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My first Open League Attempt November 2012

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  • My first Open League Attempt November 2012

    I have probably only played 6-10 of these games in the past....and had a little trouble, or should I say that I got confused, as to how it all works-scoring wise.

    My friend Pinoy_Hitman has been sending me some emails, to help. Things are a little clearer now, thank you, but not crystal clear yet.

    I think I am just getting a bit hung-up over it, and just have to play ----

    Hopefully some of you lot will help guide me too

    So, the main object for November is to try and get a better understanding of scoring, and to get as deep as I can, avoiding early exits.

    Goal is 2150

    I will try and start on the 3rd November......

    Wish Me Luck--and Good Luck to you All...

    Last edited by WeaselBasher; Sun Nov 04, 2012, 01:20 PM.

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    Good luck my friend Expecting you to be in Premiere League comes December 2012 No worries we will grind together the PSO League like grinding the Sunday Storm Sat. Good Luck to us umbup: PH .


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      Well after my initial thoughts of not really understanding how it works....I am running ok now...7 games in, with rank 749.-Score 1651

      Oh yes, I have had a 7000 th odd exit...with my AA cracked (JWK's "I'd be folding these" frequent phrase echoing in my ears..........doh!)

      So now Pinoys' notes make sense now, so hoping for better things to come from this corner

      It is actually great fun.......
      Last edited by WeaselBasher; Wed Nov 07, 2012, 06:20 AM.


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        ...just finished 147 (I think!!), out of just over 8000 starters, so hoping for 55-60 points at a guess of that, which would get meself up the rankings a way.

        Early exits are to be avoided....reminder to myself


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          148th of 8K is a very good finish - despite getting you no real cash.

          Looks like you have this down - keep it going and see you in the Premier League for December.

          btw - I still play the OSL - but for tourney prizes not League prizes - so I might see you in one this month.

          Good luck

          Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
          4 Time Bracelet Winner


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            thanks Edumbup: I read that link to you post on how to tackle this League business, I found it very useful. I am AMAZED that after 16 minutes, half the field was out in the game I was in this just have to be so careful when playing premium hands, as it seems that it will often be re-raised All-in pre-flop........ Good Luck Ed-umbup: Weasel


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              grrrr...yes the villian who went with my 3x pre flop raise, with my pocket Queens, saw his flop , which was 10 7 5.....he had a 5...WOW, so, thinking I was ahead, pushed a pot sized bet...he called, turn a 2..........

              He shows me he was playing a 52 offsuit...........arrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh hhhh



              • #8
                deep run in this one now...13 left...

                I am hoping to gain an extra 10 points for a FT, and if I get a FT then its all the way for a win, well, that's the plan anyway


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                  Yay FT


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                    Originally posted by WeaselBasher View Post
                    Yay FT
                    Go Go Goumbup:


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                        The other 2 ganged up on me on the chat....I WANT MY MUMMY

                        Came third


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                          umbup:umbup:umbup: Great Job


                          • #14
                            Wow...on another FT, chipleader too....5 left


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                              Originally posted by WeaselBasher View Post
                              Wow...on another FT, chipleader too....5 left
                              Good luck! Attack those blinds!

                              Quintuple Bracelet Winner



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