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EPC Poker Leagues: Season III - Week 10

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  • EPC Poker Leagues: Season III - Week 10


    ***The Season IV Team Play Sign Up has been posted at the web site***

    Season III - Week 10

    You can cue the fat lady...but she's still got a little bit of time on her hands before she sings for the entire EPC. While Alpha has all but clinched the Season III team championship, there is still plenty to sort out with 3 make up tournaments left to play; one each for weeks 4, 8 and 9. We still have a battle going on for the not-too-shabby 3rd place spot, with about 600 points separating 4 teams in that contest. And we have some extremely tight races for several of our individual awards, including the League Scoring Title, MVP, Rookie of the Year, and a couple League Championships. Also, don't forget, there are countless spots up for grabs in the Top 10 standings and entry into a new Season IV event. And I gotta give an oldie shout out to Has4AsMaybe, who joined EPC just a few weeks ago and has quickly thrust himself into contention for the Saturday PL League Championship. Hey Frank, great job and welcome back! Also joining the fold is our new scribe Ace McCracken, who has more than earned his money (he's an unpaid volunteer) with coverage of the races as they come down the stretch. So grab some popcorn and take a seat playah, another exciting finish is upon us.

    Team Standings

    Congrats to team Alpha, the unofficial Season III Team Champions. There is one constant in team play: Champions know how to finish. Alpha removed any doubt we might have had going into the 3 make up tournaments in impressive fashion by scoring 1,240 points in Week 10. That's 449 pts more then the next best team and just 6 pts off the league season high 1,246 they scored in Week 5. Gen X would have to run every final table of the 3 remaining tournaments just to have a chance of catching them. Alpha's attack was once again spearheaded by their two-headed scoring beast, Dirty Rook and LBM&T, but they also showed great depth as two of their lowest scorers this season both chipped in over 100 pts. Captain alamoterror, as he has done so many times in the past, led a great team effort with both his play and leadership. Well done. Generation X, no stranger to strong finishes themselves having run the table in Season I and just missing in Season II, gave another great effort but it was too much to overcome. It would have taken a record breaking week plus a poor showing by Alpha to take the lead, but kudos to the Xers for fighting to the end. Led by their captain XBad_Company and his two final tables, including a win, they scored a solid 791 pts for the week.

    The chase for 3rd has heated up as the BADazzBEARS, led by Deadhead24/7, aka "the dancing bear", scored 599 pts to move up to the 3 spot, ending the Solvent Puberties seven week hold on that position. Good work bears. Pube captain monkey_nads was right there in his teams battle for 3rd, landing two final tables in Week 10, and they are still plenty solvent, just 125 pts back in 4th place. And Pags To Riches, riding the hot hand of easydeuce747, and the Cheeky Monkeys (hot hand...that'd be Hotgams44) are right on their heels in 5th and 6th respectively. All these teams, as well as the first year Chip Chargers and 8th place Kool Breeze, are sure to battle through to the end; having fun, enjoying some good poker, and letting the chips fall where they may. More to come on all of the above in the season end report next week.

    Player of the Week
    Dirty Rook. After near 40 weeks what more can I say? Season after season, week after week, tourney after tourney, he keeps rolling along, making it look too easy. A vast majority of us know better though, having first hand experience with how tough it is to nail down those EPC wins and final tables that he collects like berries in a basket. Some of ya are probably sick of hearing about him every week so maybe I should just use one word to describe what he's doing: Sick. Irony, ya gotta love it (if you don't miss it). He's in the thick of several races and has already nailed down a few others, but more on that later. Week 10 was a win, another win, a 5th, and another 5th, for an EPC RECORD 457 points (breaking the record he already held of 393). I guess I wont bother mentioning how impressive that is considering how hard points are to come by these days. Oops. Alright, I'll let up on the Rook adulation, but really folks when it comes to writing these things it's like Dragnet.... Just the facts. Good job Rook.

    His main competition this season for EPC dominance, and a possible MVP award, is LBM&T. "Lil Buddy" is having a great campaign and added to his impressive totals with a very strong week 10 that included two 2nd place finishes and just missing another final table for 250 pts. Just behind LB was Gen X captain XBad_Company, who had a win and a 3rd for 249 pts, followed by rookie easydeuce747 with 241 pts (2nd, 2nd, 19th) and Deadhead24/7 with 207 pts (3rd, 4th, 10th). It is a fine line sometimes with these things but sniffing out EPC final table's throughout the week takes some serious skillz, great job everyone.

