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Big stack- how to go about it???

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  • Big stack- how to go about it???

    Hey everyone...

    I was just playing a 4.40 SNG... and was chip leader most of the way till next t you know I started calling off short stack to knock them out and they kept doubling off me... (Had hands like A8, KJ.)

    What is the best way on going about playing big stack... keep playing premium hands and just let other people knock each other off?

    Anyone has a rule of thumb they go by?

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    how many left in it and how many pay?

    If you're ITM and limited number left, you need to open up what you'll play and A8 or KJ would work.

    If there are still alot left, especially if you're not ITM... then keep playing premiums.

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      Ok what if you have let say a stack size of 18,000 blinds are 100-200 and you have sort stacks of 3k going all in and your only one left to act no limpers, you are holding a hand like...


      they are all folds?


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        22's an auto fold to a preflop push. If you can see flop for only a BB, then you can see it, then muck if you don't get a 2.

        A 10 if suited, I'd play it.
        KQ if suited, I'd play it.

        If the opps are known for playing ATC or bluffing way too much, then the A 10 or KQ are easy calls in my book. If the opps are playing tight, I'd muck all 3 of them.

        Now... if I lost them and my stack size drops, then I go back to playing premiums only.

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          what you want to do is to keep growing your stack, NOT taking chances and giving the chips away. It's what way, way too many people do, is to build a stack, then give them away as fast as they made them... by being a calling station.

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            Yea I noticed I kinda start doing that and I would have this large stack and piss it away before the money, I'll have to just pick my spots better, and learn to fold a bit more...

            Thanks for the advice...


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              I'm certainly no expert (I don't win enought chips often enough to get much practice as big stack), but here are some thoughts I try to keep in mind when I do get the chance to play with a big stack:

              Don't feel obliged to be the table 'policeman', its not your responsibility to put down anyone who dares to throw their money in the pot. You are not obliged to dominate the table. Its easy to get drawn into calling bets just because you can. Let the others get on with it unless you believe you have the best of it.

              On the other hand, keep a weather eye out for weakness. As big stack you can profit from betting into players who are tightly guarding their little stock of chips, or players who limp into a pot and/or show reluctance to commit their remaining chips once in the pot.

              I reckon the biggest advantage of the big stack is being able to make players play for their whole stack when they don't want to. If they are getting it all in voluntarily then that advantage disappears and it becomes purely a matter of whether you think you have the best hand.

              As I say, I don't claim to be one of the experts around here, but I offer this advice on a "do as I say, not as I do" basis


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                is short but is good info--


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                  Thanks for the info.

                  I just notice that what I was doing just being a policeman... just let everyone else do that part.... I belive its dont go after other big stacks.... go for the middles stacks cause they they to be tighter... cause they got time to wait and small stacks just want to gamble to double up.....


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                    by the way thanks for the link monkey was very helpful... now watch out that I dont bully you at the tables lol



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