We have real money games setup as well as play money, however currently the play money is only available on two tables, one each at 5/10 and 100/200 stakes. The cash game tables are currently available in a variety of Holdem, Omaha, and Stud. As we are in the startup phase of our first club we currently have only the one poker club, MAD JACK'S POKER SHACK, setup and taking members. The intent is for each MAD JACK'S game clubs to not only provide a quality gaming experience, but to also provide tailored gaming for respective game club members based on member suggestion and input as to the cash and/or play money stakes levels, game type, and game and/or tournament scheduling therefore providing one of the most custom gaming experiences available within the PokerStars home game system structure. COME JOIN MAD JACK'S and play with friends and family anytime.
CLUB ID # 343682 INVITATION CODE # 9900990099

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