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skill league question

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  • skill league question

    is it worth getting all your chips in the middle if you know your a clear favourite to win early on in the tournament, I ask this because in the past few tournaments ive played, i've got them in and my oponent has drawn out on me and im knocked out early on obviously giving me alot of negative points but when they havnt drawn out on me i generally make a deep run.

    As an example the last tournament i played i had JT suited in mid position so i limp

    2 other limpers

    flop comes QQK

    i call a small raise

    turn is A

    Half pot raise and a call

    I know 1 of my oponents has the queen and most likely wont let it go so i decide to ship it
    (if he's limped with AA, KK, QQ or KQ i decide he can have my chips and it was a bad read by me)

    He calls the other guy folds and my read is perfect he has Q7 off

    The turn comes a K and pairs the board giving him a full house but i put my chips in the middle a 78% favorite with 1 card to go, so i'm thinking should I have just called the raise and layed my hand down on the river or was my play right?

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    I do not believe it is worth it.

    I have folded AA prefop twice with over 1000 people to go. 1st time blinds were 25/50 I was late position. UTG limped, someone made it 150 then next player all in for 800 and another all in for 2300 which had me covered. I folded due the risk of playing a multiway put with AA against atleast 2other players and two to act yet behind me. As it turned out the guy it UTG called for less than the 2300 original raiser folded. UTG had KK, first all in AK suited, second all in QQ, both a K and Q hit the flop.

    other time I had a fairly large stack after a double up around 2900 I was fairly early in position and lead out with a small raise got a short stack to go all in after me for 900 and then button shoved for around 2400. I did not want to risk negative pts so I folded button had JJ, short stack had AQoff, JJ held up to win so I would of taken them both out. However, I still think I would fold in the same situation.

    I dont like to get all in preflop with more than 60% of field still left to play


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      Your question is an example of how much more complex and interesting tournaments are. Most people will disagree with me and this is something I'm still wrestling with. But for now if I had a huge stack even playing the Sunday Million, and I was right around the bubble or early ITM (or even the first hand of the tourney) and the other huge stack at the table shoved all in, I'd still probobly have to call just out principle. I mean AA has such an advantage over AK or even KK, etc. Now if everyone at the table went all in your chances of winning would be diminished greatly of course, down to like 30-35% I'm thinking, but I would still have to think about it cause of the huge return.

      cheers. j.


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        Oh I did wanna add, a regular tournament, even the Sunday Milllion, you lose your entry $ thats it. As yyou know with skill league it can scew up the stats for your whole month, so to get right down to brass tacks, in skill league it would depend on my stack size. If its earlyin the tourney I might fold (god i cant believe im saying this, but im really trying to change a few things to be successful here this month). There are many ways to build your stack to where deeper in you can push or call (shorter stacks) ( even without the AA) without risking your tournament life.
        I dont know if my opinion makes sense, im looking at the screen scratching my head wondering what the hell im trying to say.
        At least its something to think about.

        cheers. j.



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