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EPC Poker Leagues - Season III Week 8

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  • EPC Poker Leagues - Season III Week 8


    ***The Season IV Team Play Sign Up has been posted at the web site***

    Season III - Week 8

    After most of the team and individual standings tightened up in Week 7, the trend continued with the last few sizable leads shrinking during Week 8. Nowhere was this more true than the race for Rookie of the Year. After I wrote last week about the impressive exploits of rookie easydeuce747, I took a bit closer look and found that it was tighter than I thought. All apologies to tommydoo, who has been fairly neglected so far this season but is quietly (I use the word quietly loosely) having an impressive season himself, and after another strong week is right there neck-and-neck with 'deuce among top rookies. And with 2 full weeks left for other top rookies such as aamin10, Nannook and apd1122 to gain ground, this is one race that looks to be going down to the wire as well. We still have a close contest being waged between our last two team champions, Alpha and Generation X, for the Season III championship and a whole bunch of teams clustered together in the race for 3rd place, aka "Best team after Alpha and Gen X". Good luck to all the players and teams in Week 9.

    Team Standings
    Alpha managed to gain back a little bit of the losses they suffered last week, winning Week 8 with a total of 955 pts. With a roster that includes 5 or 6 of the top 10 rated players in the league—names like alamoterror, Dirty Rook, SPOILER64, LBM&T, fnich72, fuddly420, and more—not to mention the League MVP, Scoring Leader, Top Gun, and Rookie of the Year frontrunners, they will indeed be tough to catch in the next two weeks. But Generation X, the team trying to catch them, has an impressive roll call itself, and any team with names like XBad_Company, WBWootan, 75 diamonds, Big Alzzzz, blueviolet84, Wackman's...I could go on through the whole not going down quietly. They came in just behind Alpha in week 8 with 863 pts. Last season it went down to the last table of the last tournament of 70 League Tournaments, and a repeat of that exciting finish is not only a distinct possibility but very likely. The race for 3rd is on, and the surprising Solvent Puberties, who have been in the 3 hole since Week 3 after spending two seasons as cellar dwellars, continue their strong run, coming in with 560 points. The 4th place BADazzBEARS (529 pts) and 5th place Pags To Riches (451 pts) make it a three horse race for 3rd, and while the 6th place Cheeky Monkeys stalled a bit in Week 7 they are definitely not ready to concede a thing. The truth of the matter is that every team has some great talent and the difference between first and last is not much...not much at all.

    Player of the Week

    EPC rookie tommydoo had a very impressive 3 final tables to net 271 pts for team Alpha, the 2nd most pts scored in a week this season, to win Player of the Week honors for Week 7. Strong play all season, well done. OZZY-STL, a strong and steady cog in the Gen X machine, had another solid week, landing 3 final tables of his own en route to scoring 194 pts to help the X'ers keep pace. Speaking of strong and steady, there is none steadier than the amazing Dirty Rook. This guy has been kickin' ass in EPC since it's inception—he should probably have his own web page...he's been THAT good—and he contributed nicely to the Alpha cause as well, bringing in 192 pts. Back-n-forth we go as another Gen X'er is up next, RAMS Lolo, who had 2 final tables and just missed a 3rd on his way to scoring 183 pts. Last but not least is Gtsacci, who got a win and finished the week with 142 pts. Impressive work everyone...EPC final tables don't come easy.

    League Scoring Leaders
    Season long scoring leader LBM&T held onto his lead, and after getting yet another final table sits atop the leaderboard with 1,164 points, but Dirty Rook, who has finished 1st and 2nd the last two seasons in scoring, closed the gap for the 4th week in a row and is now a mere 26 pts back with a total of 1,138. It can't be very comfortable having the Rook breathing down your neck, but "Lil Buddy" is his usual unflappable self and seems unaffected by it all, most likely because he is more interested in the team effort and likes seeing his Alpha teammate rake in the points. Speaking of teammates, team Alpha appears to have a lock on this race, holding the top 4 spots, as fellow Alpha's SPOILER64 (974 pts) and tommydoo (944 pts) occupy 3rd and 4th respectively. Holding down 5th is Chip Charger Jr_RLC with 927 pts scored so far this season. Any 5 of these players could end up w/ the scoring title, as could Gen X leaders captain XBad_Company and co-captain 0ZZY-STL if they get hot at the end, which they are more than capable of doing. Great job so far everyone, every one of those points has been well earned. Also, we will be using a different scoring system for Season IV, go to the Scoring Leaders page for more info on that.

    EPC Top Gun
    The previous two seasons we had a wide mix of players between the Top Gun and Scoring Leader Standings, not so this season as the top 5 are identical. Dirty Rook has widened his lead in the Top Gun race, and after getting a nice 2nd place finish this week has an average low score of 3.63. LBM&T, with an average of 5.13, is far from out of it as he has a total score of 41, just 12 more than Rook. Very little margin of error here. The same goes for our other players near the top of the leaderboard; SPOILER64 (5.63), tommydoo (6.25), Jr_RLC (7.38) and aamin10 (7.75) . It would be very easy for any of the players, despite how solid they are, to come in w/ a low score in the 20's or higher, effectively putting them out of contention. This is one of the toughest contests EPC offers, good luck to all the players.

    Wins & Final Tables
    75 diamonds and Jr_RLC are still the only players out of the over 1,500 in EPC Poker Leagues that have more than 2 wins in league play this season. These are indeed tough tournaments to close the deal on. As a matter of fact we only have 6 players total with multiple wins, as aamin10, Dirty Rook, easydeuce747 and Mithrall, all with 2 wins, are the only others with more than 1. It makes sense that League Scoring leaders Dirty Rook and LBM&T also lead the final table count with 12 each, as that is where the points are (this will be changing a bit for Season IV). Jr_RLC has landed 11 ft's, and OZZY-STL, SPOILER64, tommydoo and XBad_Company are in a 4 way tie for 4th with 10 ft's each.

    League Champion Standings
    SPOILER64 got his 7th cash of the season in Friday Night PL. Incredible performance so far, great job. He has two chances left to increase that already impressive total and set a new standard for League play. Dirty Rook is in the top 4 of 4 different PL's and easydeuce747 is in the top 3 of 3. 'deuce is in a battle with fellow rookie Nannook for the Monday Night PL Championship, and we have a couple old top flight veterans duking it out for the Saturday PL title with Jr_RLC and Mithrall holding the top spots in that one. Other than SPOILER64's dominant Friday Night PL standing, all of the League Champion races are fairly tight, and once again I remind all players that these standings will be used for entry into some very nice future events....two words: Top Ten ; )

    Week 8 League Tournament Winners:

    Monday PL - riddle78
    Monday Night PL - DR. EVIL21
    Tuesday Night PL - jim33_65
    Wednesday PL - Dkota Rules
    Thursday Night PL - Gtsacci
    Friday Night PL - blueviolet84
    Saturday PL - Rescheduled For Santa

    Thanks for's fun

    Tony T
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    Weeeeeeeeeee umbup:umbup:umbup:umbup: Way to Go Tony w all the Work u do to Keep this EPC League going Week after Week I must say I do Love getting to play w everyone . So Much fun Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Mary =^,^= Happy Early New Year !!!!



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