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Triple Range Mergers Study Group

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  • Triple Range Mergers Study Group


    This thread is for the study group and home game club, Triple Range Mergers.

    The purpose of Triple Range Mergers is to give new opportunities to poker enthusiasts and aspiring poker pros, to analyze their game with like-minded players. We are not just a home game club, but a study group as well. Using the opportunity to play regularly against each other, customize our own games, and share our hand histories for group analysis, our goal is to build on our skills and become winning players of the game.

    This club is open to anyone, so if you are interested in joining and participating in our games and study sessions, send me a pm. I am open to studying a wide variety of games and game formats, so if there is a game besides Hold'em that you would like to practice, I'd be happy to schedule that game and attend a study session for it. Just send me a pm and I'll usually be able to set up at least a two-player study session.

    Keep in mind that games in this club will usually not be simple get-togethers; make sure to check this thread for updates on review sessions and special details regarding the scheduled games. For now, we'll be using play money for all of our games.

    Hope to see lots of you at the tables!
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    Week of Monday, July 13th, 2011 Schedule:

    In Pacific Time


    nothing scheduled yet
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      I'm sure this spot will become useful at some point, as well.


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        please send invite thanks evil:
        Join My Home Game Club - The Joker's Wild


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          me too


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            Im interested\
            2 Time Bracelet Winner


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              plz send me an invite as well PP... and i think that making them play money is the way to go
              (not just cause i'm from the so no one has any other vested intrest other that improving their game. talk at ya soon .....stack em high!!.....MT
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              May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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                I'll be keen

                Quad Bracelet Winner


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                  and by the way.... why does durrr have a chicken leg stuck to the top of his head? lol
                  May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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                    It's a flamingo. Couldn't get the whole thing in the image. I might change the picture later, but I can't think of a good image that would visually describe a range merge. inking: Anyway, I'm going to schedule this week's game soon. Let me know what times this week you all are available, so I can pick a good time for the game and a good time for the review session.


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                      It is very difficult for me to give a time as I have a lot of commitments other than poker this week.

                      However, if you stick up a time, that suits everyone else I will do my best to make it.




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                        back from campin'! had a great time cept the wifey thinks campin 'means shopping at the nearest outlet anyhoooo... 5 or 6 pacific 8,9 ET would be ideal sinse 8 is when the lil man goes to bed. b4 that's ok but i might be a lil distracted. but that could be good so maybe someone else might be able to take it down this sort of hope we get a good turnout ... don't forget to have thos HH's saved to ur harddrives boys n girls. see y'all 2night.
                        stack em high!....MT
                        May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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                          So far I've got 5-6pm Pacific on a day this week. I'll definitely wait for more responses, but I could set the game on Friday and a replayer session at a weekend time (5-6pm)? That would probably work for me.

                          Hmm... I want to go camping now...


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                            works for me evil:
                            Join My Home Game Club - The Joker's Wild


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                              If i'm right that's, what 8 hours behind UK time, so that would be 2AM for me. Needless to say, i would need to OD on caffeine to stay up till then.
                              'Cause I have done it before and I can do it some more I got my eye on the score'



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