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  • PSO League

    i often find myself in this situation and never know what to do

    i play tighter than usual at pso league so my stack gets reduced a little by the blinds

    so at lvl 3 30/60 for instance i pick up AQs/AK from position lets say 2 play limped so i raise 3x + limpers

    meaning 300 out of my stack of 1300-1400 then a blind shoves and 1 or more limpers often i fold somtimes i call it all depends on my temperment at the given time

    so i hv raised some 25+% of my stack and fold not even seeing a flop

    statistically speaking im ahead most of the time preflop but chance of my unpaired hand hitting the flop is some....32.5% im not sure about the stats for all streets so i think im losing some 2/3 times not a chance i like to take for my tourney life

    so if i fold im losing roughly 25+% of my stack and if i call im losing 2/3 times. what do u guys suggest?

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    ok i did my research and if i see all five streets i'll hit a atleast a pair 50% of the time

    still dont know how often i will actually win in that situation still a bit of a novice at pokerstove


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      ***moved to skill league strategy section since it's more of a strategy ? and not a specific hand to analyze JWK24*** With AK or AQs in a 3-way pot, these two hands, while they may have the highest equity of the three ranges, are NEVER the favorite to win the hand, as they will lose just under 2/3 of the time. In these situations for a league game, reads on the opps is a mandatory thing for me here. If either of the limpers are known to limp/shove or anyone behind me that is yet to act is a maniac, I would not raise with them and muck them this early in a tourney. I don't want to have to muck (which I would have to) to a shove and lose a decent % of my stack, which is why I'll muck or limp behind. I don't want to be playing for stacks without knowing that I will have the best hand after all 5 cards are on the board and want to save my chips to be able to last as long as possible, as that's how I accumulate league points. The key in league games is to last as long as possible and I don't want to give a single chip away if I don't have to. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        Hi danan758,

        PSO Open Skill League is a 'special case' tourney which requires a different strategy IF your goal is to finish high in the league. In that case you need to conserve chips until the field has thinned, so do not enter pots unless you are committed to the hand - sadly that rules out even great value holdings like AQ and medium strong pocket pairs in the early stages - as you will have too many opponents reraising/shoving preflop - if you want positive points for the league just fold all but monsters early and watch the attrition rate bust out 70% of your tournament opponents.

        However, if you play each tourney for fun and to try to win individual tourneys you can take a more standard line - so hands like AQ would be eminently playable - and I would play them fast - get the chips in straight off if you expect calls - just remember - you will get called by much worse multiple hands very often - so be prepared to lose often - (which will lose you points in the league) - but will gain you lots of value in the tourneys you run good by getting the chips in ahead.

        I'm a big fan of the Premier League - so I would advise you take the standard fold/fold/fold/shovemonster strategy in OSL and get into the Premier League asap - then you can play some more interesting poker against better opponents.

        Good luck

        Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
        4 Time Bracelet Winner


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          well thanks guy i appreciate it



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