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PSO time strategy?!?!?!?!?!?!

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  • PSO time strategy?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Hey everyone, I was wondering what the purpose of the timebank strategy is?!?! I am fairly new to the PSO and have been seeing people talking about sitting out for long periods of time to collect points and another strategy to use time bank? My guess would be that players are using the time bank to simply take more time so the field could become smaller over time? I am not one of those players who like to sit out or use my timebank or wait until the last second to make my decision? what im really after here is why people do it? I know these freerolls are full of people donks just looking to gain chips off the hop. Also how do you make it Premier League? top 2000 or whatever from the open leagues? I just need an easy explanation not some retarded formula or technical deffinition. I will try the timebank approach in the Hubble in which I am gettin ready to play just to see if it makes any difference to me or not?

    Thanks, !f00gZz

    PS I came in late to PSO this month, Im just trying to better myself for next month

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    May I also add that I have placed 6th out of 8700 in an open league tourney, thaught that was pretty good experience playing in such a high amount of players!


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      Time banking, usually used along with folding all but the very strongest preflop hands (AA/KK) is of use in the PSO Open Skill League due to the way points are awarded for consistent semi-deep finishes but lost for early bust outs.

      You can time-bank/fold every tourney and just blind down to around the top 20-25% of the field without playing any hands, due to the very fast attrition rate - and when you get a monster and gain chips as well you will run deeper and pick up extra points.

      Doing this consistently will normally gain more points, (and lose less), over a month than a few very deep runs and lots of early busts, which is what will tend to happen if you play a more standard tournament strategy with a lower ITM/(or lower average placing)

      If you want to make the Premier League you need to be in the top 500 of the Open Skill League and earn 20+VPPs - the top 500 is easy to make using this strategy if you can play a lot of tourneys over the month.

      The strategy does not work anywhere else - not in the PSO Premier Skill League, or in the Hubbles.

      Hubble Freerolls are satellites where you need to make the top 90 of thousands of starters, so you need to gamble more and can risk early outs to make occasional deep runs to pick up the satellite ticket - the only time you might want to play cautiously and time bank is around the bubble.

      Most MTTs pay off better with a few deep runs rather than a high ITM% and lots of small cashes - so the PSO Open Skill League is an anomaly due to the points structure.

      Good luck

      Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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        Time banking

        Most, if not all, of the highest finishers in the PSO open league use the timebank strategy. It is quite possible to get in the money(top 2000) or top 500+ for promotion to the Premier League without using it. Taking the maximum amount of time for each decision results in paying the blinds fewer times. So many bust out early in the Open League that you can get positive points without playing a hand until your monthly score is quite high.

        Time banking is most often found outside the PSO Open League in satellites. When you are getting close to the bubble with a stack size that is likely large enough to get the ticket a common strategy is to time bank to reduce the number of times you have to pay the blinds before the bubble bursts. However many other players may be using the same strategy and the bubble may not burst as soon as you expect.

        The top 500 finishers in the Open League who have earned 20+ VPPs in the month are promoted to the Premier League. You can also qualify through the Qualifier League, where the top 200 who have earned 20+ VPPs in the month are promoted.

        Congratulations on the final table finish
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          Thanks alot for the info! good luck to you guys as well


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            I must say that using all the time really works! Field goes down quick.


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              I agree with what others have said regarding using your time , let others bust out . However , if by using this strategy and qualify for the '' premier skill'' be aware that this is somewhat of a misnomer . The premier league is still full of donks , like most of the games on pokerstars up to medium level buy ins . Its still a freeroll so dont expect to see too much skill .

              I'd also advise that you ignore anything you may have learned from the PSO tutorials and any books you may have read . If you do read poker books I'd advise you stick to 1 author and develop your own strategies around their advice . There are too many books out there with contradictory advice .

