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EPC Poker Leagues

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  • EPC Poker Leagues


    About EPC Poker Leagues

    EPC Poker Leagues continues a long tradition of league tournaments for both individual and team play that began at a place called The ESPN Poker Club. We play at PokerStars Home Games and with a 2,000 player limit there is plenty of room for all players. For the experienced player, EPC Poker Leagues offers some of the most competitive free poker you will find—with many long time online players, live tourney/casino vets, and WSOP veterans participating regularly, and the occasional pro stopping in—and is also a great place to start for the beginner player, as you will find many friendly people willing to share advice and tips.

    We have daily league tournaments, as well as special event tournaments, and also track every players scores and stats for team play and individual awards. And thanks to some very generous sponsors we are able to offer prizes, which is always cool. Who doesn't like winning a prize?



    Team Play
    You can participate in team play by signing up for the draft or starting your own team by requesting to be a captain. The number of captain slots available depends on the amount of players that sign up for the draft; we like to have at least 15 players per team. Before a new season starts players sign up for the draft in which the team captains pick their players. Players score points for their team by finishing in the top 15% of any of the 7 daily poker league tourneys held each week. For players that want to join in on the fun after a season has already started we have waiver drafts that captains can use to add players during a season.

    There are many opportunities to win prizes playing team poker; League MVP, League Scoring Leader and Player of the Week honors, are examples of ways to win. There are also awards for things like most tournament wins and most final tables. The team season is 10 weeks long. Season IV Just began and there is a waiver sign up that allows players that missed the sign up to join teams. If you have never tried team poker, give it a go; it's a lot of fun and is a good way to meet and learn from other players.

    More info on Team Play can be found HERE

    League Champions
    See how you stack up against the players of EPC Poker Leagues. We track all of the players for each of the daily league tournaments and as with the team season this aspect of EPC Poker Leagues runs in 10 weeks cycles, at the end of which the leader of each daily league is crowned League Champion. All League Champions are rewarded with play chips and chances to win great prizes like gift cards, poker gear, sports gear and more

    League Schedule All times EST
    Monday Poker League - 12:00 pm
    Monday Night Poker League - 9:15 pm
    Tuesday Night Poker League - 11:00 pm
    Wednesday Poker League - 4:15 pm
    Thursday Night Poker League - 8:30 pm
    Friday Night Poker League - 9:15 pm
    Saturday Poker League - 4:15 pm

    Special Event Tournaments
    There are also special event tournaments and series, like The Sunday Showdown; a 15 week series that gives out a great prize to the series winner, the Two For Tuesday Turbo; which gives out a prize every 2 weeks, the EPC Leagues Appreciation Tournament that gave out prizes to the top four finishers, including a $50.00 Walmart gift card to the winner, or the EPC Pop Quiz; a surprise tournament that was created 1 hour before it started and gave a New Era Authentic sports cap to the winner. All members of the club receive an email to alert them when tournaments are created so be on the look out, you never know what might be coming next


    EPC Poker Leagues was recently given Showcase Club status, which will increase participation and bring in new players, getting us closer to the goal of having league games like we used to have at the ESPN Poker Club. Also, we are working to secure sponsorship from a well known poker site which will allow us to give even better prizes and attract more pro players.

    The Season IV is here, so you can easily join the club, begin playing, and get right into the mix to participate in a team championship, try to win a League Championship, or any of the other contests and prizes that are coming. If you have any questions, or would like to sign up for team play, please feel free to ask via PM or by posting here on this message board.


    How to join EPC Poker Leagues:

    Log onto PokerStars
    In the main lobby, click the 'Home Games' tab
    Now click the green 'join a Poker Club' tab
    Enter the following information:
    Club ID Number: 434686
    Invitation Code: we got this


    Scores, stats, standings & other info for Season IV & more
    info about EPC Poker Leagues can be found at our website:

    Who doesn't like to win a prize?

    EPC Poker Leagues Season I

    EPC Poker Leagues Season II

    EPC Poker Leagues Season III

    Good luck, and thanks for’s fun!

    EPC Poker Leagues

    Special thanks to WSOP correspondent Andrew Feldman,
    aka "AJSuited", of ESPN-PC and Inside Deal

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    Hey there 2Jo Man....that is one messed up name. Just wanted to welcome you to the forum. umbup: I need to point out one thing...the email you provide at the end of your post needs to be deleted. It's a no-no in the forums. You can hit the edit tab in your post and delete it...or wait until a mod does it for ya'. I guess someone probably has I luv JKo as a name too. Let us know if you have any questions.


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      Hey Dan, thanks for the welcome and the tip about the email addy.

      As far as the yeah it's actually kind of embarrassing. I made it as a joke, not realizing I could not change it back. I had used up my alloted name change allowance I guess. I have tried begging PS to let me change back to my original name but no go

      oh well, it could be worse ; )

      Thanks again

      And yeah, I have seen JKo in a few names

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        WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Hi Tony , welcome glad u made it Ok . Hope I didnt confuse ya too much umbup: Gr8 place to Pimp Your League is right here . Come on everyone Join its a blast !!!!!! HUGS and Good Luck , Mary =^,^= GO RED SOX


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          Thanks Mary

          btw, the League Champions Standings are now up


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            EPC Poker Leagues Week 3

            EPC Poker Leagues

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              New Home

              Check out our new home at


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                  Quite impressive looking group Tony.
                  I just applied and would love to check everything out.
                  I see a lot of old pso'ers from the US in the group too.


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                    Really enjoyed playing last night, tough group of players. The 0200 was just 8 of us, a lot looser but still fun. Thanks again.
                    Bracelet Winner


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                      The Sunday Showdown starts back up this Sunday, Nov 6th with some great prizes.

                      Thanks for playing and good luck!

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                        Waiver Draft

                        It's still not too late to get on a team for Season III

                        Go to the Team Play page at the EPC Poker Leagues website



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                          Go to the website to see the cool prizes that can be won in The Sunday Showdown series.



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                              Season IV Sign Up


                              The Season IV Sign Up is going to be posted any day now at the website. Don't miss your chance to join in on some highly competitive fun.





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