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Sleepy's "hot now" list for january 2013

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  • Sleepy's "hot now" list for january 2013

    The HOT NOW List is my "tribute" of sorts to those who have shown they know the route to playing successful MTT League Poker. Firstly, let me congratulate raexxx on making the LIST AND winning the league with a FT in the last game of the month.Tremendous effort Let's see how he/she did it. ================================================= #1 raexxx 35 games 4-FTs & 4-2nd Tables. 45th=42pts=1533_* 13th=67pts=1600_*_3 consecutive games played 01st=133pt=1734_*_ on Jan 6th & 7th 5 neg pts =1678 15th=61pts=1742 57th=21pts=1763 45th=29pts=1792 55th=18pts=1810 6 neg pts =1710 Jan22--9 days left 13th=60pts=1771 28th=43pts=1813 01st=128pt=1918 Jan25--6 days left 16th=50pts=1960 Jan26--5 days left 3 neg pts = 1910 Jan29--2 days left 08th=71pts=1981 Jan29--2 days left 05th=69pts=2036 Jan31--last game ================================================= #2 kazyunok 75games 4-FTs & 5-2nd Tables 8games.....=1441 31st=27pts=1468 05th=92pts=1573 08-01-13 10games..=1545 41st=40pts=1585 12-01 6neg pts...=1526 28th=29pts=1555 14-01 69th=04pts=1558 * 4 games 29th=45pts=1602 * b-2-b 20th=59pts=1662 * all positive 03rd=95pts=1757 * 15-01 = 202pts 3 neg pts...=1713 [COLOR="Red"]17th=41pts=175417-01 27th=37pts=1795 22nd=26pt=1821 10th=63pts=1884 19-01 22nd=26pts=1915 21st=29pts=1912 22-01 8 neg pts..=1798 40th=28pts=1827 2 neg pts..=1796 17th=55pts=1851 04th=75pts=1925 25-01 5 neg pts...=1851 18th=26pts=1876 17th=47pts=1923 01st=125pt=2048 28-01 ================================================ #3 maringurrr 60 games 8-FTs & 2-2nd Tables 2 neg pts =1472 11th=65pts=1538 07th=88pts=1630 08th=77pts=1680 05th=82pts=1738 10-01-13 06th=77pts=1809 48th=22pts=1830 35th=36pts=1866 7 neg pts =1758 43rd=27pts=1785 31st=41pts=1811 11th=52pts=1864 18-01 4 neg pts =1796 04th=80pts=1877 22-01 12 neg pts =1732 50th=18pts=1753 14th=54.25=1790 29-01 05th=76.74=1855 * 30-01 three 35th=23pts=1877 * consecutive 30th=32pts=1909 * games 110pts 06th=70pts=1964 **31-01 09th=66pts=2030 **b-2-b 136pts ================================================= #4 ludashkaKK 53 games 3-FTs & 4-2nd Tables 2 neg pts =1476 38th=28pts=1504 02nd=115p=1619 09th=84pts=1697 66th=22pts=1705 35th=33pts=1723 10-01-13 21st=56pts=1768 4 neg pts =1720 18th=54pts=1774 3 neg pts =1733 45th &36th =1775 b-2-b 51st=21pts=1765 19-01 7 neg pts =1674 10th=52pts=1740 08th=80pts=1784 * 12th=62pts=1846 * b-2-b 02nd=106p=1933 27-01 46th & 29th=1977 6 neg pts =1895 01st=126pt=2021 31-01 ================================================= #5 scooter-dead-49games-3FTs &3-2nd Tabless games 1-9 28th=28pts=1526 16th=51pts=1552 08th=87pts=1618 11-01-13 01st=133pt=1710 13-01 16th=59pts=1761 35th=35pts=1798 16th=60pts=1845 17-01 32nd=29pt=1875 35th=34pts=1885 06th=79pts=1950 20-01 2badbeats=1905 24th=44pts=1949 22-01 4badbeats=1876 34th=25pts=1902 25-01 1badbeat =1877 23rd=39pts=1915 19th=48pts=1963 26-01 2badbeats=1939 04th=79pts=2018 28-01 ================================================= #6 Zarzoor912 43games 4-FTs & 1-2nd Table 15 games =1474 54th=33pts=1507 16-01-13 4 neg pts..=1484 28th=49pts=1533 65th=16pts=1549 01st=136pt=1685 21-01 40th=35pts=1689 15th=56pts=1745 47th & 54th=1786 3 neg pts =1738 06th=83pts=1821 27-01 31st & 47th=1849 07th=69pts=1895 30-01 02nd=103pt=2008 31-01 ================================================= #7 21011950 49games 4-FTs & 1-2nd Table 7 games.....=1436 22nd=64pts=1500 08-01-13 22nd=62pts=1537 50th=13pts=1549 58th=31pts=1554 * 4 games 55th=04pts=1559 * played 08th=78pts=1637 * b-2-b 50th=27pts=1663 * 11 & 12-01 36th=15pts=1667 12-01 23rd=28pts=1694 37th=33pts=1710 14-01 10th=70pts=1734 15-01 03rd=94pts=1829 16-01 25th=23pts=1797 01st=129pt=1918 18-01 08th=68pts=1922 20-01 02nd=104p=2001 21-01 ================================================= #8 zzHONEYBEEzz 64games 4 FTs &3-2nd Tables 9 games...=1507 34th=29pts=1498 53rd=37pts=1514 09th=78pts=1585 06-01-13 25th=37pts=1589 11th=44pts=1615 10-01 27th=52pts=1632 21st=58pts=1672 14-01 06th=85pts=1763 * 2 games 14th=41pts=1805 * b2b=126pts 55th=24pts=1817 6 neg pts...=1726 22nd=51pts=1777 21-01 5 neg pts....=1708 03rd=94pts=1802 23-01 48th=23pts=1825 4 neg pts =1775 58th=18pts=1793 03rd=89pts=1882 26-01 55th=17pts=1899 10th=63pts=1939 28-01 12th=57pts=1997 29-01 ================================================= #9 meisterfu 61games 2 FTs & 5 2nd Tables 3badbeats=1467 16th=68pts=1535 5negscore=1508 16th=70pts=1578 06-01-13 3negscore=1544 23rd=39pts=1584 52nd=27pts=1588 57th=22pts=1595 10-01-13 28th=31pts=1610 28th=46pts=1622 49th=28pts=1627 15-01 12th=56pts=1658 * 2 games 17th=55pts=1713 * b-2-b 18-01 31st=29pts=1699 17th=57pts=1755 01st=130pt=1837 21-01 19th=34pts=1871 3badbeats=1824 13th=62pts=1885 23-01 11th=49pts=1931 24-01 02nd=104p= 2017 25-01 1 neg pts..=1994 31-01 ================================================= #10 p.t.sugar77 35games 4-FTs 6 games....=1471 61st=31pts=1501 48th=36pts=1530 36th=25pts=1549 03rd=103pt=1633 * 19-01-13 01st=132pt=1750 * Same Day=235pts 26th=43pts=1794 20-01 58th=21pts=1797 7 neg pts..=1715 02nd-110p=1825 28-01 01st=129pt=1937 29-01 36th + 63rd=1951 30-01 52nd +15th=1990 31-01 =================================================
