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Ed Dissects the PSO Leagues and Offers Alternatives

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  • Ed Dissects the PSO Leagues and Offers Alternatives

    I'm going to muse this month on the current structure of the PSO Skill Leagues and try to come up with an improved alternative system.

    I have played in various Leagues for a while and they have been good to me, helping me build a decent bankroll that enables me to continue playing micro-stakes poker games of my choice, as I try to learn and improve my game skills here at PSO.

    The PSO Leagues in their various incarnations have always had issues that generated criticisms and suggestions for improvement, as have the other Leagues with different set ups that I have played in, including the Facebook Leagues and the former UK&Ireland, now UKIPT Leagues.

    I will try to explain how my proposals will address some of these issues, with a series of posts in this thread, and welcome comments, criticism, suggestions and refinements.

    [What I am not interested in here is the perceived quality of the players or the general play in the Leagues, as I believe any system, including the current set up, will inevitably reward more skilled players in the long run.]

    So before I discuss individual issues and any elements of my proposed system that I think will help address them, I am going to give an overview of the type of league I would like to see evolve at this poker school.

    Progressive Multi-Division League

    The basic idea is that you have a few divisions that each have promotion and relegation places, up to the top league and increasingly high prize rewards in each league. I am going to use a 4 league system, which is one more than we have at present. I will call them Div1/2/3/4 where Div1 is the highest level and Div 4 is the entry level.

    Division 4

    Roughly equivalent to the current PSO Open Skill League, open to PSO Members and Non-members as a Freeroll.

    Division 3&2

    1500 Players 500 relegation places - 500 promotion

    Division 1

    Roughly equivalent to the current PSO Premier Skill League, with 500 relegation spots each month and the biggest prize levels of all the leagues.

    I will go into more details about each league in subsequent posts but here are some general points.

    To qualify to play in Leagues 3-1 you would have to be a PSO Member and have passed the core quiz.. That gives 4,500 spots to bona-fide school members to play for League Prizes.

    There would be VPP levels required for qualification to Leagues 3-1, which would rise in each League. However, once qualified, there would only be one level of prizes in each Division, and every player who qualified would by definition have reached the required VPP level. The full prize pool would therefore always be paid out.

    I hope that gives you a general idea of what I am aiming at. In the next post I will discuss Division 4 as a replacement for the much maligned Open Skill League.

    Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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    interesting idea Ed but the devil is always in the details right
    gl y all
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      Originally posted by wetmoose 613 View Post
      interesting idea Ed but the devil is always in the details right
      gl y all
      Very True wetmoose -

      If I am honest, I don't think large field poker tournaments actually lend themselves very well to being part of a monthly series of games for points in any league set up. Each player is facing a very different set of opponents and circumstances, rather than playing against each other directly as in a sports league, and these factors will take a long period to even out, probably much longer than a month would allow for. However, it is a good promotion to bring players into the school, and to provide an arena for players to play against each other as they learn. I hope my set up would provide a better environment for players to play and progress, alongside the training and courses on offer, than what is presently available.

      I'll add some detail for the devil to consider later.

      Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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        I would replace the Open Skill League with a new tournament - here I refer to it as Division 4

        Division 4

        Similar to the current Open SKill League but with crucial changes, providing an entry level tournament with no large cash prizes but allowing PSO members to qualify to step up to the 3 Divisions of Prize Leagues above.

        It would still be a large entry freeroll (10k players+) open to anybody on pokerstars.

        Only PSO members would be scored for the Leaderboard, using the same points formula we have now.

        There would not be a $10.00 prize added for each tournament, which currently costs up to $1,740.00 of the monthly prize pool for the Open Skill League [in a 31 day month starting 3rd day 6x29x$10.00] and which cash mostly goes to non-PSO members or those playing for individual tournament prizes rather than league points, Instead I would propose to award tickets for a monthly Freeroll tournament with $1,000 added. This would make these PSO Freerolls similar to the Astronomer Freerolls, but slightly less attractive than them for non-PSO players.

        The League Prizes would not be very large, something similar to the <20VPPs column in the current open Skill League.

        There would be no VPPs requirement to win a prize in the League, so the number of places paid (x) would always equal the top (x) finishers, making it simple to see your finish place and prize.

        There would be no minimum number of tournaments required to be eligible for a prize or for promotion. I have always found this requirement to be redundant as you would probably need to win 4 tournaments in a row outright to get away with playing any less than the 5 required in the current system. And if you did do that I think you would deserve any prize.

        The top 500 PSO members in Division 4 with the required level of VPPs would be promoted to
        Division 3 the following month. I will discuss VPP levels separately in a future post.

        What do I hope would be achieved by this?

        Well, firstly, I think the entry level tournament probably needs to remain Open to try to attract the freerollers as they are the potential new members and students of PokerSchool. This means, I am afraid, that a lot of the issues with the Open Skill League that have arisen since it went global and was opened up to all will remain.

        There may well still be issues with tournaments filling up, but hopefully the number of spots
        available to those PSO members trying to progress to the higher leagues will be enough. This should be the case. Not because of the specific set up of Division 4, but because 4,500 PSO members will already be taken out of this League, and only new members playing for the first time or those relegated from Division 3 the previous month will be competing for the 500 places to advance.

        The lack of large prizes at the very top will make it less attractive to play excessively as
        the main goal of PSO member participants will be to reach the top 500 and progress to the Prize Leagues, rather than win a moderate prize from this League.

        I would predict that playing a smaller number of tournaments per month should make progression possible, even for those PSO members with more limited opportunities to play. Of course a certain volume will still be required, and a similar strategy that works currently in the Open Skill league will probably still be necessary, so I don't expect this to provide scintillating poker. I hope it would give more PSO members than currently a route into what will hopefully be a better standard of games in the higher leagues.

        If the numbers of members at PSO playing this new progressive league system grew substantially, the numbers for the top 3 Divisions could be increased, to 2000, 3000 etc,or alternatively an extra prize division could be added between the Freeroll and the top 3 divisions proposed here, so that there would be enough spots for the bona-fide PSO members to enter the League proper via the Freerolls.

        Hope I have explained this clearly enough - next time I will deal with the middle Divsions 2 + 3.

        Good luck all

        Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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          Great post Ed and a good idea m8 umbup:


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            devil is not loose yetumbup: gl y all
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