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A suggestion for the skill league

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  • A suggestion for the skill league

    starting stack 5000 , blinds start at 10/20 , and have 30 minutes blinds .

    Might get to see who can actually play post flop poker .

    You could still have the same number of tourneys per day , but obviously the structure may make it a wee bit more difficult to play them all .

    This is just a suggestion and it probably wont to be taken seriously .

    Also the deeper stack and longer blind levels probably wouldnt make a difference to the monkeys who shove pre flop any chance they get , or shove the flop with 1 pair , but i think it would make more interesting and a better test of all round tournament poker skill .

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    frasier,you do get that PSO as great a site as it is for learning and helping peeps along BR building wise with the monies they give away every month,is first and foremost a marketing tool in PokerStars eyes,right? Do you really think they want peeps who could be playing for REAL money so that they generate rake (the lifeblood of the site) tied up playing marathon FREEROLL tournaments? Instead of focusing on what's wrong with the structure of a series of games that you CHOOSE to play,no one is forcing you after all,I'm thinking you'll be better served on focusing on how to better exploit the players that you feel are inferior to you. Do THAT and it will serve you well in the leagues and beyond. umbup:


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      do Pokerstars have any low buy in torniments that have 30 min blinds?

      I highest blind time limit i have played has been 15 minutes.

      I do agree that a longer time per blind and bigger stack will extend that length of the games i disagree that it will lead to more play.

      freeroll Shove monkeys will still shove and seroius league players will time bank for the points.

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        I played a deepstack tournament like you are suggesting recently on stars:

        400 odd entrants, pretty much the same as most PREM League Mtts, 5000 Starting Stack with 30min Blind Levels.

        1st night i played i got 15th place in 11hrs of play, WOW, 2nd night i played, the very next day i might add i got 5th place after 13hrs!!!

        So, yea to answer your question i don't think there is EVER a hope we will get DEEPSATCK league games on stars, and to be honest, if they were DeepStack, i don't think i would play anyway because it would be too much time commitment for the whole month, way too much time commitment...
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          As i said just a suggestion .

          I get your point Moxie , about it being a promotion and is there for people to learn , but with the structure that the league has i cant see how ppl are going to learn much .
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