    Nice Royal Flush
    As we PSOers play our hundreds & thousands of games each month it becomes so increasingly apparent just how important it is to place in the money & after that, make the Final Table (FT), & after that, make the top 3 or better, WIN !
    So, Let's look at how the list shaped up this month: Robot Ocel was 1st on the list on the 10th followed closely by maringurrr on the 11th & Manipus on the 12th. Then, one each day, came AHera, K@!óz, BULLgakov, Nuts_BooT, melinda368, & ivanjan777, The 20th brought Lioha499, Don Del 82, 21011950, & leopard85858. WOW, Can U get a sense of what kind of strategy they might be thinking about ? I can tell u (by also taking a good look at the very bottom of the tourney lobby leaderboards) that most of these players are not afraid to get all their chips in within the 1st 5-10-15 minutes of a tourney. ALSO. if there are any other league members who would like to publish a really great hand like a Royal Flush, or some other morsel, i'd love to include it within the post.
    Straight Flush
    Some notable League play I want to mention this month now comes under the heading of "EXTREME HEAT" & I am sure there are many more cases but these are the ones that caught my eye as i was doing my stats this month: pihvazavr back to back 2nd & 3rd on Jan 20 rogerioandre back to back 1st & 2nd on Jan 28 Jaryns back to back 6th & 7th on Jan 31 maringurrr back to back 6th & 9th on Jan 31
    And so, without much further adieu, I present the January 2013 "HOT NOW" LIST in descending/temporal order. If 2 or more players had the same # of F-Ts, the first to make the list with for this month is listed 1st. ( #s = tourney finishes ) Here are the 53 players deserving admission to the LIST this month withmaringurrr & Jaryns averaging 2 F-Ts each week V.Very Nice. Sadly 'ol sleepy is not amoung the ranks; not for the lack of desire !! (BELIEVE ME)
    ---------------------------------------------- ...................................08 FTs maringurrr --------------78564596 Jaryns-------------------.52675976 ...................................07 FTs BULLgakov------------.4569199 ...................................06 FTs Manipus-----------------518517 AHera--------------------984781 K@!óz--------------------293133 skial----------------------446763 Vassillyok----------------451948 Vegetasj1---------------723732 seneal-------------------.438683 Alexsud------------------571455 ...................................05 FTs Robot Ocel-------------32633 Nuts_BooT---------------71213 Lioha499----------------31332 Don Del 82-------------37179 21011950---------------.83181 leopard85858---------.11714 demcsakerno----------77229 Dencarlos3-------------37641 Olechka_Shch---------16483 TotoyRuppy------------82477 serasah-----------------.73563 doddar brain----------76861 AKjozsef1981----------.51595 WesMang---------------18487 ludashkaKK-------------29821 Meganovo79-----------29397 LBRBQDFLBV-----------19421 ...................................04 FTs melinda368-------------1958 ivanjan777--------------3813 VldrKl---------------------9354 7777kisa7777----------.3732 tal78i---------------------.1391 volkas123 ---------------5975 buchhopper-------------8753 gg168---------------------8668 almanik------------------.2298 L.A.COOL----------------7763 julianowww--------------6496 zzHONEYBEEzz----------9633 ahil5000------------------3192 MARIUSAKE007---------6165 jonjon869----------------2217 mago39------------------7367 kazyunok----------------5341 labeo2222--------------4144 p.t.sugar77-------------3121 Amara10----------------4715 mixedgamer-----------6159 flavioconcha----------.6635 Zarzoor912--------------1672 tonami2-----------------.1794 raexxx--------------------1185 -----------------------------------
    Straight Flush #2
    ---------------- LEAGUE POINTS CALCULATOR
    Royal Flush #2
    leep: sleepy leep: .................... mileypoker:
    Last edited by sleepyolman; Mon Feb 04, 2013, 01:19 AM.

