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CJRocknRoll KILLING IT in Open

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  • CJRocknRoll KILLING IT in Open

    Congrats Man,

    Just looked and you have raged into the top 50 over the last few days with some stellar top 300 and 500 finishes !!!!

    Brilliant work, keep it up !!! See you in Premier next month or maybe even at an Open table this month !!!

    Cheers and congrats on the great play !!!


  • #2
    Props also to:

    Grade B
    EdinFreeman ( the king)
    II cote II

    Just to name a few of the regular PSO contributors and forum posters that are currently ripping it up in the open leauge.

    I myself have to back off due to school, so maybe one tourney a day if lucky, the goal being to remain in the top 500 for sure, and if points stay over 2000, should be able to place in top 150-250.

    Best of luck at the tables everyone, great to see so many PSO'ers dong so well !!!


    aka URWIFESAYSHI ( i swear PStars needs to let me change to this)


    • #3
      cheerz m8 I have been on a hot run I havent done so good today but i will be playing 2 more games today and hopefully will get deep in them and grab some more points and yes see u in premier nxt month hopefully


      • #4
        Take it from one of many who got an eyeful of his hindparts more than once in the old PSO Skill League...if CoTe is in the running instead of congratulating him you may want to think about whacking him like a baby seal.


        • #5
          Had to give props as a fellow Canuck and forum poster !!!

          I am sure i will get my rear kicked all over in Premier next month and am fully aware of Cote's pedigree in the league.

          I just try too support equally...... although I am sure I will be cursing him and others come February, just not in the forum.


          • #6
            welll dident do to well in 1st 2 taurneys 2day but not a tragedy and done better in last 1 so probs broke even and made bit cash at the cash tables in meantime happy days and gona grind my way uptoo top 10 in league


            • #7
              Yeah 1 good tourney can really make up for several, I played 2 today ending the first at ~7100 (aces lost against Q9) and the second I ended ~1200, so should still go up with like 15 points... Anyway I just hope for a ticket to premier league, really need to play more of these to make it But I do already have the 150 vpp


              • #8
                Originally posted by Moxie Pip View Post
                Take it from one of many who got an eyeful of his hindparts more than once in the old PSO Skill League
                I've been there too. Any league that he's participating in, never, ever count him out. If you do, it's a BIG mistake.

                6 Time Bracelet Winner


                • #9
                  Well JWK.......looky looky who is directly behind me in the Open !!!!!

                  49 3 SkinyButPhat $1.50 $7.50 2007.00
                  50 44 II CoTe ll $1.50 $7.50 1999.82

                  Its like swimming with barracudas in the top 50, will be sad to be out of it, but know that I wont drop 450 spots this month, so safe for premier.

                  (cue Jaws music)


                  aka SkinyButPhat



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