              Also , be advised that most online poker players (98% the last time i looked into it ) are losing players . The Open and skill leagues are still full of stupid gamblers with little or no skill or proper understanding of the game . If you think you are a good player , or even are a good player , still expect to be donked ad nauseam . Dont be surprised to see hands like 22 - JJ call a raise , reraise and 4 bet reraise all in , then hit their 2 outer . Expect to be called by Ax about 90% of the time ; expect out of position limpers to call how many bets before the flop . Expect AA and KK to lose alot if you are all in heads up pre flop . Be aware that if you are good post flop most of your opponents are not and will call or continue to call with hands and hit miracle rivers or runner runners . Be prepared to fold hands like 2 small pair or small sets , flushes on scary looking boards at the river . Dont overplay AK , suited or otherwise , unless you are prepared to shove it pre flop . Avoid playing hands like AQ/AJ/ATo. Rarely - and I mean rarely ever bluff - you will find alot of players willing to call with 3rd or 4th button on boards with 3 to a flush /4 a to straight etc. dont chase straights or flushes that are going to be the nuts or as close to the nuts . In short expect to see alot of bingo and not much poker .

              While its great that TV programmes like Late Night Poker have made poker the most popularly game on the planet be advised that the game has been devalued somewhat . I play live tournaments 4 nights a week and internet bingo play has infiltrated live play too . While calling stations are a dream in cash games , when you are playing in a tourney and are seated at a table with 6 or 7 calling stations it is very easy to be donked out . Having said that i still advise that you value bet your good hands but dont be surprised to sucked out on time time after time .

              Use your time judiciously , play solid poker and be prepared to grind . The main reason that most players are losing players is that they have no patience and are looking for a big score ; they play outwith what their bankrolls allow chasing that big win when they have little or no chance getting it , but they will donk out plenty of good players in the process - so many times i have seen a really bad player donk out a few good players , get a stack and then lose it all because they dont know how to play with a big stack . If you have a bankroll play well with-in it : the variance in online poker , whether cash , SnG , tourneys is massive . I'd advise never buying into a tourney for more that 5% of your bankroll and definitely never more than 10% . Avoid micro and low stakes cash games unles you hit and run or are happy to leave the table when you have made a 30% return on your investment .

              As for any advice given in this forum ( mine included too obviously ) while it is on the whole well meaning by and large most of it is rubbish - and that includes folk like The Langolier , JWK , JDean etc. I am sure these people are better players than | am , but some of their advice is pretty bad - not all of it , but quite alot of it .

              You have probably read that aggressive poker is winning poker - by and large this is true but dont try and win pots with hands that have little chance of winning if you are called . You will see alot of players being aggressive with hands like 52o and the like and when they do get lucky with a miracle flop and double , treble , quadruple up or whatever , then use their newly gotten big stack like a battle axe then lose it all with in a relatively few hands .
              The great forgotten skill of online poker is the ability to fold .

              If you think you are a good player , or even are a good player , when playing in the PSO expect to receive a disproportionate amount of bad luck . I grinded at the Premier league for 7 or 8 months up to May this year and then went on the most incredible run , in fact more than incredible , run of bad luck and was relegated . It was a highly suspicious run (you'd have to see the hands to believe it ) but as I was involved in a legal dispute with Pokerstars at the time it was not that unexepected . It was not the first time that I have been in dispute with Pokerstars over some issue that an incredible run of unbelievable of luck arrives . Anyway thats beside the point , what I am saying is dont be suckered by the myth of the 'long run' . The ' long run ' is just an extension of the gamblers fallacy that everything will even out in the end . If that is the case why are the vast majority of us are losing players ?

              So I hope you play in the Open league using the time strategy that others have suggested merely to gain enough points to qualify for the premier , and along the way develop your own strategies to become hopefully a winning player . Good luck .

              Oh and by the way never ever bluff a Canadian . There is a saying in poker that you can't bluff a bad player - for ' bad player ' substitute Canadian . Negreanu excepted - but heis really Romanian anyway isnt he ?

              Good luck and have fun pulling your hair out .


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                Go Candada!! That said its a month long league and the best way (it seems) to get consistant points is to run deep consistently which means avoiding races and 3way (or more) pots. By timing out you play less hands that the average joe and so even if you never paly a hand you finish higher than the average... its not a fun way to play poke but it works for this.
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