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Please change the ranking system!

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  • Please change the ranking system!

    Hello everybody, I have started playing the open skill league at the beginning of the month. At first, it really looked like a brilliant promotion and i was eager to participate and start playing. After all, I do much better at tourneys than at cash games However, the more I knew about the league the less excited i was about it. There are a few things in particular which seem very odd. My first impression was that the league should favor "better" players who will get more points on average and do not have to rely just on their luck. A system that is designed to overcome the negative effect of variance in poker MTTs. That, however, is just not true. It seems to me that the scoring system is designed in a way that any player who will (at least in the first half of the month) register in most of the tourneys wil have the most points. I might be a player who takes it seriously and will register to 1 tourney a day, spend 3 hours playing it and then finish somewhere around 100-200. I would receive 70-90 points and be happy for the result. I might even be able to get into top 5% regularly and be happy about how well it is going... Then i could look at the leaderboard and see hundreds of people around me who have not finished in top 10% not even once and still have more points than me. How is that possible? Well it is very simple and i have seen it in countless occasions while playing. The strategy is just to register and sit out as many tourneys as you possibly can and accumulate your points by not playing at all. I have seen the results and people who do that, and surprisingly, it is a much more effective strategy than to actually try and play. Why? I spend 3 hours to get 80-90 points at best, they spend 5 minutes to register to 5 tourneys a day and get 100+ points. Where is the logic in that?? And what does it have to do with skill? And yeah, i know... once you get over 1800 or so points this strategy no longer works but that is not the end of the world. There is also plan B! Once just sitting out is not enough to break even i can just waste time of all the people on my table by taking maximum time for each of my decisions and only ever play AA,KK,QQ. This way you cannot play 5 tourneys a day but you definitely can play 2-3 and finish (depending on how lucky you are) in top 5-15%. An idiot could do that. It just ruins the game. And it is all possible beacuse of your scoring and ranking system which favors such "players". I understand that this strategy will not get you into top 100 in the leaderboard but will easily earn you some good money. And it is much much easier than to go and play and do your best on every tourney. Imho this is absolutely shameful. Ok, time to make this post worthwile reading and provide some suggestions on how to change this eh? I understand that the minimum requirement to be eligible for a prize is to play at least 5 tourneys. That is very reasonable and i have no problem with that. So, why not to make a maximum cap? Say, only the best 10-15 results will be counted towards your final ranking. This way, people who are just not good enough to finish at the top more regularly will not be as high in the ranking as the "better" players. They will not be rewarded for their goofy strategies which ruin the game and piss everyone off (seriously, when i see a guy who will time out each turn just to get a few places higher it just makes me cry). It will also ensure that when you complete 3x more tourneys than someone else you will not necessary get more points which seems fair to me. And finally, if i happen to get really unlucky and go bust in an early stage i can still make up for it by playing another tourney. The other option would be to change the ranking to include your average result based on all your finishes. I think it would preserve all the main ideas of the current ranking system while it would be a bit more fair in general. The min cap of played tourneys would in this case probably have to be increased to at least 10 (to decrease the effect of variance) So, if on average i finish in top 8% (out of 10 tourneys) i will be higher in the ranking than a guy who finish in top 10% (out of 100 tourneys). Seems fair to me Let me know what you think! And please, please do something about it, I would be very grateful for that umbup: Tom

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    This has been discussed over and over since the league began. I share some of your concerns, but like many others, I have adapted my playing style to "the system". It is NOT your average MTT. Getting into the money in one of the six daily tourneys is not as important as earning points, although ITM certainly gains more points.

    What really bothers me is the number of players who play over 100 games in a month. The current leader of the Open League has played over 140 games this month, and we still have three days to go. How can someone play six tourneys a day, almost everyday of the month? It certainly smells of BOTS, or account sharing, both of which are against the TOS. Let's suppose the winner plays 150 tourneys at 2 hours each for a total of 300 hours. That works out to $5/hour for this one month. Slip one spot and the hourly rate drops big time. Not sure why someone would invest such time for such small reward. Again - sounds like a BOT at work here.

    I too would like to see a cap on games allowed (max of 1 per day) and I would like to see a return to the requirement that players have to pass the quizzes in order to participate. Too many players see a Freeroll with a huge $10 prize pool and play just the opposite of the time bankers and sitters.

    In a nutshell, the league is what it is and you play with the knowledge that the donks, the time-bankers, and most likely the BOTS will be there.



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      This issue has been discussed in the forums many times and raised with PokerStars.

      It is most unlikely that PokerStars will change the system in the near future.



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