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Gonna Play Big $11 Now

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  • Gonna Play Big $11 Now

    This is my #2 goal to win this tourney so gonna try my best to win this now.

    I need some support and hopefully if I go deep you can rail me

    gonna post some updates here later every break

    if you haven't checkout their member of the week promo click here $300 free for bankroll booster join now.

    If your playing big $11? Post your updates here let's share hands also.

  • #2
    1st break

    after the fist break the best hand i got is aj whih i got from the worst position the UTG

    i raise and cool no one called

    basically that's it feeling sleepy most of the time becoming an spectator and feeling jealous when the fish always shoved all in with the blinds just 25/50 he shoved in the bb positon w just A5o and was called by 66 for 3200 chips 64bb's 66 wins he hit set on the flop no sweat bye bye fishy

    chips 2729
    bb's 34
    position 3853/5098


    make or break

    need to make a move

    will not wait for premium hands so be it

    will keep on raising and 3bet more let's see what happens


    • #3
      Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
      wrong play with 30+bb's i should have call turn then fold river no need to risk all my chips so early well it can go either way, i thought he might fold but he have the best hands.


      • #4
        Fold pre! Uber fast!

        Gidee Up!


        • #5
          if u folded pre-flop u would of never been in this mess, dont try to protect your blind with t3s lol.

          But u said u keep us updated, what place did u end?


          • #6
            2nd big $11

            Gonna Play Big $11 later

            I hope to win this and be the Champ

            Strategy First Hour

            -play tight
            -attention on the table only not on tv or something else
            -put as many notes as possible to other players
            -no more risking all my chips 40bb's to be exact just for a flush draw postflop

            hope to run good and be lucky

            wish me luck and if your playing i'm gonna rail you also

            gonna put update here every break.

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            • #7
              Originally posted by XxTiberxX View Post
              if u folded pre-flop u would of never been in this mess, dont try to protect your blind with t3s lol.

              But u said u keep us updated, what place did u end?

              T2s is my busto hand

              my place? i didn't even bother to look


              • #8
                guess what 3am Manila time today 25mins to go gonna play again and hope to do goal#2

                gonna keep you posted and if your playing too let's keep each other updated



                • #9
                  Originally posted by 19honu62 View Post
                  Fold pre! Uber fast!

                  Gidee Up!

                  got it

                  give it up

                  fold as fast as possible

                  gonna play again today hope you still post your insights


                  • #10
                    watching chris moneymaker's video while waiting for my tournament to start



                    • #11
                      1st break ends

                      nothing going for me so much

                      never played big pots

                      when i got a hand like aq it was great enough for me back out from the betting postflop because im running with aa and ak phew that was close to being busted

                      chips 2619 bb's 32

                      strategy for the 2nd hour

                      raise more and 3bet more in position

                      good luck to me hope to get some good hands first


                      • #12
                        2nd break this is the 2 hands that made my 2nd hour the first one is I just try to steal some blinds that's my strategy steal from late position the 2nd one after i stole his blinds he tried to make a move by 3bet shoving which i insta called cause i will never fold AQ to him i got a read im paying attention to the tables.
                        Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner


                        • #13
                          chips 4706 bb's 18

                          strategy steal from late position

                          i can't 3bet now because of my stack size so i will just wait for a good hand for a little longer and hope for the best

                          i'm still dry -- one hour just got AQ for my best hand


                          • #14
                            by the way i love the hand replayer it's so cool

                            nice job pokerschool


                            • #15
                              busto i flopped set and in good spot to double up but gets unlucky still nice game for me just plain unlucky and no good cards coming my way
                              Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner



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