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Premier 1 year summary streaks and cashes

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  • Premier 1 year summary streaks and cashes

    Top 20’s (2 or more)

    6; AriSoze(15th,5th,13th,1st,14th,6th)(3 in a row and 2 in a row)
    fd2266(20th,13th,4th,14th,10th,18th)(5 in a row)

    4; sveold(3rd,15th,20th,12th)(3 in a row),
    dunduks(8th,9th,9th,7th)(2 in a row)
    kekec24(2nd,1st,2nd,5th)(2 in a row twice),

    3; bebito696(6th,2nd,6th)(2 in a row with 2 months not played between)
    Romich702(16th,8th,13th)(2 in a row)
    Roblir(15th,11th,19th)(2 in a row)
    Vassillyok(7th,10th,3rd)(3 in a row)
    adyvoy77(5th,9th, 19th)

    2; h00h00(1st,1st), SixthSense91(12th,1st), Hasenmann173(15th,11th), josesa1956(19th,7th), Pentire(5th,15th), chuschalo(8th,19th),Lord VanGOG(1st,20th), Noktambul(11th,11th), Anlv89(17th,14th), chori2002(10th,18th), Bondarew1964(19th, 9th), TheSalivan(18th,12th), SWBuelse(12th,17th), highru(1st,16th), russotavares(8th,7th), Sviyat(14th,11th), Lestat35878(3rd,16th), CR10965(6th,16th), eXtr3mee(11th,20th), 9Aleksandr9(3rd,4th), PokerFedor82(8th,1st), PolarisM51(20th,6th), IQ_Styl3(6th,5th), strahilius(5th,13th), 21011950(13th,7th), KrecMC(17th,15th), cris1964(14th,20th)

    Total top 79's (3 or more)

    8; AriSoze. Harpo72

    7; fd2266, 19761002, kekec24.

    6; Steamtroll, josesa1956, sveold, champ.198326, leopard85858, Pihvazavr, Romich702.

    5; dunduks28, l_Saint333_l, WesMang, maringurr, adyvoy77.

    4; bebito696, SixthSense91, noonecry, zzALINAzz, SIF80, wayneo75, Danil1286, JustFighting, kazoo100, Vassillyok, pirateblinds, chori2002, 21011950, Burashka Che.

    3; h00h00, Hasenmann173, zzHONEYBEEzz, chuschalo, ebaystefan, V.H. MAXX, machin1111, Anlv89, roblir, Bondarew1964, lisbon roar, TheSalivan, YoUnGsTaR188, misarpe, pitu104, West_Eagle77, cholilla75, pacanchic, BlancoAce, BawMe, bgorilla007, 1010101q1q1q, fanto1989, TheRabbit40, russotavares, Grondl, Agusrezk, sviyat, PokerFedor82, Acex0fSpades, superk666, Jonas.87.DK, flexiblebird, Gramm koksa, dumsyn, Dolphin23594, antonnnn6, KrecMC, Lioha499, inokentyi77, dehati20.

    Total cashes (7 or more)

    12; fd2266, leopard85858

    11; Harpo72, Steamtroll, pirateblinds, Gromobix

    10; Sando Numan, AriSoze, superk666, champ.198326, annie_22at90

    9; woodybhoy, ezdabaida, Schalketiger, warener24, klawa55, kykla482, FerGaray2121, oeli70, Tanirka, BadShotBoy23, Pentire, Romich702, Hanno Dammer, l_Saint333_l, grampex

    8; HanJackaL, jisg1, josesa1956, chuschalo, pintupax, WiLdFiLly77, caduceo, monkeyskunk4, wetmoose 613, Po Kerr 1758, mv67, Icewomen45, silo1001, Saliamonas, GelosMir, 19761002, machin1111, Limit289, h00h00, Truchelio, chori2002, CMS SOARES, Jonas.87.DK, Acex0fSpades, Rus_tifosi, guan1231, HONG266, kazyunok, M.B.- Hessen, TheRabbit40, highru, L.A.COOL, West_Eagle

    7; bebito696, Hasenmann173, cosmoberi, Dark_Rock_87, greycowboy, Noktambul, mikeoertel, Alen-gricko, trenti23, warranton, EdinFreeMan, sveold, jmsanalon, emilak, duisburg71, Anlv89, JokerAce68, mako18poker, Lindowsweet1, 94EXPOS, V.H. MAXX, flohe1, kennyw0309, foran1, NanuNanoose, zzALINAzz, morrisonja, nae90, ibienzo, Guido-bomb, Bondarew1964, Luka0729, kanoedel, unoriginal, rat525, Rancid Cardz, botzzz, SIF80, 21011950, akbyn11, flexiblebird, Rosanne1984, S.Alex38, Gramm koksa, Baditiger, Lioha499, bgorilla007, *nigdywiecej, Burashka Che, jonyik.

    Consecutive cashes in months that were played (6 or more)

    12; fd2266, leopard85858

    11; Harpo72, Steamtroll

    10; Sando Numan

    9; AriSoze, l_Saint333_l, grampex

    8; annie_22at90, josesa1956, chuschalo, WiLdFiLly77, West_Eagle77

    7; bebito696, pirateblinds, superk666, Schalketiger, klawa55, warranton, GelosMir, sveold, jmsanalon, 19761002, JokerAce68, mako18poker, mv67, nae90, kekec24, Gromobix, Jonas.87.DK, bgorilla007, *nigdywiecej, Burashka Che, jonyik

    6; ezdabaida, HanJackaL, champ.198326, MagicDavid89, Tanirka, silo1001, kazyunok, caduceo, Guido-bomb, bruski44, machin1111, lisbon roar, rincon14, kurzynsky, zzALINAzz, misarpe, RomanChee, Alpha Caeli, julio22232, xMariusx LT, mixedgamer, rat525, joker0027, monkeyskunk4 , MerS2803, antonnnn6, guan1231, Lioha499, Baditiger, JustFighting, kazoo100, shefGG, veron 2011.

    Cashed all months played (6 or more)

    12; fd2266, leopard85858

    11; Harpo72

    10; Sando Numan

    9; l_Saint333_l, grampex

    8; West_Eagle77

    7; kekec24, bgorilla007, *nigdywiecej, Burashka Che, jonyik

    6; mixedgamer, JustFighting, antonnnn6, kazoo100, shefGG, veron 2011

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    Interesting stats gramps. Thanks for the time you put into collating the data and sharing with the community. Cheers. umbup:



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