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    Great to see you back online olman! Always interested to see these shark stats, so thanks for the time and effort you put into keeping track. umbup:


    • #3
      Super job just like old times bud. Sorry for lack of input, but many new high water marks for 20, 80 and 500 point requirements this month. Great to see you back and look forward to seeing you at Prem tables again.


      • #4
        Thanks so much annie...Good Luck in February
        ps: Tell everyone about the "list"

        Hey grampex...Good Luck in February
        Yes, I need to get the old "PSO CHAMPS" List updated with the last 6 months leaderboard data and and back in the Forum. Thanks for reminding me.
        Last edited by sleepyolman; Mon Feb 04, 2013, 01:02 AM. Reason: spelling error


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          Never had the chance to say this before, but your monthly assessments are awesome sleepy!! They're the perfect mix of info, analysis, strategy, highlights, and funny!! umbup: Thanks so much for doing them ... they add so much to PSO!!


          • #6
            moke: THAT'S HOT!!! Thank you so much sleepys, you rock!! xoxo moke:


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              good player thany you
              When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us.


              • #8
                Very nice.. keep it up. hope to be top this month!!!


                • #9
                  Great stuff, it'll be interesting to read this each month Excellent work!


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                    I really like it also there is a new homegame for you serious players the Anzac homegame please go have a look , and if you want some good competition join .
                    Triple Bracelet Winner



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