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    Early in Open Skill League tourney (first blind level) UTG +1 raises all in, UTG +3 calls everyone folds to me in cutoff. I am holding pocket QQ, calling would put me all in. My thinking is it is I am probably up against another big pair and maybe an AK at least so if i am not already beat I am at best a flip. I think it is too early to risk my tourney life with this call so i fold. Am I correct to think this way or am I too tight here

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    ***moved to skill league section JWK24*** Hi dukpond44! Welcome to the forum. Here's a link that will help to get you familiar with everything that PSO has to offer. The key in the league games is to survive as long as possible in order to accumulate league points. To do this, a player will want to only be all-in when they know that they have the best hand after all 7 cards are shown. With QQ and two opps all-in already, there's no way to tell if QQ will be the best hand at the end of the hand (even though it is a premium starting hand). I'm going to muck QQ in this situation and preserve my chip stack. The penalty for league points (a large negative score) is not worth the chips that can be gained here form it. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Thanks for the feedback JWK24 it definitely helps. Even a premium hand has less of a chance to hold up against multiple OPPs but at the showdown, the original raiser showed pocket JJ and the second OPP had called off three quarters of his stack with A5 off suit. With situations like this it is hard not to go on tilt.


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        If you're tilting over what happens in level one, you better pack away all the fragile items right now


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          In open league its always bingo poker for first 3-4 blinds. I've seen people going all-in with 7-2o
          If your hand hits you usally triple your stack but thats rare.

          Myself I would just fold and watch the donks lose there chips.


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            Ya Darkman, I put the sharp things out of reach too. lol


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              Yep, premium hands are hard to fold, but against 2 opps early in the tourney, the risk is not worth it.

              To go far each month, TILT has to disappear from your game. Patience is the only skill needed in the first 60 minutes of the tourney. After that you need all your skills to play catch-up, because you will be short stacked against a few lucky donks who've had a good run - in that tourney.

              Good luck at the tables.


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                Thanks for the input people, it is good to get confirmation. After playing a bunch of these now I can see that patience is the way to go. My game has been going down hill lately and thought I might be getting too tight. Closer to the truth, it may be that playing with all these donks over time has loosend me up too much without realizing it.
                Thanks again to everyone.



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