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My state has stopped e-checks =(

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  • My state has stopped e-checks =(

    I live in Ohio and have always used e-checks to deposit and withdraw from my pokerstars account. I went to deposit today and see that my state no longer allows this method. I dont have the funds to deposit more than 10-20$ so money order or western union is out. I waited till now to focus on my cash games and get my vpps for next month. Well im worried now that i only have like 7 vpps i wont qualify for next months active prize. Since i contend for the top 10 every month i would hate not to be qualified on some dumb deposit issue. any suggestions FD1

  • #2 try this dudeumbup:


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      Ive done a bit of trading and it is a good site for it,just need to have your head on straight and you wont get scammed.


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        yup i did one, just use the original op, not the hijackers... ninut is another good poster umbup:


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          FD, please don't take this the wrong way, but why are you depositing if you are top ten every month? Are you guys not sticking to good bankroll management? I'm not picking on Freddy, I have seen other players who I know cash(ed) well in the pso asking the same question. Come on PSOers... start using br. mgmt. umbup:


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            the trading is not a bad idea, roomik put me up on it and it works, you have to get to know some of the people over there and make sure you work with people who have successful trade histories..i also hear from a pso member that there is a new prepaid card u can use now for the states that allow u to deposit, i have the info..if you want it, just pm and i will give it to you.


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              yeah dan thats prob that biggest weakness in my game is bankroll mgmt. but my winnings from last month i withdrew so i had very lil bankroll to start with. I dont know when they changed the policy for my state for deposits i wonder what they changed about withdrawls too.. Ive had a couple people willing to help me so i should b good on getting my vpps . I wont forget the people thats helped me i really appreciate it monkeyskunk ,darkman, bill curren tyvm and e1 that helps others its pretty cool having peeps like you in pso " may the flop be with you FD1


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                its funny u mention the prepaid card Tariq. i just got 1 in the mail today ;]


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                  I should just keep my mouth shut here but....

                  cash table home games take rake....

                  rake gets you vpp that you need to go active...

                  i leave the rest of this little story for you to figure out how to use that to your advantage, safely, without really risking any money.

                  i absolutely cannot nor will i spell it out for you nor do i condone nor endorse nor participate in any abuse of any systems, at all, whatsoever, now and in perpetuity.

                  nuf sed.

                  oh and for the deposit thing. talk to wyldcat2011. she has a pay pal account. if you make her a paypal deposit payment. she will deposit the money into her pstars account, minus a small fee. say 10%... and transfer funds to you?

                  course you would have to trust her, but for whats it worth, i have known her 7 years... aside from the fact that she put up with me all that time, and even now we are still freinds, best freinds, she will not rip you off.
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