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Changes to how Vpp's are earned at ring tables

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  • Changes to how Vpp's are earned at ring tables

    For those of us who struggle to earn 150 Vpp's each month for the Prem, Pokerstars have just hit us over the head with a massive sledgehammer. Under the new system I will never earn enough points and I'm sure I am not alone in this. It''s not only a money thing it's the time involved. Guess what Pokerstars I and many others have job's and families. in the past I could pick a big average pot ring game and rack up Vpp's. If anyone comes up with a good way to earn points without a huge bankroll or having to play for countless hours then post it and let us all know.
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    i tried playing for 2 hrs, 4 tables, 1c/2c. small stack nit style and earn 1.5 Vpp....


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      Tiny sample size so far, but I'm averaging 1/2 the vpp's at .05/.10 LHE.


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        Yo Gate,

        l hear ya dude, l no longer play cash games....hiccup

        Not sure what you should do but alot of peeps are doing challanges, and doing pretty good at them, maybe you can get your vpp's that way.

        Please don't use mine as an example, mine is more for fun,

        Poker Rule #1....Never listen to me...hiccup

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          Someone once said that vpp's are secondary, you first need to know how to play poker and show that you have a descent winning %. Most of the grinders for vpp's lose money and win vpp rewards, which pretty much comes out even. You could play 50/50's for vpp's, but you need to know how to play them But again vpp's are secondary, first, know how to be a winner with positive results umbup:


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            I agree it is going to be MUCH harder to earn the 150+VPPs for PSO 'tag style' students.

            I also agree this is secondary to being an overall winning player.

            For PSO Premier Players, or PSO video viewing & live training requirements, the 150+VPPs is going to be much harder to attain and I would like to see this adjusted down from 150+ to maybe 75+ or 100+. I'm sure in February we will see far fewer players here being eligible for the higher prize level and viewing requirements.

            This is something PSO could do independently to mitigate the effect the new VPP rules will have here at PSO.

            I would hate to see the Premier League be 'sat out' by many more players who just want to return to the higher prizes for 20+VPPs in the Open Skill League.

            Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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              Im pretty sure the intent of these changes is financial. Either making less people eligible, or getting people to put more money in to become eligible, they have the same end result: more money for PS. With this in mind, I highly doubt they will reduce the requirement.

              Its the way of the new age we are living in, we get less for our money. Whether this is down to necessity or greed I do not know, but its happening everywhere not just on poker sites.

              50/50's are a good way to get VPP's, I have been playing them a lot more recently and find them profitable.


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                I can see a large amount of players having to return to the open league as a result of the changes. I like the idea of reducing the level required to 75 but I suspect that will never happen. Also i understand the points being secondary but how annoying if you were lucky enough to hit a top ten finish in the league and be denied the bigger prize your play deserved, that last one wont affect me sadly. The balance needs to be fair for everyone. I love the challenge of the Prem and would like to remain there it is very slowly bringing my game on.
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                  Please continue the discussion in New Method For Awarding VPPs discussion thread

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