being disadvantaged at the same time


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                  i agree with everything you say.....and yes i play a minimum 3 and mostly 4 a day and of course dont have any job and only me play on my acc... i dont say that is normal but that is true...this is my first serious pso with so many entrants and i want too see where i be after end....and for sure you cant be a competitive for first place if you dont have 100+ pso entrants per month simply as that... for now i have 2065 points and i saw first place is always 2800-2900 at the end of month and that is my golden goal...


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                    When you play in a MTT where 90% of the players don't have a clue or are just plain bad but you think you have edge over the field the probability is greater that you won't win and will be lucky if you even min. cash , as it is far more likely you will donked at some point . Whan playing a tournament where the vast majority of pots are contested multiway ( 4-6 + ) players and 4 players habitually go all the way to river , are they playing poker or bingo/lotto ? When players with >20BBs limp with a small to medium pair or some other junk from early position then calls a 4 bet after it has been raised 3 times after his limp , when the blinds are say 100/200 or higher , and makes a hand , is that player playing good poker or just lucky ? Is the mythical long run going to help you when neither the cards or probabilities in poker , nor the RNG ( I hope ) have any memory ?

                    You often read in this forum that because this league runs for 4 weeks everyone should get their fair share of good hands : that may be true if the league was based on everyone playing the same amount of games . If you look at the leaderboard in any given month it seems that some players appear to never sleep , eat or do anything else but play every single Open League tourney ; given that there are 6 tourneys daily and each runs on average for about 4 hours you have to wonder how they do it .

                    So far this month I have played , I think , 9 games and have +points for all but one ; however as I am already so far behind the leaders and probably won't play enough games to threaten the top 400 - but perhaps will make the top 800 for a premier league ticket - I shall perservere .

                    So , yes this league ( and the premier ) with its set up and structure is really annoying ; my advice : if you cannot handle the irritation factor then don't play it ; is the time invested worth it just to be pissed off ?

                    ( I hope this post is not considered spam )


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                      yea i know all that, but its so annoying even after playing 2 hours of league they are still playing bingo. It would be much better if league isnt freeroll. Like this all is about bingo not skill... And yea Arty is a nice name ...


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                        I'm with you mate!!!!!

                        Today i have made a promise: i won't play open skill league again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's worsten my game, it's a time losing game. it is the crazyest freeroll ever with thousands of BINGO players who are going all in preflop with A 6 off, Q J, 7 6, and so on, even from the UTG. this, i swear it, it is NOT a way to improve a game. i have been beaten so many times with pocket aces by Q J, 8 9 , A 3 OFF, and so many bad bad bad hands that i am almost at the top of my patience. i work hard for nothing, i cannot finish in a good position BECAUSE EVERY HAND at least 1 or 2 players are pushing all in with all kind of cards in theyr hands. why it is called SKILL LEAGUE?! can someone answer this?! today i have played my last tournament here. why should i waste hours and hours each day when i can't play POKER?! these freerolls are not for improving a game, i swear it! are made for losing many important hours each day. i cannot learn anything for playing bingo. i cannot wait 12 hour for a premium hand and a good position and then 3 retards pushing everything in and hitting all of them. THIS IS NOT A SKILL LEAGUE! i will never play it again. BINGO AND LOTTERY are not my gameplan. i am sorry PSO, i don't have patience any more and i dislike this league from the bottom of my heart. THUMBS DOWN!


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                          i'm with you!

                          every time that i got busted out earlu of very early wasn't because i would have played bad, i got busted out against 1 or 2 opponennts and i had pocket aces. only with pocket aces or kings i'm shoving preflop against 1 or maybe 2 players if i have no choice. if i am waiting too much time the blinds will eat me alive or i will have absolute no power to play a good game because of the short stack, maybe the shortest at the table. PSO can't really do nothing about this?! reduce the participation at these tourneys at 1 per day. it would be a good thing. maybe those crazy freanzyed bingo players won't threat this game so light anymore. what about the players with common sense and the right strategy? WHAT can you learn from this kind of tournament? maybe the fact that i am working in vain 5, 6 or maybe 8 hours each day in this league? how can you play super tight and throw away even your aces if 3 players in front of you are shoving?! the last tournament i have played, 30 minutes ago, i got BUSTED on 9000 and something holding aces against Q J off who shoved preflop and i've called beeing the last in the pot. i have seen 7 2 suited shoving, i have seen tables with 6 all in, all kind of demential play. i cannot earn money and i can't afford to lose precious time each day for 50 cents at the end of the month. 2 years ago i was proud to be a part of this league, now it doen't mean anything else but: Bingo, Lottery, unskilled donkeys, BAD BEATS and many hours of day lost in vain. thank you but i had enough.


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                            My 5 cents... :-)

                            I am playing premier at the momment and in my humble opinion it is very different from OSL
                            The main reason might be that it has less players but also the prizes are bigger so there is a difference.

                            Anyway, back to the OSL - I really do not understand your frustration because one hand - one tourney - one day - even one week DO NOT MATTER!!!!

                            I have played OSL 3 times only and every time I was among 500 people who do get ticket for PSL

                            Play it the best you can and do not care for dome stupid suckouts/bingo/or whatever you call it.

                            Best regards




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