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    Well last night in the open league I had my first real bad beat that I can remeber.

    I had pocket fours witch is my favoirte hand so its no wonder why i played them in an early ish late position in the turney. becouase i have a history of playing pocket four that never lose for me.
    I would say that out of 20 times 15 times they won for me.

    So i plays them the flop comes somthing king seven i decide to c bet and got called this were all minor bet by the way. every one folded except one person who had checked to me before did the c bet. then turn comes my four so im putting this player on a k or somthing and i play them threw by betting large i get a call from him im thinking he must hvee ace king as.river comes he goes all in im like well this is gotta be an easy grab pocket four barely never lose so i call all in and he has pocket sevens im oh crap and minus 15 points from me on the open league.

    I guess it is a mix of bad decision and bad beat im not really sure its says in the course not to slow play so i never really concider a slow play. its kinda hard to really know if it was bad decision or bad beat cuase i dont really remember the other cards on the table or the bets that were made.

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    First, that is NOT a bad beat. To be a bad beat, you have to be the favorite and way ahead in the hand. You were never, for even 1 second, ahead.

    You did have a pocket pair, but they had a higher pocket pair. They hit a set on the flop, you hit a lower set on the turn.

    Honestly,44 from early position is loose. Late position, no problem, but early position, all they will normally do is to get you in trouble (same for any other small pair from EP). When you do play them, I hope you raised preflop and did not limp.... limping from EP is another play that will get you into alot of trouble.
    If you're playing a low pocket pair and miss the flop... instead of c-betting, you need to muck them.

    League games early, you have to play extremely tight, nothing marginal and absolutely no loose hands.... it's the secret to getting points in them.

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        This is my last hand before the break 8pm (WET) in PSO Premier League 10 mins ago, just as I was reading your post. Now I would play 44 in some MTTs, Sitngos and at cash tables, regularly, in position in the right situation against the right opponents. In a PSO tourney, and here with only 30% of the field gone, this is an instant fold for me. Even though I would not expect to run into these opponents hands very often. That is in the premier league and would be even more advisable in the Open Skill League where your chances of being called in a multiway pot with several overcards are higher. Its just not +ev for your points in the long run, (even when you do hit a set that might be ahead). You need to adjust your usual play for league points. And you should realise that just because a specific hand has won for you in the past, the reason for that is not just those 2 cards, there will be a lot of other factors that helped them come out top each time they did. Good luck Ed from Edinburgh -EdinFreeMan
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          I understand that it is not really a bad beat cuase its a low hand and i was not in favor im just saying for me it kinda is cuase pocket 4s are my lucky hand i never lose i always hit the set and and win againts who evers playing me



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