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THE Yanks cant play so they mess around in the forum

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  • THE Yanks cant play so they mess around in the forum

    So the yanks cant play here we know that, so what do they do they spam every single thread , too name a prime example Hemetdennis , a little turkish immigrant who repeatedly spams every post but get saway with it, and u know why that is, because the moderators are all americans.... little angry americans who think it's electrifying too close posts and send warning out for wrong expression etc etc lol. I mean seriously do you wonder why the fck we dont actually use the forums u stupid fckin morons... thats right im talking too you TOO2COO ! Another american moron who repeatadly sends out the below.....

    Dear ChiltonMafia,

    You have received an infraction at PokerSchoolOnline Forum.

    Reason: Inappropriate expression
    Banning a member:
    Members may be banned from the forum if despite several warnings they continue to violate forum rules. Members may be banned temporarily or permanently. In particularly serious cases there may also be consequences for their PokerStars account.
    • Members who repeatedly use unsuitable language

    Read more: PokerSchoolOnline Forum Rules - PokerSchoolOnline Forum

    Please become familiar with the forum rules.

    This is not the first time we have had to talk to you about this, If we need to talk to you 1 more time about your Language in the forum it will result in a Ban.....

    This infraction is worth 1 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

    Original Post:
    1st game of day , 3rd hand and this is what happens ... ! Really lol.

    No wonder everyone stops playing... lol.. such a bad joke, really it is. pathetic fckin site. lol

    yawn yawn
    Thank you!
    PokerSchoolOnline Forum

    Read more: PokerSchoolOnline Forum - You have received an infraction at PokerSchoolOnline Forum

    Thats right guys he repeatadly sends these because his sorry ass life is so boring and he has nothing better too do, because he cant play here... boo fckin woo.

    Well u know what u sad twat wy not give me another ban because why the fck do i want too use this YANK run forum anyways it;s for yanks who cnt play because there banned ! fckin morons. piss off

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    So what is it that upsets you?

    Though I cannot speak about others, I do believe all of my postings have been informative or supporting the efforts of those members still playing. I'm thinking we americans are optomistic enough to believe we will be returning in the near future.


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      Tiger cant change its stripes..

      For those that havent been watching this is Belterlikes 2nd account.
      Claims he was being harassed by people in the forum and at the table and one want to take a guess why that would be?

      Was it ongoing posts about software being rigged?
      Was it his private message wars calling people names?
      Was it leaving nasty comments on peoples blogs?
      Was it not liking the fact some one might disagree with him and resorting to name calling?
      Was it his conduct at the table?
      Was it his spamming of FTP being better?

      I could go on but Im sure people get the point by now.
      Reached out to you when you changed your name to tell you to let the people coming after you go as a way of giving you a 2nd chance. You looked like you had learnt you lesson and where
      starting to shape up but.....Your on tilt again and ready to rip into every one in the forum.

      We know the pattern but it used to be at the end of the month not so early on.

      Here is evidence of your name change that you erased so that there is no confusion and some examples of your ramblings and attitude.

      Will add in a second


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        Last edited by Deleted user; Mon Aug 08, 2011, 10:34 PM.


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          This is simple minded prejudice...plain and simple.


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              I cant work imageshack today..Guess I will let people do the searching themselves.

              The one I posted is a post he deleted soon after,so that is one you wont find.


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                Were doe here lets move on

                ** closed **

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