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idea for a game

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  • idea for a game

    6 players, cash game (buyin irrelevant, could be play money)

    10 orbits (60 hands)

    instead of playing your normal style, how you play is dictated by a set of "player types"


    The nit
    • You can only play pocket tens or better, and ace king suited
    • You must always raise and reraise AA KK preflop
    • You can only bet postflop if the board isn't paired or comes 3 to a flush/straight

    The station
    • You cannot raise preflop, and must limp/call all suited hands and ace Xs preflop
    • You can only fold if someone bets more than 6x the big blind on any street
    • You must call on the river if you have 1 pair or better

    The lagtard
    • You must 4x all aces, pairs, suited hands and any hand with a ten or higher in it pre
    • If someone else has already raised, you can call those hands or reraise but not fold
    • You must always bet the flop regardless of position/action preflop

    and so on.... with specific rules for each player type

    before the game starts, each player is PMed a list of player types ordered 1-10

    1. the nit
    2. the lagtard
    3. the station
    4. etc..
    10. the etc (i havent thought up player types but you guys can help there)

    the numbers correspond to each orbit played, so on the first 6 hands the example player will be playing the role of the nit

    i think it could be fun and educational playing in different styles that perhaps youre not used to
    and the other fun part is trying to guess which player is playing which role on each orbit

    if this idea sucks, oops thxforreading

  • #2
    combining fun with learning you say.. Hmmm might be a little bit too left field for me

    It's a great fun idea, the only problem I can foresee is the timebank would have to count down in hours.. to allow for all the meltdowns. When a player who usually plays game type 2 .. Gets instructed that they are representing type 1

    Two more possible types to include.. adjust the criteria as you see fitter, if used.

    The bluffer:
    can play any two cards of their choosing pre flop, But (for the purpose of this game) may only bet post flop, if you miss completely (draw semi-bluffs are allowed) if you have played a pair pre, all flop cards must be overs.. same rules on subsequent streets.

    The ABC:
    Plays every hand exactly according to how the poker 101 book said.. must never deviate from a standard line!

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