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  • premire leauge

    OK this is my third time going into the premire and I have never made it to the money. Does anyone have any advice. What is a good starting range 10-15%? How do you play suited connectors? What has worked well for you. what are good statagies to use??

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      I played too many hands in the beginning and had to tweak that. I downloaded Pokerstove to learn about percentages and learned a lot of fundemental things from there. When I started playing the PSL I bluffed too much, and started to never bluff other than maybe a board I could really represent, semi bluff and position bluffs/steals.

      I also started watching other great players for notes and tips, and to see what they did you get deep in a lot of tournaments. And when we got down to 4tables I watched them all for notes. After a while I had a good system I opened 3other tables including mine when the tournament started watching the guys I thought I would meet on the final table. When I did this I also got notes on a lot of other players at their tables. I started recognising names, chipleaders and started watching people who are good early phase, middle and late - mixing up who I was watching.

      This month I read a lot of articles again about stealing, restaling, using position, defending blinds. After a while experience will get you a long way, and with notes you can capatalize on a lot. Like if I know a guy gives up his/her blind easily I will steal his/her blinds, but only when it's late in the tournament. I wont sacrifice a lot of chips in the beginning just to win 40chips, but rather 200chips later in the tournament. Because I create a tight image in the blinds(if the person even notice this), and will be taken more seriously later. I will also know that if I get reraised in the blinds he either has a hand or reads my steal.

      Also I started testing out of much people thought about how the board played out. Good players will fold if they min. raise pre and BB calls and the flop is something that couldn't have hit them(2h4d9s). But bad players wont care, dont care and overplay everything. So you got to know early who's a fish and who isn't. Because if there's a good player he will reraise your cbet, or just flat call it, or just bet the flop with nothing knowing you hadn't hit the flop. And bad players don't care if you check a flop that couldn't have hit you and you bet something that could've.

      You got to really find your game and start playing it to the fullest. Analyze what went right and what went wrong in order to increase the amount of fts and itm. If you watch my months here in PSL you will see that I've only gotten better result from each month. And thats a motivation in itself.

      I would also recommend you practicing on at least one spesific thing each month. This month I read a lot about blinds stealing and defending, which have helped me so much. And next month I will be reading about postive thinking and dealing with losses. I would also recommend to set goals to motivate you through the month.

      I might've missed out on a lot of tips, but I got to keep some to myself ) Goodluck.
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        I seem to manage to stay in the Premier League most months (missed out just once) - but i have never finished very high in the League - partly because I don't focus too much on it or play enough games.

        I think the more games you can play the better chance you will have - because you will even out the variance. Early finishes are not so damaging so you can gamble with decent value hands early/mid phase as a few deep finishes will more than make up for some early busts. You only need to make 50+ points to make the top 800, requalify and any more points you accumulate get you close to the money.

        You won't get moved tables as often as in the OSL, due to the smaller fields, so it should be easier to get those crucial reads - and getting to know your opponents, many of whom will be regulars, will be key.

        Tarek makes some good points. I also sometimes watch other tables, but mostly just concentrate on who is at my table. You can search their League record on the PSO site, which gives a good general indication of how competent they are and how seriously they play for the League prizes. If it is their first time in the PL they may not have adjusted and play too tight, give up easily - and you might see them use the Open League tactic of time banking, which is not recommended - if they are regs they will play more hands and will be prepared to bluff as well as play value hands - so again reads will be critical.

        You can play faily 'standard' lines as there are not many terrible players, so they won't often call off light or shove trash. This makes position powerful compared to the OSL where anybody in any position will get involved with rag hands.

        Your hand selection should be dependent on your stack size, blind level, position and opponent reads. The structure is quite fast even though you have a bigger starting stack - so you will not often be very deep stacked as the blinds rise quite steeply in the mid-late stages - but early on you have enough chips to call/raise and then fold to major aggression with more speculative hands, and when those get paid off you will have a good stack to continue. So small/medium pairs and suited connector type hands can be played in the right situation

        I always try to pay attention to the blind levels and when they are due to increase, and am prepared to shove to use fold equity if I am getting short. In the OSL your fold equity can be zero due to all the fish, so you can only shove real value hands - in the Premier League players will fold to shoves - so you can utilise that fold equity much better.

        I enjoy the Premier League games - and there is no real pressure as you cannot lose anything - only have a chance to win a nice bonus at the end of the month - so just play your best game.

        Good luck - see you at the tables

        Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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          Tarekgg and ED Thank you. Reading your responces made me think of how I have played the premire in the past. I need to get out of the open league way of playing! Ed its nice to hear from you because I know you are always there. I will soak in what you both said and please be gentle with me if you see me at a table. Good luck and hope to see you both. Lets hope its third time the charmumbup:



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