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1st Game in Open League

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  • 1st Game in Open League

    Hi this is the first time i have played in the freerolls. Just want to know how many would fold QQ on hand number 9. Does negative points overcome possible triple up?

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    The unfortunate truth is that most experienced league players are insta-folding QQ 9th hand in the Open Skill League, and probably folding it for the full first hour or longer.

    In position, seeing a cheap flop, it is possibly playable at this stage. Getting all in with ANY cards this early in the tournament is almost always going to be a bad move, and yes I mean folding KK and even AA to an all in shove as well.

    If you want success in the Open League standings the golden rule is patience. Watch players like Darkman and thanat0s, who specialise in this league. Lots of tournaments played, lots of deep runs. If you are in one search them and shadow their table, they will play very few hands and only very strong hands. They will wait for the first 60-70% of players to bust before getting all in. The attrition rate is very fast and you can make the top 15%-20% regularly winning 0-3 hands total for +ve points.

    Good luck

    Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
    4 Time Bracelet Winner


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      in any of the PSO leagues, the negative will even outweigh an octuple-up (8X). Taking a chance early in them is a recipe for disaster, as it will normally take at least 2 extended runs to get back to even... depending on your league rating, even 4-5 ITM's to make up for it.

      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        Thanks for the advice.umbup: When is the break even point roughly is it after a certain % are gone or more complex?


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          get ITM any way you can.... the breakeven point will vary, but the big point jump is for getting ITM.

          6 Time Bracelet Winner


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            ouch, that 3rd ace is like salt in your wounds... but yeah, the dudes upstairs are right, be surprised how far u get if u just leave the table or just use up your time and never play.


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              Well said Ed.

              At the start of this month Darkman61 issued a challenge


              Because i had finished 700+ in the open league in August and then 800+ in September with relevant VPPs I ended up in the Premier League for October. I found this a major learning challenge and unfortunately came straight back down but my goal for November was to go back to the Pemier League, so I took up the challenge.

              The first thing I did was shadow (stalk more like) Darkman's tables.I'm now 16th in Open League.

              I have played QQ once as early as the 9th hand but my heart was racing for the whole hand and it is not an experience I would like to repeat.The loss of points involved would have destroyed my attempt at the challenge.

              What you must remember is that the skill league is meant to teach you patience and hand selection, if you want to improve your game you will need these attributes.

              If you keep to the bare minimum of hands played you will do far better than playing a lot of marginal hands.

              Good luck in the league.



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