    League Scoring Leaders
    This one is going down to the wire. I tell ya what kids, I'm gonna forgo all the nitty gritty details of this hotly contested race and hook you up with Ace. Click HERE to read his coverage of the battle for the League Scoring Title. When the dust cleared Dirty Rook had taken the lead, sitting atop the leaderboard with 1,695 points. LBM&T didn't fall far though and is just 30 points back at 1,665. These two are setting a great standard not just with their play but also their actions, as they remain humble in nature and a pleasure to sit with in any given league tournament (well except for their nasty habit of hogging all the chips). We've all seen the opposite too many times, you know the type, and I for one am thankful for their refreshing attitudes. Three tournaments left to play, good luck to both players.

    With 1,219 points SPOILER64 isn't mathematically eliminated from this race, but he would need to place around 1st or 2nd in all three remaining tournaments, combined with neither player ahead of him scoring any points, to take the lead. Not impossible, but even with his ability this seems highly unlikely. SPOILER has been cranking out the points for a while too though and ranks right up there with the best of EPC, great job. Rookie easydeuce747 has made a big push down the stretch, moving up the standings on a weekly basis, and now sits 4th with 1,213. While the scoring title may be an extreme longshot, 'deuce has a firm grip on the Rookie of the Year along with tommydoo and seems assured of at least sharing that title if not owning it outright. Too close to call right now, but great work either way. Speaking of tommydoo, here he is in 5th with 1,159 pts and finishing strong as well, wrapping up a League Championship on Thursday after just missing on Tuesday, well done.

    EPC Top Gun
    This was another close battle all season but a player has pulled away as they come down to the wire. I haven't done all the math, which is complicated by the 3 make up tournaments, but it appears as though it will take a herculean effort for anyone to catch Dirty Rook. He's currently in first with an avg low of 3.3, followed by LBM&T at 4.6 , SPOILER64 at 5.3, tommydoo at 6.2 and Jr_RLC at 6.6. LB can't make up enough ground on the make up weeks to catch Rook, this much I do know. If either SPOILER or RLC win all 3 make up tournaments they could win the Top Gun. That would be amazing to see, but is obviously the longest of longshots. As far as anyone else deducting some high scores from their tally and catching up, I haven't had time to calculate each and every possibility. Regardless, this is a tough contest that requires a good finish every week, even if it's outside the final table (no player managed to get a ft every week this season although a couple players still have a chance with the make up tournaments), so a job well done to all the players near the top of the leaderboard, which also includes OZZY-STL, proftax42, ArnoldZifell, alamoterror, BigAlzzzz and XBad_Company.

    Wins & Final Tables

    For a few weeks we had a tie for most wins at 3. 75 diamonds got his 4th to finally break that tie, but he remains tied for the lead as Dirty Rook got two wins in Week 10 and also now has 4. Jr_RLC remains at 3 wins, and 6 players have 2 as aamin10, easydeuce747, KISHKUTENA, Mithrall, SPOILER64, and XBad_Company complete a list of 9 players out of 1,600+ in EPC that have multiple wins this season. Impressive stuff. Dirty Rook also jumped to the top of the final tables count, now tied with LBM&T with 17, while Jr_RLC, SPOILER64 and tommydoo form a three way tie for 3rd at 13 ft's each. easydeuce747 (12), XBad_Company (12) and 0ZZY-STL (11) are the only other players with 10 or more. Every one of them were well earned too, good games.

    MVP and Rookie of the Year

    These two season ending awards are both still too close to call with just the 3 make up tourneys left to play. Dirty Rook and LBM&T are our main MVP contenders, while easydeuce747 and tommydoo are at the top of fairly long list of strong new players to EPC, a list we will go back over in our season recap. Good luck.

    League Champs
    5 of the 7 League Champions have been won, with the Wednesday PL and Saturday PL still left to be decided. We have 3 players in contention to be the Wednesday PL League Champ, and no less than 8 players vying to finish as our Saturday PL League Champ. Quite a few great performances in these races, and still a lot of the ever important top 10's left to wrap up. Again we will go over all this at seasons end, but for your reading pleasure I offer some League Champ coverage and results courtesy (in part) of Ace McCracken....

    *I couldn't include the links to Ace's recaps as they go to a different message board, which I believe is against this message board's rules. We are working to get Ace his own website, hopefully it will be up soon. League Champ standings and results can be found HERE

    Week 10 League Tournament Winners

    Monday PL - i luv 2Jo
    Monday Night PL - 75 diamonds
    Tuesday Night PL - XBad_Company
    Wednesday PL - Dirty Rook
    Thursday Night PL - Dirty Rook
    Friday Night PL - rduckham
    Saturday PL - lovemiscou

    See you all next week with the Season III Recap, and thanks for's fun

    Tony T
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