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zZ.Ma$kin.Zz vs The PokerGods Thread

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  • zZ.Ma$kin.Zz vs The PokerGods Thread

    Yes, I know these should be posted in the 'Bad Beat' section, but can I ask the admin not to move this thread as it will be solely updated with regards to the Premier Skill League. Cheers. I am under no illusion that this is a difficult league to play in. It's even harder when you have to put up with the luck factor.....or lack of, whatever the case may be. Should be a laugh, if anything else!! 3rd January 2012 (Big stack limper calls light....) zZ.Ma$kin.Zz 0 The PokerGods 1 6th January 2012 (My own fault for not shoving here....) zZ.Ma$kin.Zz 0 The PokerGods 2 6th January 2012 (1st hand back from 'break', auto shove.....) zZ.Ma$kin.Zz 1 The PokerGods 2 7th January 2012 (Get to see flop cheaply, hit bottom 2 pair, check-raise the limper??...) zZ.Ma$kin.Zz 1 The PokerGods 3 More to follow........(it'll be a long month!)
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    Update 8th January 2012 (My read was good, good re-steal stack, 1 live card FFS? zZ.Ma$kin.Zz 1 The PokerGods 4
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      Update17th January 2012 1pm Kick-Off (I 'donate' half my stack to a hijacker....) zZ.Ma$kin.Zz 1 The PokerGods 517th January 2012 1pm Kick-Off (Knew I was behind but chance to triple up....) zZ.Ma$kin.Zz 2 The PokerGods 517th January 2012 1pm Kick-Off (Bad call?...Good call?...Right call?...Ah 'F***' it!' zZ.Ma$kin.Zz 2 The PokerGods 6 16 Played - Approx: 1520ish PTS.
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        Update 19th January 2012 7pm Kick-Off (Playing AK like a mong........relegation looms!!) zZ.Ma$kin.Zz 2 The PokerGods 7


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          Update 20th January 2012 1pm Kick-Off (Final table 'bite in the arse' time!!.....) zZ.Ma$kin.Zz 2 The PokerGods 8 *Note to self: DO NOT MESS WITH THE BIGSTACK!!


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            Update 24th January 2012 7pm Kick-Off (Short-stacked, out-flopped 2 fat ladies...) zZ.Ma$kin.Zz 3 The PokerGods 8 26th January 2012 7pm Kick-Off (Depositing rakepayer rewarded.....AGAIN!!) zZ.Ma$kin.Zz 3 The PokerGods 9424 [IMG]//[/IMG] 1 [IMG]//[/IMG] zZ.Ma$kin.Zz $2 $20 [IMG]//[/IMG] 1586.89



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