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Premier League Payouts Table Discussion

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  • Premier League Payouts Table Discussion

    OK so I wanted to start this tread way back when the table became available.
    No VPP considerations - 150 is OK and achievable, even if you wont play for 8-9 days of the month.
    Payout table does not look good to me, so hopefully everyone would chip in with ideas and PSO would lend an ear.

    Payout goes to 500 out of 1250 or so players. Does not make sense. 350 or 400 max, otherwise you end up paying everybody and this is a competition, right.
    Secondly, it makes no difference if you are 80th or 499th - at least the chart thinks so .
    Well again this cant be ok.
    Third and I guess lots of people would disagree, but you cant have the TOP 20 walk away with all the cash. In a month long league if you are 80 or 20 could boil down to 2-3 bad beats or lucky breaks.
    TOP 10 deserve big payouts for sure (again think very generous to them), but otherwise beleive the older structure was better and more fair with 10-100 getting the same thus giving a lot a people a reasonable goal to aim for.

    So what do you guys think

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    I think the top ten should be compensated nicely since it is hard work to get there and stay there.

    I agree about paying out to many people though,it seems crazy to spread it so thin.
    Im not playing the whole month to win $2.50,so I rather a crack at big money $50 and up or nothing at all.


    I spoke to soon(foot in mouth) the top 500 get paid.I would like to see that scaled back to 250 since the league is a lot smaller but will have to see how it all works out end of the month.
    I have noticed more PSOers at the tables so maybe it is a good thing for Pokerstars to get people some cash.
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      Originally posted by Deleted user View Post
      I have noticed more PSOers at the tables so maybe it is a good thing for Pokerstars to get people some cash.

      Isn't that their objective - To get freerollers started on Cash games?

      The more that get paid the more they hook .


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        Definitely the new Premier League got us playing more poker. Well played to Pokerstars.
        Now how about a balanced Premier League payout system


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          500 get paid
          700 get booted.
          300 fight: when push comes to shove.



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