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MicroMillions-50: $11 NLHE $75k Gtd.

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  • MicroMillions-50: $11 NLHE $75k Gtd.

    I'm in this one, again! Go go PSO!

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    Down a third of my stack. It's a bit frustrating that I've been dealt a number of pocket pairs, and I've setmined with them, but twice I've missed and once I've been 3bet off the hand. I've had one premium pair but got 0 streets of value off of it. No love from the deck yet, at all.

    I'll have about 26bb at the next blind level. That's too big of a stack to start rejamming regular opens, so the way things are going for me, it'll likely be another 20 minutes before I make a move.


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      I'm at about 5.5k.


      urgh ... raised a limper with TT and got reraised all-in by a guy playing 11/11. Folded and back to starting stack
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        Lost a flip. I'm out.


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          I busted ... no luck with pocket 10's again The guy on my left was the onethat reraised me all-in before so I'm wondering if I gave him too much credit last time?


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            Just busted out too had 10000 chips lost 4000 to guy who went allin button with j9 when I had AK and he hit a 9
            about 5 hands later another guy reraised be all in from BB for 4000 when I had 88 thought I'd give it a go he had AK and hit A and K
            Then 3 hands later had AK utg went all in got called by AK and JJ no A or K so I was out.
            Was going along OK when I was just stealing blinds as soon as I called any all ins all over.


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              $1 NLHE Event #52

              I wish I had the bankroll for the $11 event. I'll be railing for everyone. Meanwhile, I am going to take a shot at the more affordable Event #52.

              Good luck
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                Can't win a race with QQ, or A 10s. But what really hurts is folding and then seeing that I would have won a hand.
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                  If it was a good fold, then it was a good fold. Don't sweat it. Better luck in the next ones, guys.


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                    Out of Sync

                    Can't win with JJ either. I'm out of sync with the deck. I call I'm beat; I'm bluffed I fold.
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                      Learning the Hand Replayer

                      I think this was an easy enough hand to play.....Poker school for future poker stars

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                      This is a recorded Live Training session of trainer TheLangolier. In this session he reviews a 180-man $3.50 Rebuy SnG played by user Puckjr. This is part 2 of 2.

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                      HAND REPLAYER
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                      Read more: HAND REPLAYER – Poker School Online: Learn Poker Strategy, Odds and Tells
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                        Second Attempt

                        http://Poker school for future poker...#ixzz1phW5fJdw
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                          I have followed the Hand Replayer instructions to the end of step #7. Obviously I am missing something. What is step 8? Why is my hand not posted here?
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                            Hey Tonk Shuffle,

                            When you get to step 7, your dropdowns should show Size: Large, Link Type: Forum/Blog, and you should copy what you see in the box below, and paste it here. Give that another try and if that doesn't work, I'll try and figure out what went wrong.



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