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Sleepy's "HOT NOW" List for February 2013

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  • Sleepy's "HOT NOW" List for February 2013

    The HOT NOW List is my "tribute" of sorts to those who have shown they know the route to playing successful MTT League Poker. First, Let's look at how the list shaped up this month:and1mad was 1st on the list on the 9th followed closely by ivanjan777 on the 11th & dimras on the 13th. Then, came Lenochka637, Romich702, milkur, & NishporS on the 14th, The 17th brought flavioconcha & Brahman777. WOW, Can U get a sense of what kind of strategy they might be thinking about ? I can tell u (by also taking a good look at the very bottom of the tourney lobby leaderboards) that most of these players are not afraid to get all their chips in within the 1st 5-10-15 minutes of a tourney. Second, let me congratulate rgrfredy on making the LIST AND winning the league..Tremendous effort Let's see how he did it. ================================================= #1 rgrfredy 53 games 7-FTs & 4-2nd Tables. 2 neg pts =. 1473 27th=60pts=1532 12th=57pts=1567 3 neg pts==.1533 3rd=103pt=.1636 09-02-2013 73rd=22pts=1642 12th=70pts=1687 12th-51pts=1724 4 neg pts==1649 40th=36pts=1684 9th=63pts=-1747 1st=129pts=1871 9th=62pts==1932 4 neg pts==.1853 27th=38pts=1902 4 neg pts==.1824 1st=126pts=1950 24th=39pts=1989 7th=65pts==2026 42nd=17pt=2043 6th=64pts=.2106.57 27-02-13 #1 Place League ================================================= #2 dimras 59 games 9-FTs & 1-2nd Tables 5 neg pts===1444 7th=85pts=1529 70th=27pts=1556 4 neg pts==.1505 41st=38pts=1543 32nd=30pts=1560 47th=16pts=.1569* 9th=84pts==.1652* btbC (99pts) 4th=85pts==.1737* 54th=23pts=.1760* btbC (108pts) 4th=81pts==1841 6/7neg pts=.1760 17th=59pts=1819 6 neg pts==.1721 29th=23pts=1721* 59th=12pts=1756* 6th=83pts==1839* btbtbC (118pts) 3 neg pts==.1785 7th=73pts=..1858* 28th=32pts=1890* btbC (105pts) 8th=74pts==1956* 4th=73pts=..2029* btb 4 neg pts==.1940 5th=76pts==2016 28-02-13 #5 Place League ---------------------------------------------- *NOTE btb=back-to-back finishes by player. *NOTE: btbC=back-to-back finishes by player in Consecutive Tourneys. ================================================ #3 dinozaura 65 games 6-FTs & 3-2nd Tables 25th=56pts===1545* 30th=55pts===1600 3 neg pts====.1566 1st=134pt===1700 6th=76pts===1777 5th=77pts===1833 15th=58pts==1892 8 neg pts===.1753 4th=82pts===1835 11-02-2013 5 neg pts===.1751 19th=56pts==1807* 34th=13pts==1820* btbC (70pts) 3rd=90pts===1899* 21st=44pts==1944* btb (134pts) 4 neg pts===.1879 39th=26pts==1905 10th=61pts==1941 11th=45pts==1962 44th=18pts==1981 6 neg pts===.1842 45th=24pts==1866 9th=76pts===1920 6th=77pts===1967* 3rd=91pts===2058* btbC (168pts) 24-02-13 #2 Place League ================================================= #4 kolianu4 48 games 8-FTs & 1-2nd Tables 7th=89pts=1573 2 neg pts=.1543 27th=55pts=1598 03-02-13 4 neg pts==.1535 1st-136pts=.1672 5th=87pts==1763 4 neg pts ==1690 6th=75pts==1766 4th=81pts==1847* 9th=73pts==1920* 38th=27pts=1947* btbtbC (180pts) 5 neg pts==.1865 29th=31pts=1896* 14th=58pts=1954* btb (89pts) 3 neg pts==.1889 37th=23pts=1912 5th=73pts==1978 4 neg pts==.1912 6th=65pts==1977 28-02-13 #10 Place League ================================================= #5 azbest1982 46 games-6FTs & 1-2nd Table 51st=34pts===1530 4 neg pts====.1481 42nd=39pts==.1519 29th=36pts===1532 53rd=30pts===1536* 20th=63pts===1599* btbC (93pts) 44th=33pts===1640 6 neg pts====.1565 9th=82pts====1647 5th=88pts====1718 6 neg pts====1639 2nd=111pts==1751 4 neg pts====1697 7th=83pts===.1780 21st=44pts==.1813* 10th=63pts==1876* btb (108pts) 6th=79pts===1921* 