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Poker terminology.

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  • Poker terminology.

    I have only been playing Poker for a short while and I am incredibly ancient so it is very difficult for me to learn.

    Along the way I have managed to pick up most of the terminology and acronyms; UTG, BB, SB etc.

    Why only today it suddenly dawned on me what ATC means. Any Two Cards. Right?

    My education has come on by leaps and bounds since I started playing in the PSO though. Amongst the Terms I have learned the meaning of are;
    Donk - Anyone who beats you.
    F***ing Donk - anyone who beats you when you have AA or KK.

    Could someone confirm that I have those last two correct.

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    Unfortunately one of the draw backs to playing on-line is that people like to hide behind the screen and hurl abuse. The latter term you used is just someone being abusive for being beat and should be ignored but the term Donk is correct depending upon the play you make. There is a type of bet that can correctly be called a "Donk Bet" although people generally use the term "Donk" to show contempt or to give abuse to another player.

    I believe Donk (Donkey) is any of the following:

    1. An unskilled player, often one who plays extremely loosely, yet passively.
    2. Donkey; fish.
    3. To call a raise and then lead out with a bet on the following street.

    The latter is also known as a donk bet, playing out of position etc. If you win that type of play (calling a raise and then betting) you have made donk bet or donk play. Especially where your cards were behind pre-flop.

    Happy to be put right by the experts if I am wide of the mark at all.


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      sometimes i laugh so hard tears run down my leg


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        I used to google some of the terms when I first started playing online poker.
        I didn't know what "nh" or "vnh" meant, now I use them often.


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          :d:d:d:d lmao!!!! :d:d:d:d


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            One that you newer PSO players don't know and is the coolest acronym ever in PSO land (and not just because my ass was drunker than a barrel full of monkeys one evening and thought this idiocy up)...


            OSM is Operation Shove Monkey. In other words shipping your stack first hand and every hand until you bust. I did it on the first day of October last year and then some like minded sicko's (ssuglia,mcrissinger,utica fold-em and a few others) joined in and we made it a 1st day of the month "tradition" for a few months.

            Ssuglia shoved 6 or 7 straight hands before he busted to start a PSO once,in December I think. I mean just shipping pure garbage---43o,92,etc. and hitting a hand every time. I busted a mega,mega-donk (Carton-Ritz) shipping 83o and flopping 2 pair 1st hand in November and CR calls me a donk from the rail. LOL the dude was bottom 10-20 in the league EVERY month I think and he frigging called with like J5 and called me a donk. Maybe my favorite PSO moment.

            Funniest thing I ever saw on PStars I was on the same table as CoTe in a PSO and he says "Hey Mox,look in on the Cowboy's Corral game (private game). I'm gonna OSM the FT."

            I pull the table up to watch CoTe OSM the final table in the Corral shoving every hand and then McRissinger called him with like AQ I think and CoTe types "Ship It." as he turns over 85. He binks an 8 on the flop,rails McRiss and I can't play the rest of the night because I'm too busy laughing my azz off. Fun times.

            You would have to ask him but I'm pretty sure Mcriss went on a 3 day bender after that,lol.

            Just saw the OP'ers acronym themed post and had to share this with some of you newer PSO'ers. Main point to get from this and an important one IMO....

            It's just poker. HAVE FUN.

            Good Luck to all. Hope to share a table with you all soon.



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