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Spring Fever gives people a temperature.

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  • Spring Fever gives people a temperature.

    I noticed the other day in a few events (playmoney included), that a few were complaining about rigged hands or thatonline poker is not random. I think they have yet to play poker on a real table and couldn't ever imagine 3 of a kind 3's and an 8 showing up on the table while they hold pocket 8's only to see their opponent, me, show A3 suited. If i'm not mistaken I raised the pot early to steal blinds and he called. It's not my fault I was playing poker and having some fun. He raised thinking he had the nuts, what would anybody in their right mind do in that situation. He got knocked out. Anyway, if you have played enough poker, then you know anything is possible even though for the most part the hands can be a bit boring you should be with some friends having a good time, drinking a beer, and shooting the breeze. Also, when the river is flowing with Aces, go with the flow. Have a great day!

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    Hi JGLeo!

    The Spring Fever games are generally pretty friendly. Most of the players have played many thousands of hands, so they've been on the end of hundreds of bad beats. If one of the PSO homegame regulars says something like "it's so rigged" in the chatbox after a suckout, he's probably being ironic, because we've all seen enough crazy hands to know they happen fairly often due to random luck. A player with less experience might not be so used to the bad beats, but it's largely pointless getting into an argument with them, particularly as these events are supposed to be fun.

    I hope you're enjoying the series, bad beats and all!
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      Hi JGLeo1983, Welcome to PokerSchoolOnline! Here is a link to help familiarize you with all the features and services available at PSO. Feel free to look around the forum and post any comments or questions you may have. Please join us at the PSO Spring Series of Poker, running until the 21st of April (last day Sunday). This series is exclusively for PSO members and is held in the PokerSchoolOnline Community Home Games Club. Information on how to join the club may be found HERE. Hope to see you there! Good luck at the tables! umbup: Joss
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        Of course I'm having fun and I am enjoying the games and the series very much.
        I just thought it was funny because a similar situation happened on another table at almost the same time and I went on a run of good hands and good fortune and knocked out a few top players. Then from two angles I read fish and that online poker is rigged. I was laughing because I had good hands and they went along with my bets and I won. It does suck when you go out after spending so much time but at the end of the day, it's poker.... there are more important things.
        My point was to enjoy the big hands when they happen even if you are on the losing side.

        Keep the aces flowing!


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          I doubt online poker is rigged.


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            Hi Jgleo i myself when i first started playing online used to think to myself that it was rigged but i was very new to poker and since then have played afew times with friends and family and seen some crazy things on the table right in front of my eyes. Now if im ahead in a hand and the opponent only has 1 or 2 outs to beat me and they hit it on the river i just accept it and move on (still hurts though lol. good luck on the tables mate.umbup:



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