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Congrats LBM&T, EPC Poker Leagues Monday PL League Champion

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  • Congrats LBM&T, EPC Poker Leagues Monday PL League Champion


    Ace McCracken, EPC AP

    Monday PL : "A lil Pressure Doesnt Bother Lil Buddy"

    Actually it was more than a little pressure, but I needed a catchy title for my column. Hi folks, Ace McCracken here, reporting rail side at EPC Poker Leagues. What a finish to the Monday Poker League Championship. The standings were tight heading into the last tournament of Monday PL....there were 5 players still in contention for the championship, with none other than world beater Dirty Rook in the lead, followed by a list of names that would make most anyone's Top 10 Best Players list. Rooks lead was tenuous at best, with less than 80 points between his league leading 296.21 and 6th place Jr_RLC's 218.91. In between we had SPOILER64 at 272.97, LBM&T (aka "Lil Buddy") at 265.71 and proftax42 at 236.27.

    This wasn't proftax's best day as he went out 52nd, nor was it Dirty Rooks, who fell to the rail in 29th place (I couldn't track Rook down to ask him if he knew the situation w/ the standings while he was playing, maybe I can get some insight on that later). That left SPOILER, Lil Buddy, and RLC as the only ones left with a chance to catch Rook. And whadaya know, all 3 of them made the final table. I grabbed my calculator and started trying to predict different scenarios for the contending players, but I was doing double duty this day so it was even more of a challenge than it normally would be for this math deficient reporter.

    With 7 players left Lil Buddy was 4th w/ $17.7k in chips, Jr_RLC was 5th w/ $14.6k, and SPOILER was hanging on in 7th with $4.7k. The chip leader, some meatball named i luv 2Jo, had $42k and the avg stack was about $20k. I don't think I was alone in thinking it wouldn't surprise me a bit if SPOILER bounced back to make a run at it, but it wasn't to be as he went out 7th. He has already clinched Friday PL in dominating fashion as he has cashed 7 of 9 Friday PL tournaments and will attempt to set a new standard in league play of 8 cashes in one season this Friday. Great job SPOILER64.

    So 6 players left now, with Lil Buddy and RLC the only ones left with championship aspirations. At this point Lil Buddy had clinched enough points to over take Dirty Rook, but he hadn't clinched the title. He asked for some help w/ the calculations but we couldn't come up with a definitive answer. Both players had to go as far as they could. Lil Buddy had 47 points more than RLC coming in, so it was close. When TommyBolt862 went out 6th Lil Buddy had clinched, but we didn't know that. Again, the best the 3 of us could brainstorm was to keep pushing. But then tragedy struck for RLC....

    With a Q hi flop and RLC the Q w/ a strong kick, unfortunately I can't remember what it was (hey I told you I was pulling double duty), but it was better than the Q8 that 52MADMAN had when they both got all in after the flop. The 8 came on the river and RLC was out in 5th place. Nobody could fault madman for playing that out, and RLC, while initially showing he was a little bothered by the unfortunate turn (or river I should say) of events with a fairly innocuous "Really?", bid farewell in a respectful manner. But it wasn't really a farewell as he stuck around to watch the action to the end. Most likely out of morbid curiosity to see if luv, who miraculously still held onto a decent chip lead, could somehow finagle the win. RLC has been tearing it up big time in EPC since his return and I highly doubt this will be his last chance at a league champ. Great job.

    RLC's unfortunate end meant Lil Buddy had clinched the Monday PL. Now he is going for the icing on the cake.... the win. 52MADMAN went out 4th (gg), then parker2704, who had disappeared at some point after reaching the final table with a pretty good stack, blinded out 3rd. All that stood between Lil Buddy and the win was i luv 2Jo. Easy money. But wait a min...after falling behind to lil buddy $80k to $50k, luv won a few hands to tie it up, and then takes an insurmountable lead by making a gutsy call of LB's all in w/ mid pair. It was all over but the crying as luv took the surprising win, and also pushed himself into the top 10 of the final Monday PL standings. When pushed for a quote luv said "I'm very happy with my humble lil top 10".

    And we're all very impressed with our humble Lil Buddy, LBM&T, newly crowned Monday Poker League Champion. He is also in contention for 2 or 3 other league championships, including this evenings Monday Night PL, where he is 60 pts off the lead held by Nannook, and also the Tuesday Night PL, where he has cashed 7 times and like SPOILER has a chance to get an unprecedented 8 cashes in one season. Very impressive, and congrats! Good luck lil buddy...a great player, but an even better person.

    This is Ace McCracken, signing off and headin' out. I'll be back, maybe, to report on further developments with EPC League Champs results. Buhbye, mmmbuhbye now.

    Monday Poker League Top 10
    ~~~~~Final Standings~~~~~
    1) LBM&T - 358.62 - 5
    2) SPOILER64 - 330.42 - 4
    3) Dirty Rook - 296.21 - 4
    4) Jr_RLC - 290.54 - 4
    5) proftax42 - 236.27 - 3
    6) IUOE399 - 190.87 - 2
    7) trackertarga - 172.6 - 2
    8) i luv 2Jo - 162.7 - 3
    9) fnich72 - 161.88 - 2
    10) Dogbone4 - 156.58 - 2

    For complete standings go to
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