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I,ve lost my confidence

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  • I,ve lost my confidence

    I,m not sure i,m posting this in the right section but here it goes.-------I,ve had a few bad beats lately and I'm on a downward spirral in the open league, allthough I should still get into the premier for next month, ---for now it seem every hand I play it loses. My question is HOW DO I GET MY LONG LOST CONFIDENCE BACK.

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    ***moved to better fitting forum JWK24*** Hi Don! The best thing that you can do is to review your play and make sure that you're not playing too many hands, especially out of position and the one that I see players do most often is to complete way too often in the blinds. Being in too many hands will increase the number of bad beats. Also, check your bet sizes in the tournies to make sure that they are consistant and not too large or too small. In the old league when the US players could play, I normally had one bad week each month and the downswings can last for months. The odds are going to take over and variance will happen. Just stick to your game, make changes if needed and grind thru it is the only way that I've found to get thru these streaks. Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      I deal with this all the time so here are a couple of things I would suggest based on my experiences:

      1)Take a short break. 15 minutes, 4 hours, 1 day, 2 days. However long it takes to get a clear head.
      2) Spend some time reading/rereading a good poker theory book.
      3) Spend some time watching training videos.
      4) Spend some time watching a pro at your poker variant of choice play at the tables live.
      5) Really accept that this is going to happen to you as a poker player. It won't bother you as much when you completely understand this is a normal part of the game. Of course it still will to some extent and is frustrating, which is why the other 4 steps are still usefull.


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        I try to only ask myself one question. When I put the money in was I ahead? Check your reads. I play simple freerolls, some with few opponents, to practice on reads by just calling down to see their cards. If your money was in good and you find that most of your reads are good then there is nothing to do but wait for it. good luck out there evil:
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          There are plenty of things that I enjoy about POKER STARS---the new ZOOM all the freerolls and the Poker School the leagues ----But if I had to pick 1 thing I like now ---It,s the great advice and the support from the members and staff from this forum ----AA++--- Thanks to all---Don.


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            Happy you made this thread.... just had a 7.5 buy-in downswing in one night. AA cracked 5 times, AKs flopping nut flush just to lose on river to quad tens... etc, etc, etc... Time to work on my own confidence some today.


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              look back

              Lost confidence? ask your self these questions after each game, win or loose.
              Did i play the proper cards?
              Did i play proper solid poker?
              Was my reads in line with my experiance?
              Did i play proper odds?
              Did i follow my instincts?
              Did i continue in the hand because i felt intited to win?
              Is there somthing i should work on, any holes,weak areas?
              If you can anwer honestly, losing is inevitable, do'nt take it personaly it's only a game.


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                When i wrote my last response i was in my worse downswing i'd seen since i started. I lost 90-95% of all games i played. When in a downswing you need to be very careful of how and what you scrutinize about your game. It can be difficult at times to be able to see the difference between bad luck/cards and bad plays/calls and reads. I also had a friend review and rail some games so to get an outside perspective on what i was doing. I stayed confident that my game was solid enough and stuck to the game i have and at last i broke through. Last week i noticed a few wins but nothing of significance to off set the massive amount of losses that i had accumulated over the last two months. Then yesterday morning I finally took a first place in a $3 tourney of 32 players that was enough to make up my past losses and place me in position to finally turn a profit again. My point is to be careful in how you judge yourself and to be patient, the win will come. evil:
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                  Try and have a positive attitude while playing, if you get too negative, thinking you will lose with AA/KK/etc, then it leads to tilt. I find when I have a jaded, negative, attitude I will make stupid mistakes and lose, and when thinking positive, not letting bad beats get to me, I do much better.



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