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tom dwan n a tourney?

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  • tom dwan n a tourney?

    im relatively new to tournament play, im trying to soak up as much as possible every day. my b-day is coming up and im entering the sunday million as a present to myself. i know i have to forget that i paid 200 bucks when im playing. cant play scared. however i have a issue im dealin with.
    the first game in march i played i played in my own style. i didnt make mistakes that im aware of, played tight early and because of that stole a few blinds and bluffed once where it made a big difference. i slow played a full house vs. a nut flush and doubled up. had like 14,000 chips then i ran into a long, cold streak. got killed w/ the blinds. i mean what to do. re reaise w/ a 3 9? anyway i milked it as much as possible. finally i pushed w/ a7 (best hand i had in an hour and was outta chips) and was called by aj. finished in like 77th place.
    since then ive wanted to experiment. got so frustrated getting to the point of having to bet garbage or get blinded to death. ive been trying loose/agressive(tom dwan style) for a few days now just to see what happens. this last tourney i had 99 out of position, limped to see the flop, was raised 4x the blind, because everyone else folded i called.flop was 3 7 5 ,the re raiser pushed, i didnt believe him, i called and he had aj.,YES! well he hit a on river but thats not my point. it just seems, in tourney play, you have to start tight. and stay that way till your stack is deep, period. if not eventually ull get knocked out. im gonna go back to what i thought might be a weak stance but it works, and other styles dont.
    i wanna see tom dwan in a tourney and see if he still plays loose/aggress. ?
    lookinnforward to ur comments, opinions and experience.
    gl johann
    give me your comments and also i hope this helps othes as well.

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    tom dwan at 2010 wsop

    hope this works:


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      thx for that. however, i was thinking more along the ines of early and mid touney play though, not final table or head to head. thats a totally different animal. i see matisow's still a dick. lol.
      gl. johann


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        Happy b day- and if ure playin the 1 this weekend- hope you realize theres gonna be over 30,000 runners- as opposed to the reg 8-10k-- as it is the anniv. special-- ive not played the million- so no advice from me- gl-----and 1 thing i always try to remember- when playing higher stakes- the leveller in poker -(that being the luck factor) between the pro and the amateur- is much greater than it is in other arenas- like golf, tennis etc. play the same and hope you run good--
        Last edited by monkeyskunk4; Sat Mar 05, 2011, 12:46 AM.


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          thx i appreciate that. no not this weekend but i do love the idea of the great equalizer. yeah, w/ a little luck i 'll def. be someone's nightmare, even a "pro" thats tournament play, right?



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