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Marvin's Million Move

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  • Marvin's Million Move

    Ok, I am starting a new thread for this.

    As you are all well aware, marvinsytan is making a move for the milllion.
    If you're not up-to date, latest developments are here, and on the preceding pages.

    I plan to run some commentary on it, and that thread has just gotten very long. So.

    To start with, I expressed same vague doubts on the buy-in strategy, I personally would very much like to have some opinions by some serious players...
    Last edited by Don B. Cilly; Sun Mar 11, 2012, 09:20 PM.

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    Well, the first thing I notice by browsing the tourney is that it's fast approaching the 30K entry mark, at which it covers the guarantee (and generates at least $450'000 in rake, not bad I guess) and it really looks like it's going to exceed it by quite a bit... especially if the late registration strategy is as popular as it looks.

    Still, blinds are 80/160, top 100 stacks are well above 30K... I wouldn't really wait much longer to register...


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      Yup, the guarantee has been exceeded, and the prize pool is now over $6 million.

      I would be getting a bit scared of the bigger stacks and the ante looming shortly, if not like your Damocles's sword, rather like an annoying consistent mosquito bite.

      I'm not getting any contrary opinion - with so many people staking I'm actually a bit surprised I'm not even getting read, let alone commented - and I'm more and more convinced Marvin may have overdone his late-reg strategy a bit.


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        Hi Don, I don't like late reg myself as a strategy ever really - I only do it if I am actually unavoidably late for a tourney I want to play - for me it generally looks like a weak strategy to try to survive for min cash. Marv has been showing good results and if the structure is not too fast it might be feasible to run deep - I just don't like starting well below average stack and missing early opportunities to chip up. I hope Marv makes the best of this opportunity though - he does have a good game - once he is in it! So Good Luck Marvin umbup: Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
        4 Time Bracelet Winner


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          Average stack is just over 12K... so not too bad, let's just hope he doesn't get a big on at this table... he should be registering within a couple of minutes, so we'll see

          [Edit] And he's playing! Go Marv! (he's got two players with roughly double his stack at the table...)
          Last edited by Don B. Cilly; Sun Mar 11, 2012, 10:17 PM.


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            Marv's on table 2
            4 Time Bracelet Winner


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              The table is not looking half bad - for the moment. There is one Russian looks a little crazy... but not too bad, and he's short-stacked, and he's to Marv's right.

              I'll be posting some hand if I see some that stand out, stay tuned


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                Knock 'em out!!!


                • #9
                  A supernova just took the donker's place... and he's pretty short-stacked... hmmm... ://
                  And he's from Sweden but he's Greek. Looks scary


                  • #10
                    Seat 1: marvinsytan (19815 in chips)
                    Seat 2: Royal Lacky (14569 in chips)
                    Seat 3: shakerat_1 (5220 in chips)
                    Seat 4: MacintoshFan (23173 in chips)
                    Seat 5: riderr600 (7673 in chips)
                    Seat 6: jison300 (11492 in chips)
                    Seat 7: Paokgeorge (2665 in chips) (the Supernova - shorter-stacked still, will all-in soon)
                    Seat 8: magididi83 (21155 in chips)
                    Seat 9: Serjant (4381 in chips) (the half-crazy Russian)


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                      Marv keeps out of the way as the Russian survives a short-stack move and the Supernova is pretty much blinded out by the same Russian.

                      (I'lll edit this one for a while unless things get interesting)

                      Marv just shoved a 2X attack from the small blind (the Russian, yes, shortish-stacked and took it down, well done.

                      And he took down another 2.7K pot by re-raising a mid-pos raise on the button, cool

                      At the break, getting close to 33'000 entries (!), roughly 20'000 left, avg. stack 16K, Marv got close to 22K, looks like his late-reg strategy paid off.
                      Last edited by Don B. Cilly; Sun Mar 11, 2012, 11:02 PM.


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                        *** Moved *** Moved to Online Events, Wishing Marvin a real Run Good! Raiser umbup:


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                          Hmmmm... Stack-wise, good move I guess:


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                            The big blinds are pink, now... it begins to get interesting Registration closed at 33732, roughly half of which are still in it. Prize pool is just over $6.7M... things are heating up quite a bit at the table, what with the blinds/antes getting juicy... and Marv pulled off a nice one
                            Last edited by Don B. Cilly; Sun Mar 11, 2012, 11:38 PM.


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                              Pffffff... for a moment I thought he was going to call... He thought about it for quite a bit.
                              Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
                              Still... he's quite a bit below average stack (19K, avg. 24), there's 12'500 left, and it pays 4392. Difficult spot, let's see how he manages it.



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