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PokerStars School Club - Our Home Game Club!

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  • PokerStars School Club - Our Home Game Club!

    Hello all,

    A new Home Game has been created for the Members of our Community.

    All new and old members are welcome to join and some very exciting events are planned for the coming months for all members, including our friends in the US.

    Please use this thread to have a chat about the games and give some feedback and ideas about the club.

    Details of joining the club are below.

    Club ID number: 606097
    Invite Code: School2018

    1. Select 'Home Game' tab.
    2. Select 'Join a Poker Club'.
    3. Fill in all the details, select 'I agree' and submit.

    Once I see your application I will accept you to the club and you can join us in the tournaments.

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    I keep getting loads of emails about the PSO home game , first batch was this morning, then some more this afternoon, the second batch said the games had been cancelled and that my fee would be returned, I have not bought into any games and as far as I can see the games are still up in the home game lobby.

    Whats going on?


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      Originally posted by 73REX73 View Post
      I keep getting loads of emails about the PSO home game,
      Whats going on?
      Hiya Rex,

      As the Home Game is brand new every game in the lobby was only set-up in the last day or two. That explains the first batch of emails.

      The second batch is because I made an error creating the play money games and I needed to cancel them and create new ones to correct the error.

      Apologies for the inconvience but now that the games are set-up you should only be receiving notifications for the games scheduled for each day.

      You can also choose to turn off the notifications in the home game lobby.

      Hope this helps!



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        Congratulations to Wetmoose 613 for winning the inaugural game last night with a very impressive 7 knockouts!

        Good job sir!



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          Congratulations! That's a whole lot of knockout.


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            There's 2 games scheduled for tonight.

            A real money game at 23:00 CET

            A play money game at 02:00 CET

            Check out the lobby for more details!



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              Game on in ten minutes!



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                Congrats to Django66 for taking the win tonight!

                Good job!



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                  You can sort games under the Home Games tab by the time they start by clicking the 'Date' sort tab, yes. There are other ways to sort them as well.


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                    Since the PSO has scheduled a $1.10 home game on Sunday at 15:00 I will be removing my Cowboy's Corral home game in that same slot! I would encourage you to go play the PSO game folks. Good peeps! Good fun!
                    Let's get 150 players too so someone can win 1 hr training session!

                    PS Morgan when you go into the actual club and open the schedule you can then sort them by time, date etc. Hope this helps.

                    Giddy Up!


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                      I played badly after just finishing an open league off, but good game all the same.


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                        "It seems the money tournaments always show up first in the window no matter how you sort them. Being a US player this is like a slap in the face because it shows tournaments I am not allowed to play in. If there was some sort of filter like in the main lobby that would allow me to not show money games that would be great."


                        I hope this can be fixed.



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                          I have a suggestion for the PSO Community Home game and that is to create a custom table skin and maybe even have a promo for the best one created by a member.

                          Giddy Up!


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                            Hey everyone,

                            I'd like to gauge interest in doing a weekly full-ring tournament session for multitabling players in the Community Home Game club. If enough people are interested, I'll arrange to have multiple tournaments set up in the club which will begin at the same time. Every session would be planned to finish within two hours, or one hour if that's what people prefer. If there's enough interest, I'll make it more interesting by starting a multitabler's challenge in the Battleground forum to see who in PSO can hold their own, on multiple battlegrounds at once, and I'll provide some prizes to whoever does well each month. This challenge won't be available to American players due to play money table restrictions and complications involved in awarding prizes.

                            So, if you're interested, post the following information below so I can come up with a time, buy-in, and structure that works for as many people as possible. I'll likely go with the highest buy-in and number of tables that work for everyone or almost everyone, but I might not.

                            -roughly when you'd like to play (in Pacific Time; one hour minimum); since this will be the hardest thing to work out, I don't need exact times. Just the times you might be available because you're not working, asleep, etc.

                            -whether you'd prefer one-hour games or two-hour games

                            -the maximum number of tables you'd be willing to play (minimum 4)

                            -the maximum amount of money you would be able to spend on each weekly session (e.g. if you'd be fine 4-tabling $5 games or 10-tabling $2 games, your number would be $20 in either case; minimum 44 cents, maximum $44)

                            -any input you have for a Battleground challenge


                            Just to give an idea, I'm thinking of setting it up like this:

                            Day/Time: TBD (ideally not during a Live Training session)
                            Tables: 4
                            Buy-In: $1.10 ($4.40 total)

                            Challenge: Win the most money each month, four-month period, and/or calendar year, and win the corresponding prize(s) from me (must play all games in a session in order for any winnings from that session to qualify):

                            Month > $10
                            Four-Month Period > $25
                            Calendar Year > $75

                            And since I play in all of my own games, I would be eligible to win all of my own money.

                            I'd like a minimum of 20 people to start this (so that we have at least a full table reliably show up each week). I'll give this a week to gather interest. If it does, than yay, if not, there'll be plenty of other great games in this club, and I'll see you all there.


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                              there's a PSO home game in half an hour (10 mins late reg.)
                              1 more player is needed to make it pay three places (8 needed).

                              Pros: $0.27. buy-in
                              Cons: 1000 starting chips and 10-min blinds (well at least they're not 5-min) with early ante.



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