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Tactics in the Premier League

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  • Tactics in the Premier League

    Any advice on the tactics used in the premier? or same as the open skill league?

    I should have really used the forum to help with my attempt this month in the open league, cost me a bit of pointage, since I havent played since the last format was in. How very different it turned out with the 10,000 field. Starting with just joining the tourney. It was hard work but I manage to qualify after starting properly mid month and working out how to play the donks best.

    124th position in 41 games.

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    You definitely have to play poker, thats for sure. You cannot score points by folding every hand. Theres around 400 players in each tourney, sometimes less for the earlier ones.

    But dont put too much stock in the "premier" aspect. It is a freeroll after all, and there are some really bad players and shove monkeys on there.


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      Some advice for the Premier League - (but remember I failed to requalify my last time here in December).

      Firstly, relax and try to enjoy it, whilst playing your best poker in a fairly standard manner you would for any MTT or large field (180/360) Sitngo.

      You have a larger starting stack so in the early stages you can see cheap flops and fold post-flop without damaging your stack to the extent you would in the Open Skill League

      Take lots of notes, as with the smaller fields you will be sat with the same players more often.

      Pay attention to the blind structure and especially shove/fold ranges as there is a point where a large number of the players left at any table will be short stacked relative to the blinds and willing to get it in light.

      The league does not reward continually slowing the table down and folding weak hands in the same way it does in the Open Skill League and you cannot blind down with a zero VPIP and make points, as the attrition rate in the smaller field is nowhere near as high and you need to make the top thirty percent or so at least to get to the +ve points.

      You need to find spots to accumulate chips - which means you can see more flops with more marginal hands in position and play post-flop, you can attempt steals and bluffs, you can basically try any moves you would in a standard poker game where you think you have an edge.

      Don't be too afraid to bust very early, the negative points are not horrendous and the gains for running deep are high. If you look at sleepyolmans hotlist, you will see quite a large number of players make the FT several times each month - that more than compensates for early busts. The rewards are much closer to regular MTTs where a few very deep runs and lots of early exits are more profitable than lots of min cashes and lots of 'surviving but not cashing'.

      Take a look at the detailed scores in the previous months for individuals who finished at different points in the League, you will see the sort of scores you can expect and the sort of volume people are playing.

      Volume is still a factor, but less so. Play when you can, but 30-50 is plenty to make a prize if you run good.

      Good luck

      Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
      4 Time Bracelet Winner


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        i agree with Ed on most .get to the final table twice with decent finishes and AVOID being out in the first 10% and you ll cash at the end of the month.
        one thing i have noticed is the dogs seem to run wild with all ins.could just be me but i dunno
        gl y all who graduated I ll be waiting
        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          Thanks for the advice guys. First attempt 26th finish. Certainly is a little tougher but at least u get to play a bit of poker. Next need to work out the points system. Top 10% is a big ask thats basically cashing and more every time?


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            Around there All unders - obviously the higher you are and more points you have then it starts becoming more difficult to get them. Best of luck. umbup:


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              If you are quick, and look at the Premier League Leaderboard NOW before it updates the 2nd tourney, you can see the points system clearly - not much difference over quite wide ranges until you get to the top third, an add on for ITM spots, another at the FT and if you make the FT not much increase from 9th to 4th, so if you make an FT go for the top 3.

              Nice first finish in the 2nd tourney - should update soon.

              good luck

              Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
              4 Time Bracelet Winner


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                Oh well after that good start. Ive hit a downswing. Failing Aces and Kings run over by 'kicker' sets. Not much you can do about that. Innocent flops with evil intent! Hope you guys have had more luck with them. Im finding out about the points system the hard way lol



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