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New Skill League: Score Calculations

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  • New Skill League: Score Calculations

    In excel, assuming your old score is in E5, field size is in E6 (usually 10K though), and rank is in E7, the formula is:

    =E5+IF(E$7<=E6/16,40+((1/16-(E$7/E$6))*16*40),IF(E$7<=E6/4,(LOG((E$6/E$7),2)-2)*20,(LOG((E$6/$E7),2)-2)*10))+4+(1500-E5)/33+(IF(E7=1,50,0))+(IF(E7=2,30,0))+(IF(E7=3,20,0)) +(IF(AND(E7<=9,E7>=4),10,0))+(IF(E7<=ROUND(E6/6.84,0),3,0))

    (bit messy because there are some dollar signs etc ... if you want to move it, remove dollar signs in word and then use find/replace. otherwise copy and paste it into the right place).

    This does assume that the field strength is 1500. In the last tourney I played it was actually 1579 (via reverse engineering) which I guess is because poor players are less likely to be registered, because good players are more likely to play a higher % of games, and because you lose less points for leaving early than you gain for leaving late.

    So you can adjust this with time. But a field strength different of 79 here only shifted the new score by about 3 points, which means it's not particularly crucial. You can also use this formula to graph how you will do with placement as well, as in the attachment for the first tourney (i.e. field strength 1500, starting score 1500) in today's month.

    You get to about 2000th place by sitting out and if you played infinite tournaments you would get to an equilibrium score of about 1840 at field strength 1500, 1940 at field strength 1600. Should be able to beat this with simple TAG play though. Making final tables is *very* lucrative (bonus for first is 50 for example) -- that's why the curve becomes effectively vertical -- but it's not viable to do it repeatedly with 10K players. Should be much more interesting next month though.
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