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Anzac Weekly Update 30/6/2013

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  • Anzac Weekly Update 30/6/2013

    Its Been a HUGE Week
    Club News
    We hit 100 members ! well done us
    unfortunatley we are locked at 100 members by stars till we apply to lift this limit I have done so and hope to have it sorted soonas we still have people pending on list to join.
    We had our 100th Member tourny The Phrumpleton 8 Game. With a training Prize for FT and $20 Bounty on Phrump.It was a great game and the 100th member WOLFA1 won the Bounty freaky eh ! congrats to him and all those who FT see the club wall for list.BIG UPS To PHRUMP FOR BOUNTY & TRAINING PRIZE .
    Psosop is still taking our time up and we are FT most events
    #Teamanzac is crushing here Well Done.
    Some of our own tournys have had a poor tourn out but this will improve as we bed in suitable events and times
    Sunday Supper is going well we are almost half way through with Hukanui at the top but catchable please go give him a run. Results in Anzac Club
    Member News
    Glen scored his 3 rd bracelet SUPER work Glenn congrats.
    If you have a great rsult please post on wall so we can
    include it
    Tourny/Game News
    New events to be listed this week SUPPORT them please.
    Also The Sunday Mill idea put up by several members is being looked into and will have news on that later in week.
    Club Housekeeping
    My twitter is down bear with me and check wall for news
    Please Tweet club events with a #AnzacPokerClub tag
    please support other #teamAnzac Players
    Please keep the feedback coming
    Be Lucky on the felts
    have a good week

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    Thanks Brett for the weekly update of team members in club and congrats to all on there good runs and generosity If its not Sunday million LB we can lower buy-ins to suit the # of interested.Keep up the great work in Club!umbup:


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      TY Brooker the idea for Sunday Mill is to run a event to select a winner to play in it,we would have to stake them,still working on the idea>we cant run true sattys to these evnts with the tool in homegames it is in fact very limiting in a lot of way ,Im still trying to get the 100 member limit raised and to be able to add prize money to the pool in selected tournys,thats a battle in its self ! .


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        Id feel confident with the winner of the stake in any Anzac series promo ,looking forward to see what you come up with after Psosop ends.


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          Hey Brett,
          thanks for the games on the week end .
          I ended up playing 4 games and there was a few sitting out. the worst was the Hu matches with 2 players at the same table sitting out took ages for one to lose
          At the end of the 8 game I was the only one there for a while then 1 player came back, but by 11pm I was nackered and went to sleep.
          Hope your feeling better now.

          Thanks Again

          chuckkky I'll be back


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            ty chuckkky for the support.yes think we were all stuffed by end of fine just need to keep fighting im due another iron infusion that will perk me up and back on the lance armstrong juice may ride in next tour de france lol.lets hope we get few more regs in games its a matter of spreading the greatto see dave itm in vegas eh


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              yes we have some great players,not sure if micromill will affect our games but doubt it.


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                Anzac Poker Club Weekly Update 14/7/2103

                YES Im aware no update last week,so sue me ,there was an update but as i was editing it I wiped it and have been to pushed for time to re-write,so sorry but here we go now.
                CLUB NEWS
                Congrats to us ,the 100 member limit has been raised to 300 by Stars and as of this moment we have 112 members, great stuff. So if you have anyone waiting to join send them the codes (Club Id 762695 Invite 20132013) and rest assured the longest they will have to wait to play is 12-24 hours but normally no longer than 6 hours.In fact proberly only 2 hours !
                We have had Phrumpleton join the ADMIN team .Thank you Phrump .most will know Phrump as an active member of our games and he is also known as a skilled 8-Game player live and online .Please talk with Phrump if you have any problems/questions related to listing a game or tourny or any problems/questions re club matters. Phrump also coaches 8 Game pls PM direct for more information.
                We are STILL looking for a ADMIN person who lives in the Northern Hemi eg Canada/Usa/Euro to take care of things when we are offline.Please PM me asap if interested ty.its not hard work !
                PSOSOP has finished and #TeamAnzac members crushed,a full wrap up will follow later this week but 2 mentions are Rich1717 2nd on ladder in real $ and Julia Remo a FT in the ME .Outstanding.
                To list all FT and Bracelet winners would take the page but will have top results very soon.
                Note I havent claimed JWK124 Top ladder finish here as #TeamAnzac as I thought that was stretching it a bit as he is a PSO Team Man. But well done John anyway
                Club logo will be as follows TOP- "Anzac Poker Club" MIDDLE card suits as seen in WSOP logo eg D,S,H,C with a poppy flower in center of these Bottom "@PokerStars" .
                Hope that makes sense, now I need some help with art design ,Who can help please ???
                It seems the crap table talk has stopped ,not that it happened to any degree in Anzac,lets hope it stays that way !
                Remember Attack The Play NOT The Person
                CLUB MEMBER NEWS
                Great to see Roslyn_akka back from her break . !st game run 2nd in Sunday Supper !! (to me I might add )
                Great to see all the new players as our tournys /games grow.
                So many deep runs and FT by #TeamAnzac .dont forget to have your brag on the club wall and any 1sts for you or really good wins deep runs list them AND PM me for inclusion (reasons for PM below)
                A SPECIAL SHOUTOUT to WETMOOSE613 who's house was damaged in the recnt Canadian floods.We are happy to say Wetmoose is back home,and after 11 hours of cleaning back on the felts.We wish the Family all the best.
                TOURNY / GAME NEWS
                First you will see all the tournys have been wiped ,except for "Sunday Supper" which still has I think 2 weeks to run in the series.
                This is to prepare for our NEW POINTS TOURNYS ,,there will be 4 games on NZ Sat and Sunday and 2 on NZ Monday,this converts to roughly Friday Sat,Sun for Northern folk 1/2 real $ half play $ .
                They will run about every 6 hours around the clock so I hope this catches all of you .
                This is because when Sunday Supper ends I will RESET the points ladder and it gives us 2 weeks to fine tune events.
                Please Reg early for these so I can sort out what is working for you.
                I have asked for ideas in the club wall you have 24 hours left to have your say and you MUST PM ME IN PSO as the wall gets auto wiped ! Thank You
                As well as the Points events I will proberly list two events daily on Tues ,Wed ,Thurs, Friday (one at 7am my time one at 9pm NZ time) these will NOT be points events but regular games,proberly less HMNL games more the other less played, but great fun and great to learn.They do help to improve your overall game.
                We have talked about putting a runner in the Sunday Million or sim, the sticking point is how we raise the $ and where we keep it in the mean time ? IDEAS PLEASE ?
                OTHER STUFF
                Good Luck to all those in MicroMillions
                Remember check PSO Live Training for Chance to score free satty tickets
                Anyone want to do last longer bets for Micro Millys ? List it on the wall and reply in this forum to maybe ? i will try and be in if time suits
                I may be missing in action soon as got some hospital stays coming up ,more prep fpr transplant ans asthey have now blocked Stars from hospital web i cant go onine

                URGENT HELP WITH ARTWORK FOR LOGO ,got to get the caps done ect.
                Still need Admin in North
                PM me stuff so doesnt get lost on wall
                Become active in club events REGISTER EARLY PLEASE
                I have removed some spam/begging for $ "ups" on the wall.You get ONE WARNING then suspended ,then out for good.
                you can put links directions if you looking for stake action or offering a poker related service to members but thats it please TY
                Good Luck On The Felts
                Support Your Fellow #TeamAnzac
                Have A Good Week



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