3rd=92pts===2013* btb (170pts) 26-02-13 #6 Place League ================================================= #6 ivanjan777 43 games 7-FTs & 3-2nd Tables [COLOR="Red"] 3 neg pts===1476 9th=88pts==.1564 17th=64pts=.1628 5th=83pts==.1711 4 neg pts===1660 2nd=111pt==1771 32nd=38pts=1793 10-02-13 4th=83pts==.1877 5 neg pts===1806 14th=60pts=.1866 8 neg pts===1717 41st=30pts=.1744* 8th=80pts==.1824* btbC 37th=31pts=.1833 5th=76pts==.1909 8 neg pts===1770 1st=130pts=.1899 23rd=41pts=.1907 5 neg pts==..1809 11th=60pts=.1867 28-02-13--#21st Place League ================================================= #7 and1mad 71 games 7-FTs & 3-2nd Tables 3rd=102pts=1602 4 neg pts==.1573 15th=55pts=1627 42nd=23pts=1620 2nd=111pts=1735 9th=80pts==.1785 4th=81pts==.1857 8 neg pts==..1715 6th=78pts==.1793 3 neg pts===1744 10th=57pts=.1801 3 neg pts===1756 30th=22pts=.1780 10 neg pts==1630 7th=85pts==.1715 3 neg pts===1686 3rd=96pts==1782 4 neg pts==.1719 22nd=52pt=.1771 4 neg pts==.1696 14th=58pts=1754 2 neg pts==.1736 26-02-13---#91 Place League ================================================= #8 leopard85858 54 games 4 FTs & 6-2nd Tables 46th=37pts===1522* 31st=55pts===1576* btbC 14th=67pts===1639 64th=23pts===1635 4 neg pts====.1590 40th=24pts===1614 3 neg pts====.1576 17th=62pts===1638* 28th=51pts===1688* btbC (113pts) 23rd=56pts==.1711 10-02-13 4 neg pts====1648 6th=85pts===.1733 31st=23pts==.1757 4th=86pts===.1827* 29th=17pts==.1844* 18th=34pts==.1878* btbtbC (137pts) 2 neg pts====1843 14th=57pts==.1900 7 neg pts====1791 9th=64pts===.1856* 2nd=103pts==1958* btbC (167pts) 20th=25pts==.1961* 16th=35pts==.1996* btbC (60pts) 16th=45pts==.2041 28-02-13---#3 Place League =================================================
    Doesn't Look Good
    ALSO. if there are any other league members who would like to publish a really great hand like a Royal Flush, or some other morsel, i'd love to include it within the post.
    Out Early Again ?
    nice pot
    Some notable League play I want to mention this month now comes under the heading of "EXTREME HEAT" & I am sure there are many more cases but these are the ones that caught my eye as i was doing my stats this month: NishporS had a 4th & 7th btbC on the 14th along with those of the players above.
    Now or Never
    And so, without much further adieu, I present the February 2013 "HOT NOW" LIST in descending/temporal order. If 2 or more players had the same # of F-Ts, the first to make the list with for this month is listed 1st. ( #s = tourney finishes ) Here are the 52 players deserving admission to the LIST this month with dimras & kolianu4 averaging 2 F-Ts each week V.Very Nice.
    ---------------------------------------------- ...................................09 FTs dimras ...................................08 FTs kolianu4 ...................................07 FTs and1mad ivanjan777 rgrfredy ...................................06 FTs Brahman777 andrey131113 azbest1982 dinozaura ...................................05 FTs Lenochka637 milkur fanto1989 plotniksasha 7777kisa7777 Blackpro920 MURDERER23 FYLHTQ1 isaiss1 andrej2511 ...................................04 FTs Romich702 NishporS flavioconcha leopard85858 reversedteam Manipus 9Aleksandr9 Jaryns delian23 maksyusha AKjozsef1981 extibenrxn maringurrr julianowww labus80n melinda368 Gallheins hanadebilam miguelpisco mkmk452 Longuful clayton165 peterace L.A.COOL fridrich94 McArn's Attes1 ardiles472 Harkonnen1 wolfguy23 mirvladiv taty896 YoUnGsTaR188 -----------------------------------
    Doesn't Look Good #2
    ---------------- LEAGUE POINTS CALCULATOR
    I Was So Happy
    leep: sleepy leep: .................... mileypoker:

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